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Very random afternoon today... began by sifting through rubbish, literally. We had bags of rubbish from all over the university and halls and sorted through it into diffrant types, then put it in new bags to weigh it again and throw in respective bins. I think it was to let the uni know how much waste we throw, how much could be recycled etc. it was quite disgusting! But kinda good fun to, we had an SUCV table and thats always fun! And then we got free food which always goes down well! Then off to the common to play a vv bad game of frisbee, we really aren't all that good... and to the pub, again, of course. Good afternoon, but very random...

Got lots of work done this morning too. Up by 8 for some unknown reason, but am feeling more awake now in general. Which is good. I thinking thanks to lots more iron in diet. Although i still don't think I'm getting enough, 14.8mg in a day is alot! Although you do get nearly half of that from a bowl of porridge... Anyways.. work... lots done this morning. Although semester 2 is not thrilling me in the slightest... nd I tried to hand my lab report in but can't till friday apparently, which is a pain!

Riding on saturday. Quite a good lesson, although i did fall off within about 30seconds of getting on, which is never a good start. I was kinda aprehansive about riding that horse anywya, becuase she does shoot off generally at the begining, but will then behave if you manage to check her in. Which I should have been able to do. Exceot she shot off when I wa doing my girth, so was aleady leaning down with one leg hooked up over the saddle, so not really much chance of staying up there. Which then meant i had to go get another horse, she would have been hell otherwise. So I ended up with Herc, who is the kind of horse that does exactly what you ask and is pretty much bomb proof, which made for a nice easy ride at least!
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