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We're having a tim burton themed halloween party! See, if they choose nice themes then i actually want to go! Its the day after mum and dad come donw so i'm going to get them to bring my corpse bride dress! *gets a little bit excited* I also need to see sweeny todd... that just popped into my head....

I'm all fandomly bouncy now miss bexy, its contagious. Only I only have my firefly dvd's with me... and i actually have to get work done this evening... so I'm not watching them... well, mayb not.... only if i get my work done!

Our mean lecturer didn't tunr up again this morning. Well actually it was a differant lecturer than on mondoy, but she blamed a 'clerical error' too. Did they not learn in school thst its up to YOU to know where you're going?? Silly people. Its a pain coz it means its going to be put at someother time again and therefore its going to throw my whole routine off. ANd I've ony just worked one out!

We pretty much finished our key today. Just a little tweaking and making it look pretty etc. Which is good. i looks quite cool. Although trying to find differances is actually quite diffucult. We had a tiger and a leopard and obivously one has dtripes and one has spots but you can't use that, coz it was evolutary traits (if you use that its like saying a tiger is more closely related to a zebra than a leopard, which i'm prettty sure is wrong...) We also got a little confused when we were going through it and got to 'does it have a fused hyoid' (that means it can roar) chiose yes and somehow ended up at otter... i would be a little scared if an otter started raoring at me! But we sorted that out so all is good.

Actually, I'd be a little scared if a leopad started roaring at me too, but for differant reasons!!!!!!!!!

Our boring lecturer from yesturday really is boring. The subject didn't rally keep me awake either today, but it has kept me entertained trying to decode his notes since!



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