May. 26th, 2011 03:31 pm
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 So, that's the degree done then!

It's weird... I'm not sure what I'm meant to do now. What did I do before I lived in the library trawling through papers? I'm sure I must have done something... 

Went for a drink with coursemates after we finished, but have spent the rest of the afternoon tidying my room. Building up the courage to go get the hoover and do the floor too, but I don't think that's been done in a while... Am off out for dinner with coursemates later too, yay!

Off to Tanzania in 4 months!
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 Just back from 2 days riding in Wales! 

So much fun. I am a little bit in love with Welsh Cobs again. They're what I learnt to ride on so I've always had a bit of a soft spot for them but with the thoroughbreds and similar warmbloods at Tanglewood I'd kind of forgotten their appeal. This holiday definitely reminded me!

My pony was called Hank. Bright chesnut with flaxen mane and tail, around 14hh and very very pretty. Beautifully behaved, although a few over excited bucks at some points, but only the 'I'm having fun' kind rather than the 'get off me!' kind. And even though he was the smallest also an awesome pack horse, carrying the shoeing kit for 2 days (we had to replace 3 shoes in the end, rather rocky terrain). Also very fond of polos and very quick to work out which pocket they were kept in!

2 days of awesome riding. Not too manically fast, but enough long canters (complete with ditch jumping) to make it exciting while the walks and trots let you take in the amazing Welsh scenery. Nice little pubs to stop off in over lunch, with hitching posts outside and the occasional leaving the table to check on the horses (and generally catch at least one of the horses that had pulled a Houdini and escaped their headcollar). Stayed in a nice little farmhouse staffed by 3 generations of the family. (Well, OK, the littlest generation weren't that much use, although they did keep us entertained and occasionally bring in random pots and things to go on the table... not normally ones we needed, but the idea was there). Very tastey food, although the Grandparents didn't think much of veggie diets, our dinner the first night was roast without the meat, but vegetables are nice I guess. And we had veggie lasagne the next nice which was lovely. Rooms were so comfortable, especially after a days riding! 
As well as the riding you do all the yard work too. Which I'm sure should be a chore but if you get a group of girls that grew up fighting to get to the yard and are suddenly stuck at uni with no horse/transport of their own and we all really enjoy it. And they had a new foal too, which was so cute! And amazingly confident and non-skittish, as the only foals I've seen before have run as soon as you move, he just wanted to be petted.
Back last night and now very achey, but a very good few days, and makes me want to ride again now please...
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 Admittedly Easter holidays would be more exciting if the majority wasn't going to be spent working, but never mind!

Not that I can complain too much, France last weekend and Wales tomorrow :)

France was awesome. It had Jess, of course it was awesome. We did quite a bit this time, constantly talking at a million miles an hour too! Got up late on Friday, having stayed up talking when I arrived on Thursday, and went to meet up with one of her friends in Toulouse. Which I love as a city, so beautiful and old and... French. Which I really need to learn to speak. Jess has clearly got the language completely now, more than she had last time. Although she was fairly fluent last time she still recognised when something was in French and had to kind of, switch gears, to understand. Not so much this time, jumping between languages without noticing. Which is good for her, but does mean she doesn't notice when I'm looking at her blankly for translation when someone asks me something. Oh why did I never learn? Thankfully everyone is lovely and spoke English for me the whole weekend. 

Saw acrobatics on Friday night which was really good, and mostly visual so language wasn't an issue. Then to the pub for a while before back to her room to sit chatting again. Which led to late getting up on Saturday also. Did very little during the day, went for a wander along the canal, which is so beautiful, had a picnic lunch then wandered back to cook dinner. Watched Dr Who over dinner (The Unquiet Dead) and then went to watch The Black Swan with another of her friends. Which is an amazing film (although very triggery, should that be an issue... clearly labelling something as triggery is firmly stuck in my brain...) how it builds up with really very little in the way of story line or speech. And really scary too. Although the sub-titles did ruin it a bit. They were ummm, interesting? The word swan got replaced with pelican a few times and it definitely said the opposite to the screen more than once.
Up early on Sunday (despite the again late night) to go to the space museum with more of Jess's friends. Fairly interesting, also saw Hubble 3D and the planetarium. Which were interesting but lots of speech that didn't mean a lot to me! Dinner at a nice little vegetarian restaurant before catching my flight back home :(
Was so nice to get to see Jess, I do miss her quite a lot... or more than a lot. Its nice and safe and comforting. Although I did get home to find an e-mail apologising for not being up to talking about 'grown-up things', meaning the idea of me and her. Meaning clearly her head is still in confused space, as as far as I understood we were just continuing along. She knows where my head is, being that taking things further would be nice, but that I don't expect it, and don't at all feel like I have second best in having her as a friend. And that I'm not moping around waiting for her to decide what she wants. If it happens, it happens, if not, I still get a Jess, so all is good. It worries me more that she couldn't talk to me... but she knows where I am should she want to. Have also pointed out that most of our friends have worked something out, so she can talk to them all she likes too.
Off to Wales riding tomorrow, which is exciting. Then working until 16th when I go home and too Morocco :). Yay
And, assuming reports are right, congratulations to Mr Tennant. 
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Conservation Resi went off almost without hitch, barring the almost not having of a bus... But I am now so so tired. They are always tiring, turns out when you're in charge and do all the cooking they are a lot more tiring!
Spent Thursday and Friday running round slightly manically. Food shopping for lots of people on Thursday. Took bus to Asda in town and brought loads, then dropped that off and headed into high street for fruit and veg. Lady in the grocers looked at me really oddly buying lots of apples, bananas, onions, courgettes and peppers. Then Friday sorting the bus, which was complicated and required lots of forms that no-one seemed to know where they were kept, but got there eventually!

Did get slightly lost getting there as although map I looked at went to the destination, the instructions that went with it apparently only went half way... but we made it. And had scrummy fish and chips (well, veggie burger and chips in my case) for dinner. I love resi evenings with everyone sat round eating and drinking tea together, especially as Amy (housemate last year who is in Germany this year) came so so did all last years people, which was awesome. Bed at about 1ish, but as we sleep on the floor in the village hall sleep is kind of the aim rather than what actually happens. I then got up at 7 to make porridge for 15 people! That's loads of porridge, in case you were wondering. Porridge with Mars bars (well, Asda equivalents) is the best pre-conserving breakfast. Mass lunch making and out by 9 to the site to get working. Removal of saplings from regenerating heathland. So not much big sawing but lots and lots (and lots) of loppering. 
Got back to the hall around 5.30 and made fajitas for everyone. Such a good big group meal, so easy to do and everyone can pick what they want. There was also loads and loads of food too, which was good. (Still have a container full of courgettes in the fridge). Then we were all in bed by 11 and fast asleep. Which is good but you sleep to deeply to notice that you really need to move to stop seizing up, so it always takes a bit longer to get going. Sundays of a resi are always slower than saturdays as everyone is achey and sleepy, but we still got a fair bit done and am now home and cozy while Paul does dinner :)
Also pretty much my last time in charge. Which I will miss, I think it will be odd going next term and just turning up. I think the new pres will do fine, but am a little worried about the task manager and her boyfriend dictating what he does. They are both very nice people, and very environmentally minded, but can be very dictatory and overpowering if you don't know how to argue with them. And find it very hard to see that environmentalists are just as biased (or more so) than the general media. So get very wound up about things and I think might drag SUCV into environmentalist things that it doesn't need to be involved in. I don't think that conservationists need to be environmentalists, that's what Green Action is for, so I think that could put some people off. But hopefully not!
France next week to see Jessica :D. Can't wait to have a weekend actually off without being in charge. Plus, Jess :D
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Life post!

Still pretty much living at library. Have also somewhat accidentally got into the routine of getting up at 6.30 every morning (went to bed really early one night, so then got up early, was really tired etc....) so am getting to library for 8am every morning! Don't feel particularly stressed by it, although I did wake up this morning with skin that would look more at home on a 14 year old, so maybe I am and just haven't realised it... ah well...

Work is going well though. Am waiting for my supervisor to get back to me on my almost final draft of dissertation, he only gets an outline but it should be quite useful. Am behind on other reading, but not hugely so, and on top of other coursework, so it's good overall.

Have just had SUCV AGM so as of 3 weeks time I will no longer be president. Am quite glad tbh, not that I haven't enjoyed it, but it will be nice not to have to be the one to do all the organising, and I will not miss having to lug 6 litres of water up to uni every sunday, and then washing all the cups up afterwards. Got a mostly good committee. This year hasn't been as good as the last I don't feel, but that might be because all the people I started with haven't really bothered to turn up, hopefully next year will continue to be awesome, because that society really did give me my home at uni.
Off on the resi this weekend. Which is stressful to organise but should be fun, I hope. Going to spend tomorrow doing food shopping for it and sorting all the last bits.
Then off to see Jessica the weekend afterwards. Yay. Will be nice relaxing weekend where I have to think about nothing. And I'm arriving on the Thursday and she has lectures all day Friday so I plan on sleeping too. 
Then the weekend after that is riding trip to Wales! Yay again. Going with one of the girls from Belize and lots of people I don't know but very exciting and welsh cobs and lots and lots of riding. :D
Easter will be work filled but includes a trip to Morocco with the parents. Again with excitement. Go home for a little while to see brother, but not long. This is little brother who turned 20 yesterday... yikes!
Ronan album coming out on Monday! Have it all pre-ordered to be delivered I hope :). And getting very excited for new Dr Who. AND Much Ado, mostly thanks to the absolutely amazing photoshoot of David and Catherine. They both look stunning.
Job hunt is still going nowhere but hey ho. Just keep ploughing on...
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 New theme to the journal... although I'm not sure if I like it. Mostly triggered by a change in default icon (have a definite Ten thing going atm, I'm blaming revision, DVD's, Shakespeare and baby/wedding news) and it kinda clashed with the old theme. 

Guess what... exams done! Yay. Have just had a very nice evening with the 2 other girls who also finished today (most of our other friends still have one wednesday as they did a different module). Pub for tea drinking for me, cider for them, then to ours for pizza and DVD. Cool runnings which I'd never seen before but is an awesome film! Was really nice to have a non-alcoholic end of exams, as they will go out to celebrate with the others next week, but means I got to do a bit of catching up and relaxing too. We also have a big poster on our living room wall entitled 'Questions every good zoologist should be able to answer' with all the questions my housemates have asked over the past two years, which caused much amusement!

My plans for the week that probably aren't that interesting )
Mostly I'm looking forward to a week that doesn't involve pouring over notes and memorising studies. That's not really learning and throughly boring. Even dissertation writing seems like a good break from it, as at least that has something to show at the end of it!
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My laptop is still revolting against sonic stage, so I have no music still. I do however have the radio. Which means that has been on almost constantly.

And therefore i have been getting quite excited over the Kilamanjaro climb (plus, Ronan, thats always good) Roriama wasn't as high as they have gone, so we didn't have altitude sickness to contend with. But it is just reminding me so much of our trip. The absolute drugery of walking and walking and walking one foot in front of the other, crawling on hands and knees to get up the slope without toppling off sideways. Climbing into tents that you don't really fit 3 people in and trying to sleep(although watching their videos they have a tent about as big as we did for 3 people each!), but the ground being so rocky that by the time you wake up you are covered in bruises. Now we did have to carry all our stuff on our backs and cook for ourselves and put up and take down our own tents at the begining and end of each day, which they don't, but it doesn't make it any (well, much) easier. And remembering when they ar speaking about how good it is to be there, but actually, they've had a bad day and really would like to stop now.

Tbh when we climbed the top wasn't all that exciting. It was cold, it was wet, we did get a day off at the top which was wonderful, but you do then just haveto climb down again. BUT I have this vivid memory of getting to the end to this weird little gateway village thing and dumping our bags in a pile, sat on my bag facing the mountain with Gemma (I think) sat next to me. I just remember looking over at her as these park rangers are searching our bags and both of us just collapsing into giggles. We were so pleased to be down and absolutely filthy and exhausted but we just sat there giggling and hyper. And by the next day, we all wanted to be back there again. Even if just for that ending (although the day after we did look really strange trying to climb up and down the stairs with legs that were aching so much!)

So yes, that is what my week has consisted of. And being glad that I've managed to find a good group of people here, that I am acutally going out 2/3 nights a week (although I am generally back by midnight...) And a group that as far as I can tell is nice and stable and isn't going to be as manic and stressful as my last group of friends was (not that I don't love them, but a bit lass drama is very nice) AND that when we go out we go and sit in the pub and TALK TO EACH OTHER which is always good. Oh, AND we're going to the llama farm!



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