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Semester 2 starts tomorrow! Yay! Although I do only have one lecture tomorrow and its called 'Introduction to Blackboard' that being the system that is used to convey EVERY peice of information for every course, to set asignments, take exams, hand in assignments, registar for courses, basically it is the university in online form. So quite how they think we are going to have managed to get through semester 1 and still need it expalining I don't know...

Riding yesturday was great fun, although not really a lesson. For some reason they put the intermediates and the beginners together, the beginners being people that have only just started riding... and the other intermediate in the lesson is not quite intermediate tbh, but slightly better than beginner. So we started by walking round, then trotting together. At which point we were going so slowly as the girl on lead couldn't keep her horse in trot so I was basically troting on the spot. The instructor was one I hadn' had before, but the normal one had left a note saying to give me Monty, a green 6 year old (So only a baby really), obivously not a beginners horse. So that coupled with the fact that I could obivously ride quite well led to her telling me that he needed to work on his right bend and just to do what I liked. So i rode for an hour while they had  lesson to see what I could get out of him. The instructor was very appologetic about it but it wasn't her fault they decided to mox the lessons, and she at least noticed I was going to be tearing my hair out. She did also say maybe I should ride with the advanced, but they ride on a sundday, when I am busy, and I'm not quite up to that standard for tanglewood, so I'd feel like I was getting in the way...

Conservation volunteers today also. Which was good fun, if slightly odd. we were working at the uni, as we have many times before, cutting ivy this time and rakeing. But we were also joined by the environment and ethics society so theyre were quite a few people. (And quite a few who thought our random convrsations were a little odd, but hey...) Then it got to 1 o'clock and rather than stopping for our normal packed lunch, (sandwiches at uni, potatoes if we're somewhere with a fire) we packed up and walked up to the staff centre, covere head to toe in mud. Including obivouly our boots so we took them off outside and went in, in our socks and muddy old clothes, mud in hair etc. And they're were waiters in ties and white table cloths and we went to get what we expected to be sandwichs but were given either steak, salmon or bean something, new potatoes and salad. And sat at tables with polished cutlery and napkins. And the waiters came round with drinks and to check on our meals and then they borught us cheesecale with strawberries. It was very strange, a little more than our normal lunches! We decided that we should team up with the environment and ethics society more often, if this is what they can get!


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