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*yawns* I have the car today, so mum was meant to get a lift with Liz to work... Liz forgot to pick her up, Mum had to get me up to drive her in, Kayla is sleepy and not so productive!

Although I have packed for the fun that will be Spain... well, maybe. I'm not sure whether I'm looking forward to this trip or not. The work should be good, it is what I hope to do evntually, roughly. But it is arthropods, which are less fun, and it may well rain the whole time as is Spain at Easter. I don't know that many people on my course very well either, but hopefully I can get to know some, right? And group work never goes down well with me... But it gives me something to do, its rather boring at home alone this week!

This week at home has been very boring but quite productive, I've done a fair bit of revision prep, which is very good me thinks. And all my notes are up to date, which is also good. I did have my 'ugh I hate being home' bit for a few days but I'm getting used to this constantly changing thing, so its not so bad. Grandparents were here for a few days also. I love seeing them, but they are becoming very diffucult in their old age, which is a shame, becuase we used to be very close, but now they insist on talking down to everyone and arguing with anything you say so I don't feel like we're as close as we used to be.

Went to St Johns to be a causlty for the cadets this week too. It was very odd. Lewis had the car so dad had to drop me off and it was like I was 12 again! That and I can never understand why I can travel the world, but stick me back in that room with those people and I'm an awkward teenager again. Its really odd. But I like going back all the same, Chris still looks after me, I love chatting to Ellen and talking to everyone I haven't seen in a while. But I will always be an awkward teenager there, however successful I become anywhere else!

Riding lesson this afternoon, which should be good. I have changed alot there, grown up alot and more equal with Jenny now, which rocks muchly. That and my riding is improving so much which helps quite alot!!
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Oh I hate it when its nearly the end of term but its not quite the end of term and everyone starts getting bouncy about the end of term but it takes sooooo long to get here!

Spent my evening today playing battle ships over the radio. Twas quite good fun! We actully spent much of the evening working out a radio friendly way of saying 'fire' that wouldn't make people think we were terrorists... we ruled out 'fire' 'attack' 'bomb' 'missile'... slightly pointless evening but all good fun (This was an SJA excercise btw... i'm not that sad!!) Oh, and i learnt that the reason we're FB on our radios at home is cozwe're buckinghamshire, where FD in hampshire... this intetested me, i didn't know why we were FB... ok, maybe i am that sad...

Got assignment today aswell that looks like it might be a little scary. All about protein sequences, we have to key them into the computor and then get info out and match it and write up reports all on this section of letters... it doesn't look that hard but i think it will be time consuming and repetative.

Isle of Wight this weekend. Yayness. Tree chopping and socialising. Was going to go out tonight with conservation people also but the mean buses stop at 10.30 so i would be there about 20mins beofre having to leave... seemed kinda pointless!

Looking at placements for nixt summer. Thinking I'm going to have about 6 weeks at VMF and 4 weeks somewhere else. Found a school type place in Hoedspruit, about 2 hours from VMF that takes kids for a week and they do all sorts of conservation work,. I think they have animals there and take them out into the bush and teach them why not to just destroy it all. From what i can tell they are the working class schools, not the posh South Africanones. It was saying there is normally 160+ in there classes at school, but they take 14 at a time to the conservation place. Don't know but i figure that kind of education would be good to have experience in, espcially if it is conservation i end up in.

*Smiles and nearly but not quite end of term sparkles*

Kayla :)
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Brrrr. I wish they wouldn't put our heating on a timer its bloody cold!

Had my PTA re-qual today. Didn't pass, but didn't really fail either. I'd just forgotten that procedures change with counties, so the forms you have to do in buckinghamshire are differant in hampshire. So if i had taken my written paper in bucks i would have been fine. I didn't. But hey, never mind, I'll just do it again in a few weeks! And feel a little bit dumb for forgetting in the mean time!

Guess who got 95% in her first practical! Little bit pleased with myself. Just have to keep it up, but as i didn't really understand that practical and i have understood all my others, all should be good! And our marwell key is nearly done, which is good. Bit of tweaking tomorrow and all should be good. The resps practical seems to have some quite glaringly obivous errors in the methiod. Namely that you can't take resps from someone who knows thats what your doing, because then you become consious of your breathing and don't breathe normally. So who knows what our results for that will look like! But the write up seems easy enough.

Parents coming down next weekend, which will be nice. Mum said they will only give me a lift to asda if i let them pay,
which has led to me getting overexcited! If they want to buy my weeks shopping, who am i to say no!!!!!!!

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Its cold. Brrrr. I had to wear my real coat today. I told you it was cold. There was ice and everything!

SJA last night was quite fun actually. I ran a session on the ambulance! Which is a little odd as this is only the second meeting, but i am re-qualing my pta on sunday, so i should know my way round the thing really. It did confuse most of the older members, who didn't actually know me or why i was there, and kept asking e if i was from Romsey... and it wasn't until about halfway through the night that i realised that was where the ambulance was from and it wasn't just a random place they'd picked! But it was fun and there are lots of nice people and i didn't get scared with people that are not 10 which is who i am used ot having to teach!

Ordered a riding hoodie too. It was quite expensive really, but i figured as i don't really want a soton one that i could get the riding one instead and all could be forgiven! Booked my lesson for next week too. Oh, and I foun the new boots  i want coz the sole is coming off mine. AND the caveletti people who sponser the club are coming down on weds and reather than the £99 they should be they will be £59 and mummy said i can can have them for christmas! I'm quite excited!!!!! I haven;t had new riding boots for a really long time! (I also really need a new body protector, but i might have to wait asking for that...)

Our evolution lecture this morning that meant i had to get up even though its a wednesday was kinda interesting. The subject itself was, but the lecturer is really quite dull. So I'm a little undecided. I'm thinking they're going to even themselves out so the subject will keep me awakw while the lecturere is sending me to sleep!

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OK. I am a University student. I am studying biology. This surely means I have at least some intelligence yes? I must have at least 5 A*-C grades GCSE and at least 3B's at A-Level, one of which must have been, oddly enough, biology, another of which was either chem or I would now be doing a chem module. Therefore I should already have enough knowledge to calculate a mole, or concentration, or volume etc. In fact I can probably do those calculations in my sleep. I must have taken IT until at least year 9. Therefore I'm pretty certain I know what a cell is, what a row is, a column. In fact I can even add up, change colours, create graphs. If I can't its intuative. You fiddle. Find the right button. Viola! I have so far had 4 hours of lectures on this! 4 hours. This is not good. This is boring. (Well, OK, 3 hours... I may have not bothered going to the last one today, but I did look at the handout first and given as the whole lecture was on the little square at the bottom of the cell so you can copy it into the cell below, next to it, i figured i could be forgiven!)

I did have an interesting lecture on neurophysiology today though. So it wasn't a completly wasted day. And the practical that we did yeaturday went as perfectly as practicls can. Everything worked, we were quite impressed! Much better than the ECG one last week that left us mightly confused!

Off to SJA tongiht. Thinking it may be another sitting round night, butits worth a go. And we have forms to fill out this time, so at least something udeful will come out of it. Oh, and i need to beg a lift to winchester this weekedn to requal my pta. So infact it will be very useful!

No riding tomorrow. Haveto wait till next week. Which means i don't know what I'm going to do all day tomorrow. I have a 9am lecture coz our lecturer got lost on monday and ended up in the wrong building, a little worried he was going to have to teach a maths lecture! But thats only till 10. Maybe I'll go job searching again. What fun!

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i hate not having a window in my bathroom. It means i have to dry my towels in my room which means i have to leave the window open to stop the room smelling damp which means its cold.

Riding this afternoon was quite good fun. I think I may actually need to move up to the advanced lesson. The intermediate one was... well i was the only one that actially managed to canter. I actually was quite impressed with myself, i got outline and everthing. They put me on the littlest horse to begin with but quickly changed there minds and made me and another girl swap. Which meant I ws on this giant of a horse. Who they told me didn't really like other horses. But he was well enough behaved. It was only a half hour lesson, so it was over really too quickly. But next week is an hour, coz his week was just assesment.

SJA was kinda a non event. All the new people are doing their basic first aid course. All the exsisting people are sorting duties and uniforms and voting on commiotees and all stuff that you kinda have to know the unit to do. Then theres us 5 transfres who are just kinda sat in the middle watching everything around us. But hopefully once all the stuff has been sorted in a couple of weeks it will all be ok. The other transferrs seem quite nice. There is one who was obivously quite involved at her home county and seems to have forgotten that actually she isn't here and maybe should take a step back. Shes a typical sja 'family' kid. Parents run the county, so she's been brought up in SJA. But the others seem really nice. And shes ok.

Microscopy practical today. I hate binocular microscopes. They amke my eyes go funny. I'm v glad that I've been taught how to use and draw from a microscope though. We had 2 and a hlaf hours of lab time and 6 specimins to draw. We used ot have that many in 50 minutes! So it was nice and easy and quick and i could get on to the write up. Which also meant i could get away as quickly as possible as it was a bit of a rush to get back, change, eat and go out again.

Oh, and catching the bus and walking across campus and waiting for a lift in your riding gear is not so fun!

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Meh. I hate being female. I ache and i want to eat chocolate and go to bed. Plus I left my hot water bottle at home. Grrrrrrr!

Instead however I am going to go to St John tonight. Which is again a little scary, but quite exciting too. And socialble. Yay! although i do have to have ANOTHER crb done. So many! This will be the second I've had for SJA alone. But apparently if you move counties you might have commited crimes all over again.

Also going riding tomorrow. I got an e-amil from the saturday rising ppl appoligisng for only being able to give half hour lessons on sat coz they're were somany people. I got an e-mail listing the groups for weds, when i'm going, there are 6 of us. That made me laugh quite alot. But hey. I think it mut be because the saturday place the advanced lesson is tuaght by one of the england training team. So if you're the kinda horsey person that goes on about horse breeding over tempermant, placing over achievemnt, then that will prob be the place to go. Hopefully if you just want to ride, wednesday is fine!

Spent most of today sat in Library reseaching. Had lecture first thing and aniother at 3, so lots of time in between. Our bioanalysis one this afternoon was the most boring lecture. It was along the lines of 'this is a mole. this is how you calcualte a mole. this is a metre, this is a millimeter....' which oddly enough you learn at GCSE level, or below acutally. Then the second was on excel. 'this is a cell, this is a row, this is a table' grrrrrrrr 2 hours!

My biochem book arrived too. Which is quite exciting, as it wasn't supposed to for a week. But it looks particually dull, there no pictures/diagrams etc.

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Our practical today was complicated... There were computors and maths and I don't remember the equation for Standard Deviation! I do however remember how to do it on excel so that was OK! But somehow our first ECG readings were upside down but we didn't know that coz it said, don't panic, some of them will be upside down. As it turns out it wan't supposed to be that one! But hey, we got there. ish kinda the long way round! And the girl I was working with was really nice so that was OK. And I took Houmus wiht me and carrot sticks so I was excited by lunch time! Lol. But I have no salad today to amke my sandwich, so it will just be cheese, which is boring. See the issues I have! (I actually did spend my entire journey home debating what to put in my sandwich for tomorrow....)

Went swimming for an hour yesturday, Whixh was fun. Althoug it did mean I then spent the afternoon falling asleep coz it was exhausted! And the pool has a big window out to the road, and another one tothe gym, so everyone can see you swim!

I have a date for my PTA re-qual. Which is a little scary, coz i normally get lots of practice first, but i don't know if i will this time! But hey. The worst that can happen is i fail, and thats not the end of the world!



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