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24 hours! On the bus from Cloncurry up to Darwin. I had my MP3 player and the scenery to keep me entertained, plus watching the people at the rest stops. And trying to sleep on those buses is a fair mission in itself!
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Africa! Africa Africa Africa! As for why, see icon...

And also, it's diverse, vibrant, it has the most amazing wildlife in the world and some of the most amazing people. And quite a large portion of my soul (or well... something less religious sounding...). It's simple and complex at the same time and the most beautiful place in the world.

It's Africa, and it's where I will spend my life, not just one summer. I think I will be moving to South Africa this summer, to work with the monkeys in my icon. And then wherever else it takes me. 

Sorry... that got away from me a bit... 
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Was talking about this with a friend the other day, both having said that sitting in front of a computer all day indoors would be our idea of job hell. Then realised that that's exactly what we do as students for 3 years...

Although at least in the first 2 years you do get to do labs and field work too, if only 5 or 6 hours a week.... and I did spend 3 months in Belize in aid of 'work'

But right now, leading up to exams, pretty much am doing what I think would be my worst job.

Only 6 more months to go... (ish, maybe less actually...)
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My bookshelf at uni, presumably I take a biological subject (I would hope). Then... I like books that are easy reading, but a good story, with the occasional challenge. I have a selection of crime thillers, a lot of Roald Dahl, Hitchhikers guide, but also LotR and The State of Africa.

And my shelf at my parents? I like to read! My room is literally filled with books, I have an entire wall devoted to my bookshelves. Everything from childrens books, through science fiction, via crime, quick detor into classics, run through TV series, stop-off at biography and finishing with the modern greats... and anything else in between!
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I spent a year travelling the world? I don't know if it's the most dangerous, but it took the most guts I think. The scope for it all going wrong was huge, but then I guess the liklihood of it killing/seriously injuring me was pretty slim I guess.

Maybe mustering cattle was the most dangerous thing to my actual body. Riding is pretty dangerous anyway, add up to 5,000 head of cattle and it doesn't get any safer. Then 12 hours for 10 days in a row, so you ache and are so exhausted you can barely stay in the saddle...

Most dangerous thing I do that has actually done me some damage? Riding again. Broke my back apparently (yeah, maybe should have gone to Dr a little earlier than I did...)

And yes, I would/do them all again, and again, and again...
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Happy I think.

At 12 I was certain I was going to study Medicine, well that didn't happen. But at 12 I was a sad lonely little girl. I didn't have any friends to speak of (And the ones I might have had we're stressful) I didn't really do much other than school work and horse riding. I think that part of me would be pleased with my marks at Uni and hopefully with my riding ability! 

Now I am happy and secure, I have a wonderful group of friends, with whom I can be me completely, right down to the fandom geek and Boyzone listening. I actually have a social life (albeit not entirely normal...). I have a group of friends on my course. I may still be quiet, but I think I'm quite confident in myself. I travel, I'm independent.

At 12 I didn't really think that there was anything more to life than getting the grades. I didn't understand most of what went on around me. Now I do. So yeah, I think 12 year old me would be very happy with the way it all turned (is turning) out.
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Yes, they are called genes. 

Or, well, sort of...  they point our behaviour in a general direction, and the environment does the rest. As far as 'God' goes? No. I don't believe in an omnipotent presence that directs us. Just good old fashioned DNA and external stimuli. 
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Firefly! Obviously!

(No I'm not entirely why I decided to answer this either...)



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