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This entry is basically me trying out whether I have dreamwidth crossposting to LJ. Which means I don't really have anything interesting to say, but I will anyway.

Went riding on Saturday. Was a little disappointed when I arrived as I had been promised a horse (we have some amazing horses, £30,000 competition horses. Amazingly talented but also very capable of just pinging you out of the saddle because they are so powerful, and their owners are normally scared we'll break them) but because of the other people riding (who are far better than me) I was riding one of the ponies instead. We were going to go out and bomb round the field, popping over a few of the cross country jumps with him, but took him into the small school first as he was trying to break out of his stable, which can mean he's in a foul mood. Except this time I think someone must have told him I was supposed to be riding one of the competition horses, he was amazing (and worse on the ground than normal, which is typical of the competition horses!). Didn't end up taking him into the field, he was just so responsive and off the leg and coming round. Really beautiful. And I could just hear my old instructor in my head going "a horse is only as good as it's rider" when people would turn up to comps with horses that were too good for them, and we'd beat them on our little riding school ponies. So not so disappointed after all.

Spent yesterday in bed with a cold that was actually trying to kill me. I knew it was coming, but being me rather than taking it easy so that it didn't get worse, just ignored it until it wouldn't let me any more. Watched a lot of Who and read the briefing for Tanzania. Feeling mostly better today, have come into town to do shopping for Tanzania and use the internet. And buy ginger beer, which I was craving yesterday. 
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Been in the new house for 2 weeks now. Feeling settled in, although I don't think it is going to feel like mine as I'm just staying 3 months. Still no internet, which is rather annoying as the small amount of work I do have relies on it (and, well, I like it!), but the guys I'm living with don't seem in much of a rush to sort it, and as I'm not around for long I don't feel like I can just do it. Just means I'm spending a lot of time in the library or various cafes in town. Which I do kind of like, but when you just need to check what time you're working in the morning it's a tad annoying. And with our council workers STILL on strike (or mostly on strike, I'm not entirely sure what's going on) the public libraries are not the most reliable places atm.

Newt work, the whole reason I'm hanging around for three months, is not really going anywhere. As is always the case with field work we are waiting on equipment. Which, when I'm in the middle of no where I can forgive, when I'm in Southampton and said equipment is sheets of wood, not so much. I'd go get them myself except their barely paying us as it is so really no room in budget for buying of wood as well. Have been doing research for the time being though, and we know where the refugia is going and such. Just need the actual refugia and we'll be off. Absolutely have to have them by next Monday though, otherwise we are going to run out of time to run the project before I leave for Tanzania.
Have been doing outreach work alongside the lack of newt work, which is good as it pays me. And not too boring either, but will dry up after this week, given that the schools break up.
Went riding on Saturday on a ridiculous pony. To start with she is tiny, no more than 12hh (120cm) so really tiny. Which is OK, so am I, but still. But we were jumping, so normally, nice collected canter would be good. Nope, this tiny little thing runs at them flat out, but she can jump. I have no clue how, we were doing 2'6", but I had her owner on the edge telling me just to let her do it. And she did, bless her. Also, and the real reason I was riding her, had a nice bronc session to start the lesson. She's been being ridden by the kids and had learnt a few bad habits when they ask her to work. But again, tiny, so I wasn't going anywhere, just providing entertainment for everyone watching. Ache so much now though, from clamping my legs round her sticking to the saddle. Might have found my project for the summer!
Graduating next week. Parents, Grandparents and brother all coming down, which will be good. Off out to dinner the night before, to the Olive Garden, which sounds good although I've never been (bit outside the student budget!). Bit worried about Grandad as he hasn't been well and I know he really won't speak up if he's not feeling well on my graduation. I'm the only Grandchild to attend (my cousin went to Uni but was disappointed with his grade so didn't go) and it's been paid for by my Grandparents (I know, I'm amazingly lucky), so it's a big deal for them. 
And quick note on Torchwood. I like the concept, wasn't overly blown away the show, but it was good enough, no real complaints more substantial than there being perhaps a few to many guns.
Oh, AND, just booked flights to Tanzania!
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 Why is there no one home when I want to dance round over riding? Maybe because they get bored of me dancing round after riding...

Such a good lesson today, on the pony. Jumping grids and he was just a little superstar. They are 3 fences with 2 strides between them, starting at 2'6" and ending at 3" spread (very small spread, but enough to make him stretch), working up through the fences. And he just flew over them. Really, beautifully smooth and together, just flying. Only twice did I have to pull him up and circle round because he decided that sideways was more fun.

And even when he got it wrong and seemed to just forget about the second jump, try to stop then realise he had too much momentum I just tapped him with the stick and he jumped it anyway (admittedly I think I was going over the jump whatever happened, but I'm glad he came with me!). And when I got it wrong and mucked up the striding for the first jump so we were wonky by the time we got to the last he STILL jumped it, practically from a standstill!

The perfect jumps feel wonderful and leave me with a huge grin, but the fact that we managed to save two not-so-perfect jumps is more impressive. It's not so long ago that either I wouldn't be forward enough to push him on or he would be too stubborn to listen anyway, that we could get ourselves together and I had the guts to just push him on and trust that he would land me safely is a huge step forwards :)

I also went for a walk this afternoon through the park behind our house. It was so British you couldn't have written it better. There were two proper cricket games (with the uniforms and umpires and stuff) and multitudes of people playing with the little plastic set. Families were sat everywhere with picnics spread out, kites, rounders, dogs. Students laying around with books and picnics. Families out for bike rides. Ice cream vans and kids feeding the ducks. It made me happy. The planes from the airport broke the illusion slightly, but never mind!
And who in... 15 minutes :)
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 Just back from 2 days riding in Wales! 

So much fun. I am a little bit in love with Welsh Cobs again. They're what I learnt to ride on so I've always had a bit of a soft spot for them but with the thoroughbreds and similar warmbloods at Tanglewood I'd kind of forgotten their appeal. This holiday definitely reminded me!

My pony was called Hank. Bright chesnut with flaxen mane and tail, around 14hh and very very pretty. Beautifully behaved, although a few over excited bucks at some points, but only the 'I'm having fun' kind rather than the 'get off me!' kind. And even though he was the smallest also an awesome pack horse, carrying the shoeing kit for 2 days (we had to replace 3 shoes in the end, rather rocky terrain). Also very fond of polos and very quick to work out which pocket they were kept in!

2 days of awesome riding. Not too manically fast, but enough long canters (complete with ditch jumping) to make it exciting while the walks and trots let you take in the amazing Welsh scenery. Nice little pubs to stop off in over lunch, with hitching posts outside and the occasional leaving the table to check on the horses (and generally catch at least one of the horses that had pulled a Houdini and escaped their headcollar). Stayed in a nice little farmhouse staffed by 3 generations of the family. (Well, OK, the littlest generation weren't that much use, although they did keep us entertained and occasionally bring in random pots and things to go on the table... not normally ones we needed, but the idea was there). Very tastey food, although the Grandparents didn't think much of veggie diets, our dinner the first night was roast without the meat, but vegetables are nice I guess. And we had veggie lasagne the next nice which was lovely. Rooms were so comfortable, especially after a days riding! 
As well as the riding you do all the yard work too. Which I'm sure should be a chore but if you get a group of girls that grew up fighting to get to the yard and are suddenly stuck at uni with no horse/transport of their own and we all really enjoy it. And they had a new foal too, which was so cute! And amazingly confident and non-skittish, as the only foals I've seen before have run as soon as you move, he just wanted to be petted.
Back last night and now very achey, but a very good few days, and makes me want to ride again now please...
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Life post!

Still pretty much living at library. Have also somewhat accidentally got into the routine of getting up at 6.30 every morning (went to bed really early one night, so then got up early, was really tired etc....) so am getting to library for 8am every morning! Don't feel particularly stressed by it, although I did wake up this morning with skin that would look more at home on a 14 year old, so maybe I am and just haven't realised it... ah well...

Work is going well though. Am waiting for my supervisor to get back to me on my almost final draft of dissertation, he only gets an outline but it should be quite useful. Am behind on other reading, but not hugely so, and on top of other coursework, so it's good overall.

Have just had SUCV AGM so as of 3 weeks time I will no longer be president. Am quite glad tbh, not that I haven't enjoyed it, but it will be nice not to have to be the one to do all the organising, and I will not miss having to lug 6 litres of water up to uni every sunday, and then washing all the cups up afterwards. Got a mostly good committee. This year hasn't been as good as the last I don't feel, but that might be because all the people I started with haven't really bothered to turn up, hopefully next year will continue to be awesome, because that society really did give me my home at uni.
Off on the resi this weekend. Which is stressful to organise but should be fun, I hope. Going to spend tomorrow doing food shopping for it and sorting all the last bits.
Then off to see Jessica the weekend afterwards. Yay. Will be nice relaxing weekend where I have to think about nothing. And I'm arriving on the Thursday and she has lectures all day Friday so I plan on sleeping too. 
Then the weekend after that is riding trip to Wales! Yay again. Going with one of the girls from Belize and lots of people I don't know but very exciting and welsh cobs and lots and lots of riding. :D
Easter will be work filled but includes a trip to Morocco with the parents. Again with excitement. Go home for a little while to see brother, but not long. This is little brother who turned 20 yesterday... yikes!
Ronan album coming out on Monday! Have it all pre-ordered to be delivered I hope :). And getting very excited for new Dr Who. AND Much Ado, mostly thanks to the absolutely amazing photoshoot of David and Catherine. They both look stunning.
Job hunt is still going nowhere but hey ho. Just keep ploughing on...
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Yay! Have just spent about 2 hours fiddling with LJ before finally managing to work out how to put a nice who banner on my layout... only has LJ what... 5 years (ish... maybe longer...)

I'm actually not all that impressed with the header itself, but don't have any fancy graphics things on my laptop so it'll do until I go home and have time to play with photoshop... so for a while then!

Fiddling with the code did remind me muchly of early teenage years playing around with html. Not sure I could do any anymore. Nor have the patience to do any, given how long it just took me to add one thing to an already coded layout (although that wasn't html in my defence!)

Also, riding today was awesome, 2ft3 on the little 12.2hh pony, great fun!
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 New theme to the journal... although I'm not sure if I like it. Mostly triggered by a change in default icon (have a definite Ten thing going atm, I'm blaming revision, DVD's, Shakespeare and baby/wedding news) and it kinda clashed with the old theme. 

Guess what... exams done! Yay. Have just had a very nice evening with the 2 other girls who also finished today (most of our other friends still have one wednesday as they did a different module). Pub for tea drinking for me, cider for them, then to ours for pizza and DVD. Cool runnings which I'd never seen before but is an awesome film! Was really nice to have a non-alcoholic end of exams, as they will go out to celebrate with the others next week, but means I got to do a bit of catching up and relaxing too. We also have a big poster on our living room wall entitled 'Questions every good zoologist should be able to answer' with all the questions my housemates have asked over the past two years, which caused much amusement!

My plans for the week that probably aren't that interesting )
Mostly I'm looking forward to a week that doesn't involve pouring over notes and memorising studies. That's not really learning and throughly boring. Even dissertation writing seems like a good break from it, as at least that has something to show at the end of it!
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I'm pretty crap at this thing atm hey. I still read a lot, just the actual posting that is eluding me.

So, my life...

Back at uni for the third and (sort of) final year. Far to scary for my liking, and its going far to quickly for my liking. Already half way through semester one. That's scary! Modules are Applied Ecology, Conservation and Biodiversity and Population and the Environment. In general all interesting, although I'm finding ecology harder to get into than the others, but that might have something to do with the last section being on micro-biological control, and anything that's too small to see tends to bore me. Conservation and Biodiversity I actually love and is very easy to get lost in for a very long time. It's exactly what I want to be doing and possibly what I will go on to do a masters in next year (hence the sort of last year). Population is a demographics module. Therefore a social science. Which is fine, if you're a social scientist. So it's very interesting, but occasionally we sit there going 'Ummm, what? You're classifying that as accurate?' But then that's because we get to do actual experiments, not rely on documents that are hundreds of years old. It makes life more difficult I feel. 

Other than that is the Dissertation, which I'm not bored of just yet! Still really enjoying it, had an actually amazing day this week getting the mapping software to work that put me in such a good mood (that's a bit sad isn't it...) and all my data is now in the country, just waiting to pick it up. Lit review is a bit of a pain, but just plugging away at it bit by bit and it's getting there. I want all except the discussion (and possibly some of the results depending on how quickly people get stuff done for me) done in rough by Christmas.

Conservation is fun, although stressful. But people are coming along still and barring someone stepping on a nail last week we haven't had any major issues. Only one is peoples inability to decide what they're doing by Friday evening. If I say you have to sign up by Friday so I can sort transport I do actually mean Friday. And if you are said transport it would be really useful if you could tell me any limitations by Friday, not after I've sent out the e-mail telling people what, when and where. People can be infuriating! 

House is still standing. Although very much missing an Amy. As much as I love the boys, they can be exhausting when they're together. I miss someone I can sit and chat too, and I know I'm withdrawing from them but I just don't have the energy. 

On the other hand Belize means lots of coursemates now which is awesome, and gives me some release during the day when I'm buried in work, which is definitely needed.

As for next year... masters or conservation work. I don't know. I kinda feel like I only want to do a Masters so I don't have to panic about the fact that what I want to do no-one will pay me for for another year. And if I don't do it now Uni funding is only going to get worse so prices are only going to become impossible. But at the same time going out into the world with no money would be scary, where as at the moment I can go with at least £9000 as a bit of a cushion without relying on my parents, which I hate. 

Going to see Jessica in a few weeks. Which has me so very excited. I haven't seen her since before Belize and I miss her so much. 

Riding is OK, although Sally is no longer teaching us which is a shame. Sarah's OK but not Sally. Have been getting actual horses though, including the new one today! Very unfit but once she is I think she'll be awesome. And she's a piebald so just looks so cute.
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I spent a year travelling the world? I don't know if it's the most dangerous, but it took the most guts I think. The scope for it all going wrong was huge, but then I guess the liklihood of it killing/seriously injuring me was pretty slim I guess.

Maybe mustering cattle was the most dangerous thing to my actual body. Riding is pretty dangerous anyway, add up to 5,000 head of cattle and it doesn't get any safer. Then 12 hours for 10 days in a row, so you ache and are so exhausted you can barely stay in the saddle...

Most dangerous thing I do that has actually done me some damage? Riding again. Broke my back apparently (yeah, maybe should have gone to Dr a little earlier than I did...)

And yes, I would/do them all again, and again, and again...
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 Blah blah blah haven't done a life post in ages and have exams so procrastinating!

Still working at a school in Southampton as teaching assistant. Or more often crowd control... Although I have had a few good days when working on the upper site, especially working with the year 11's on their coursework. Today however was hellish. Supply teacher so I guess you can work out how well behaved the kids were! It's so frustrating, they really don't care and just want to spend all there time doing anything but working!

Riding has been frustrating recently too. Lots of jumping but for some reason I seem to have got it into my head that I can't do it (unless I'm riding Toby). And I know the rest of my lesson want to do it and I'm holding them back, but I'm just not comfortable with it and its getting to the point that I think I can't ride. Am going to spend the day at the yard on Wednesday though, with free reign to ride the ponies (and possibly the horses too...) so see how it goes!

Preparations for Belize pretty much sorted. Just got to order malaria tablets this week and book hotel at the airport and we'll be good to go. Can't wait, exams always give the hugest itchy feet!

Conservation is finished for the year now, except for the resi after exams. Don't think I did too much wrong in my first term of in-charge-ness so hopefully all will run smoothly next year too. Having said that me and the treasurer did spend ages going through the budget form yesterday and getting nowhere, so we'll see!
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Long explanation of my life, probably quite boring, but never mind! Cut for length )
Wow, that kind of turned into an essay! Time at the moment is filled with uni work (or procrastinating), riding, conservation and far too much boyzone/ronan listening too. New boyzone album is amazing (and didn't make me cry!) and Ro's show this week was equally so (but did make me cry). Just looking forward to Easter, and having at least one week at home in which no work is too be done! 
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OK, I did it again. Boredom set in and I typed Torchwood into the search bar... damn exam procrastination!

Seriously? Still not over this? May I introduce you to Mr Joss Whedon? He kills everyone. Espcially if you love them. He is awesome. Get over it! 

In other news... revision? Oh, riding too, which was all kinds of awesome. Mr Toby who is a napping will never work ever ever pony actually went round and tracked up for me! Cue Sally's jaw to drop and Kayla to smile muchusly.

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Cross Country clinic yesturday

Yes, I did jump every single jump... up to 3ft 3in. Just in cast you were wondering, thats HUGE. (The highest you would jump at local level is 2'9", with the main event generally being 2'6") Now cross country is alot easier to go bigger because you have a long time to get the striding right in between and there are no tight turns, but its still really really big.

And I beat all the advanced riders! Now I did have a very nice cross country pony who did most of the work. But still, not bad I feel!

And, even better, although i do ache today, my arms don't. Normally when i do something new and scary I hold on so tightly not only do i piss my horse off, but I end up with arms that won't work for the next few days. The fact that my arms don't ache today means I was obivously relaxed very nicely, yay!

Now back to revision...


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Exam time!

But actually everything appears to be going pretty well. My exams are really nicely spread out, with one exam this friday then nothing till the 8th of june. This does mean that I am here for quite a while as people start to move off home, but hey, it gives me more revision time (most people finish this week, I've not even started)

Have been forcing routine on myself. And its working really well. Including setting my alarm for 8 am every morning for the past week and a half, which was creul to begin with (although I did used to get up at 7.15 every weekday morning, so I don't quite know what I'm complaining about!!) but actually quite nice to be up before everyone. And in bed by 10, laying down to sleep by 11, meaning 8am alarms are after 9 hours sleep, which is more than enough. Set myself revision timetable which helps me immencsely. I think becuase I can tick off when I've done the revision, so I can see what I've done, rather than just being time that doesn;t actually produce anything (other than good exam grades!) Am happy with the majority of my ecology stuff (the exam on friday) and have even managed to memorize some studies and examples, along with a few latin names!

It is a very lonely time to be at Uni though. Everything stops. No conservation tasks or socials, haven't even been out with firends as they are all busy studying. Which I am too, obivously, but as I am revising by 8.30 most days, I feel I can stop by about 7pm. If only everyone else worked on the same clock! Majority of flat have all there exams this week too, meaning its a stressful place to be, and for some reason prompting my neighbour to turn his music up louder than it has been all year, that I don't really understand, but hey. Do hwever have riding still! Yay! So thats some release at least.

Am considering doing friendly leagues next year too. I had a lesson with the beginners last week and was talking to one of the girls there. She has musculr dystrophy and previous to uni had ridden with the RDA. For about 10 years. And she has this thing that she can't do anything. She refuses to canter, even though she is perfectly cabable. We got her jumping last week and she didn't stop ravig about it on the way home, but spent the entire lesson saying it was never going to happen. And it kinda made me think I do the same thing. I can jump 2'6" I've done it before, and really ,worst case senerio, i fall off and feel like and idiot. They're the friendly leagues, nothing at stake, so why the hell not? Was also talking to the girl that now runs them (also called Michaela...) who had never jumped a horse before, and just gave it a go this year. At least I;ve done more than that!!

Lewis is filling in his application form for the fire service. Don't ask where that came from, we don't know either, but hey. Never can tell with lewis whether he'll get it or not. But he was having a bit of a mission filling in his form, as he doesn't do anything. I mean, marital arts for the past couple of years, but he never did Duke of Edinbrough, or volunteered, or mentored or any life experience thing. So he's stuck saying the same thing over and over, 'I was at school and...' 'I was doing martial arts and...' but if he gets to interveiw stage he'll prob go stright through it, he normally does!

Also spent today trying to get my TB test sorted. Its a mission, they don't seem to beleive me that I need one, keep telling me I;ve had my BCG so I don't have TB. I know I don't have TB, but I have to prove it! Grrrr.
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Dollhouse renewed, YAY!

Other than that... ummmm?

Drowning in revision. Ended up writing revision time table so i actually do some work. I'm fine once I get going, but its that initial sit down for the first hour that I struggle with. But I'm not doing too badly, and although some of it I'm like 'wow, I had no idea' the majority i know already, which is always good!

Unfortunatly with it being exam time everything else is being put on hold. No more conservation till the resi after exams, no more organised socials, although I'd imagine we'll be out at least once or twice before exams finish! Riding is carrying on, thankfully! But I do think I may go mad before I'm finished. Just sitting here working does not make for the most fun in the world.

Not too long now till South Africa again, which is exciting! I can't wait to get back there.

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*yawns* I have the car today, so mum was meant to get a lift with Liz to work... Liz forgot to pick her up, Mum had to get me up to drive her in, Kayla is sleepy and not so productive!

Although I have packed for the fun that will be Spain... well, maybe. I'm not sure whether I'm looking forward to this trip or not. The work should be good, it is what I hope to do evntually, roughly. But it is arthropods, which are less fun, and it may well rain the whole time as is Spain at Easter. I don't know that many people on my course very well either, but hopefully I can get to know some, right? And group work never goes down well with me... But it gives me something to do, its rather boring at home alone this week!

This week at home has been very boring but quite productive, I've done a fair bit of revision prep, which is very good me thinks. And all my notes are up to date, which is also good. I did have my 'ugh I hate being home' bit for a few days but I'm getting used to this constantly changing thing, so its not so bad. Grandparents were here for a few days also. I love seeing them, but they are becoming very diffucult in their old age, which is a shame, becuase we used to be very close, but now they insist on talking down to everyone and arguing with anything you say so I don't feel like we're as close as we used to be.

Went to St Johns to be a causlty for the cadets this week too. It was very odd. Lewis had the car so dad had to drop me off and it was like I was 12 again! That and I can never understand why I can travel the world, but stick me back in that room with those people and I'm an awkward teenager again. Its really odd. But I like going back all the same, Chris still looks after me, I love chatting to Ellen and talking to everyone I haven't seen in a while. But I will always be an awkward teenager there, however successful I become anywhere else!

Riding lesson this afternoon, which should be good. I have changed alot there, grown up alot and more equal with Jenny now, which rocks muchly. That and my riding is improving so much which helps quite alot!!
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Very random afternoon today... began by sifting through rubbish, literally. We had bags of rubbish from all over the university and halls and sorted through it into diffrant types, then put it in new bags to weigh it again and throw in respective bins. I think it was to let the uni know how much waste we throw, how much could be recycled etc. it was quite disgusting! But kinda good fun to, we had an SUCV table and thats always fun! And then we got free food which always goes down well! Then off to the common to play a vv bad game of frisbee, we really aren't all that good... and to the pub, again, of course. Good afternoon, but very random...

Got lots of work done this morning too. Up by 8 for some unknown reason, but am feeling more awake now in general. Which is good. I thinking thanks to lots more iron in diet. Although i still don't think I'm getting enough, 14.8mg in a day is alot! Although you do get nearly half of that from a bowl of porridge... Anyways.. work... lots done this morning. Although semester 2 is not thrilling me in the slightest... nd I tried to hand my lab report in but can't till friday apparently, which is a pain!

Riding on saturday. Quite a good lesson, although i did fall off within about 30seconds of getting on, which is never a good start. I was kinda aprehansive about riding that horse anywya, becuase she does shoot off generally at the begining, but will then behave if you manage to check her in. Which I should have been able to do. Exceot she shot off when I wa doing my girth, so was aleady leaning down with one leg hooked up over the saddle, so not really much chance of staying up there. Which then meant i had to go get another horse, she would have been hell otherwise. So I ended up with Herc, who is the kind of horse that does exactly what you ask and is pretty much bomb proof, which made for a nice easy ride at least!
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*squeaks slightly* Hmmmmm, sleepy. Manic weekend. Need sleep...

Am sorting out houses. Its stressful. Atm we have 2 houses we're considering. One is literally next door to campus. it has 4 big bedrooms but only a tiny lounge and no kitchen table. The shower room is damp but will be re-done. It is a very nice house, in a nice quiet place. BUT is £71.50/week, which is quite alot of money...

The other has everything the top one has, plus a bigger lounge and bathroom with bath. The kitchen was re-done last month, the hallway is being re-done now and it is in the contract that the bathroom will be re-done by september (and it is already v nice!) And this one is only £62/week. But its in kinda the wrong place, although not entirely. Its right by where I am now, so 20 min walk to uni, but its on the bus route to town and this is the one that I want. I think. Given as it works out over £500 saving over the year and is a nicer house, just in not such a nice area.

We have anoher 3 to look at this evening, then it wil be decsion time. I think John is leaning towards the 2nd one too, although Amy wants the 1st. Eric is too quiet and never says what he's thinking, but as far as i can work out he will go with the cheapest possible. But we'll see what tonight shows us!

In between making 100 million calls to landlords all day saturday, and house visiting, I also managed to get a riding lesson in. Very good again, we had Sally who normally teaches the advanced, as our instructor seems to have left, just no one told us! Lots of lateral work, and I had Monty again, the green 6 year old, so he doesn't entirely know what he's doing, and when it comes to lateral work neither do I. So I ache muchusly today, as I had to over exaggerate the aids so much to give him any chance of getting it. Which he did, we got a couple of strides, which is an acheivement for me and him!

Sally also siad I really should be riding with the advanced, which it seems would suit me at tanglewood, even though it didn't at pickmead. But they do usually ride on a sunday, which is conservation day that I am not going to give up. But atm they are on sat due to comps on sun, so yeah... maybe for a while. As long as they aren;t jumping!!

Having a little 'I've got too much work' panic also. Although tbh its not that I have too much work, just it seems concentrated on alternate weeks. This week for example I have 1 practical with 3 weeks to write it up. Last week I had 2 with lab reports due on friday and monday. So now I have nothing to do, having panicked all weekend. Its frustrating. And the projector broke last week so we have lectures to catch up on and half my tutorial group didn't bother to turn up so that will have to be re-done also which is a huge pain...


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I have no problem with people stuttering. its fine its not there fault. But prehaps they are not the people to ask to do an ep commentry? Just maybe? I was watching, ummm, oh, 'They keep killing Suzie' last night and one of the guys did have a slight stutter. Not really bad but badly enough that it was just a little bit annoying! I think he was the editor, I don't really remember...

This week has been OK. Not overly interesting tbh. My ecology course looks like its going to be quite interesting. Its being taught by the boring plant guy from last semesters evolution module, but as the subject is more interesting its not as bad. Physiology looks like its going to be more cellular this semester which is annoying, i like whole organism biology in general. But the practicals look like they may be less evil. Cellular and genetic mechanisms which I was actually dreading was rather simple this week, and there seems to be more genetics than basic cell so that should be OK. Does make this semester much more cellular than the last though, which is dissapointing.

We didn't get much snow down here really. We had a fair bit on monday, but I still had lectures (a whole one...) then Tuesday it kinda thawed, then rained. But it then snowed so heavily again that it covered the ground again. We got hail on tuesday too, the weather was in overdrive. But its all gone now. Just lots of rain and sleet. We keep getting random snow flurrys, but they are quickly followed by rain. Mum and lewis have been txting me about they're adventures in the snow. They even got the sledge out that I swear hasn;t been used since we were about 5. I don't know why e still have it! Lweis did look slightly squished in it though bless him.

Met with people I'm shring a house with tonight. Apparently its lots more complicate than i was imagineing. We need a list of what we want and where and everything needs a conversation... inclding one about a washing machine... don't know where that came from! The uni lists come out on monday so we'r hoping to find something off that... maybe, or go through an agent but that wouldbe annoying!

Riding tomorrow. It looks like I may be with the beginners again, which will really piss me off. I sent an e-mail specifically asking that we don't all be put together again, and they have previously run lessons with only 2 of us so I don't know why they wouldn't again. I will be moaning about it again when I book next weeks. Annoys me quite alot as riding is quite important to me, but its so much stress to get it organised. They organise privite lessons for the advanced riders if they need to, but we don't matter apparently. Grr. (Although I will mention that actually... the advanced only have 2 riders this week!)
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Semester 2 starts tomorrow! Yay! Although I do only have one lecture tomorrow and its called 'Introduction to Blackboard' that being the system that is used to convey EVERY peice of information for every course, to set asignments, take exams, hand in assignments, registar for courses, basically it is the university in online form. So quite how they think we are going to have managed to get through semester 1 and still need it expalining I don't know...

Riding yesturday was great fun, although not really a lesson. For some reason they put the intermediates and the beginners together, the beginners being people that have only just started riding... and the other intermediate in the lesson is not quite intermediate tbh, but slightly better than beginner. So we started by walking round, then trotting together. At which point we were going so slowly as the girl on lead couldn't keep her horse in trot so I was basically troting on the spot. The instructor was one I hadn' had before, but the normal one had left a note saying to give me Monty, a green 6 year old (So only a baby really), obivously not a beginners horse. So that coupled with the fact that I could obivously ride quite well led to her telling me that he needed to work on his right bend and just to do what I liked. So i rode for an hour while they had  lesson to see what I could get out of him. The instructor was very appologetic about it but it wasn't her fault they decided to mox the lessons, and she at least noticed I was going to be tearing my hair out. She did also say maybe I should ride with the advanced, but they ride on a sundday, when I am busy, and I'm not quite up to that standard for tanglewood, so I'd feel like I was getting in the way...

Conservation volunteers today also. Which was good fun, if slightly odd. we were working at the uni, as we have many times before, cutting ivy this time and rakeing. But we were also joined by the environment and ethics society so theyre were quite a few people. (And quite a few who thought our random convrsations were a little odd, but hey...) Then it got to 1 o'clock and rather than stopping for our normal packed lunch, (sandwiches at uni, potatoes if we're somewhere with a fire) we packed up and walked up to the staff centre, covere head to toe in mud. Including obivouly our boots so we took them off outside and went in, in our socks and muddy old clothes, mud in hair etc. And they're were waiters in ties and white table cloths and we went to get what we expected to be sandwichs but were given either steak, salmon or bean something, new potatoes and salad. And sat at tables with polished cutlery and napkins. And the waiters came round with drinks and to check on our meals and then they borught us cheesecale with strawberries. It was very strange, a little more than our normal lunches! We decided that we should team up with the environment and ethics society more often, if this is what they can get!


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