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I'm home! And wishing I was still there of course... but never mind lets not mention that!

Amazing few months, everything had changed and nothing had all at once. And Daktari was a great project with great kids and animals and really great management! May possibly already be looking at next summers adventure (tracking elephants in Zambia anyone?)

My head is obivously still in Africa as i dreamt that there was a leopard in camp last night. Not that strange a dream, one came and ate one of the guinea fowl when I was there and i got an e-mail the day I got home to tell me that the baby duiker we had been raising was eaten the night I left... (which of course was just the welcome home i needed!) but still not a huge danger in Milton Keynes I feel...

Moving back down to southampton next sunday, ready to go off to Ireland on Tuesday, for more conservation related fun! Quite looking forward to getting back to Uni, although as ususal a little dubious as to how I'm going to manage living with friends, I do tend to like my own space... but the course next year looks good, only one course i'm not looking forward too in semester 1, although unfortunatly that course does have its lectures 9amon a monday and 5pm on a friday... which will not help matters I'm sure! Other than that my timetable is looking good, A couple of hours each morning, which will ge me out of bed and in working mind for the rest of the day, wednesdays off and most thursdays too, once I've done my labs. Fridays are 9 till 6 with an hour for lunch... but I can't complain too much hey!
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First exam this morning went really well. The multiple choice wasn't impossible (They have a habit of being so incredibley specific that you just have to hope to luck out and get something you remember perfectly) and the essay question they asked was the one I wanted. Plus I had a really long time for the essay, as the multiple chioce didn't take as long as I thought, which was good as I could think and do it slowly.

Got the results from the percertion test last week too. 64%. 6% lower than I should be getting (70% is a first) but still well above the grade needed to pass, and its only worth 10% of one module, 1.25% of the year, so that 6% actually becomes... 0.06%? or 0.6%? Either way a tiny amount that will have no effect by the end of the year. (Its must be closer to 0.06% actually.... there we go, 0.075%. Tiny was what I was getting at!)

Paid the deposit for conservation school! Ack, makes me want to go now. Read over my travelling blog last night too, so I dreamt of VMF all night. It was very dissapointing to wake up to my alarm not telling me to go monitoring, but to go take an exam! Ah well, if all goes to plan I'll be back there in...22 weeks! (Although how I am going to manage to leave again I don't know... I've booked the school afterwards in the hope that I'll get excited over that instead!)
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Finished Torchwood series one yeaturday. Liked it as a whole, I think its a bit strange watching it on DVD coz you kinda lose the time scale (yes, I know I could just watch one a week, but whos that restrained??) I like Ianto muchly, he makes me smile. Esp 'Theres lots of things you can do with a stopwatch' *squees slightly* And the plane from 1940's ep rocked muchusly.

But what was with that last ep? Did they just suddenly realise it was the end of the season and they still had things to put in? Oh no, we forgot the plague, random people falling into cardiff, alien spaceships, big kinda badly done CGI monsters, mass deaths, we didn't piss Gwen off enough, oh, or maybe actually kill Jack, and no ones been fired or been visited by ghosts from their pasts. Ack, and The Doctor! We only have and hour? Quick, all at once!? That was odd...

Nearly booked my conservation bit of summer! Exciting! Going to the school, if i can get there from Tzaneen... which i should be able too... I hope!

Spent the entire of today revising. it is a little boring but hey... never mind.

Also acutally built up the corage to check with Amy that we are indeed sharing a house next year. Which is dumb, coz shes very nice so if not shes hardly going to yell at me, but it was still a little daunting!!



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