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I have no problem with people stuttering. its fine its not there fault. But prehaps they are not the people to ask to do an ep commentry? Just maybe? I was watching, ummm, oh, 'They keep killing Suzie' last night and one of the guys did have a slight stutter. Not really bad but badly enough that it was just a little bit annoying! I think he was the editor, I don't really remember...

This week has been OK. Not overly interesting tbh. My ecology course looks like its going to be quite interesting. Its being taught by the boring plant guy from last semesters evolution module, but as the subject is more interesting its not as bad. Physiology looks like its going to be more cellular this semester which is annoying, i like whole organism biology in general. But the practicals look like they may be less evil. Cellular and genetic mechanisms which I was actually dreading was rather simple this week, and there seems to be more genetics than basic cell so that should be OK. Does make this semester much more cellular than the last though, which is dissapointing.

We didn't get much snow down here really. We had a fair bit on monday, but I still had lectures (a whole one...) then Tuesday it kinda thawed, then rained. But it then snowed so heavily again that it covered the ground again. We got hail on tuesday too, the weather was in overdrive. But its all gone now. Just lots of rain and sleet. We keep getting random snow flurrys, but they are quickly followed by rain. Mum and lewis have been txting me about they're adventures in the snow. They even got the sledge out that I swear hasn;t been used since we were about 5. I don't know why e still have it! Lweis did look slightly squished in it though bless him.

Met with people I'm shring a house with tonight. Apparently its lots more complicate than i was imagineing. We need a list of what we want and where and everything needs a conversation... inclding one about a washing machine... don't know where that came from! The uni lists come out on monday so we'r hoping to find something off that... maybe, or go through an agent but that wouldbe annoying!

Riding tomorrow. It looks like I may be with the beginners again, which will really piss me off. I sent an e-mail specifically asking that we don't all be put together again, and they have previously run lessons with only 2 of us so I don't know why they wouldn't again. I will be moaning about it again when I book next weeks. Annoys me quite alot as riding is quite important to me, but its so much stress to get it organised. They organise privite lessons for the advanced riders if they need to, but we don't matter apparently. Grr. (Although I will mention that actually... the advanced only have 2 riders this week!)


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