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Oddly, I'd say Bargaining. But bare with me here! There are no episodes that I wouldn't watch again, although there are some that I would only really re-watch in the whole series re-watch rather than choosing to watch them alone. But even the silly ones with no substance are generally witty and easy watching.

Bargaining however I think perhaps suffers from the curse of being a two parter. Obviously Buffy coming back was a huge storyline, and I can see why it got a two parter to tell it. But I find it quite slow, considering the story. It feels isolated from Buffy herself, wrapped up in monster of the week, when it shouldn't be, and missing the big bits. It's one of the few times that I don't feel the story is told properly.
No pics today as I'm sat in a cafe in town and the connections not that great.
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Least Favourite Relationship )

I am now back home in Southampton, however the new house doesn't have internet connected yet, so I will be online when I get to the library, but less regularly than normal.
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In my re-watch it appears season 5. Which is odd, as I think that's the season I started with, so clearly it's not that bad! Although unlike many I am a fan of Dawn (and kind of wish I had been involved in fandom trying to work her out...) Glory just annoys the hell out of me, and as the arc is most important to me, and she features heavily in it, kinda sours the season. 

It does however have some amazing episodes (The Body for one, which didn't make me cry the first time, but did this time watching it), so like I said, not all bad! 

Still at the parents so no time for picspam today, back to Southampton and normality tomorrow though. (Well, as normal as my life ever is...)
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 Couple of days late. Lack of post on Monday can be blamed on meeting school friends and then seeing a certain Shakespeare play. Not sure what to blame lack of post on Tuesday on, although I did read the entire of said play in one go (not that it's one of the longest or most complex...), maybe that used up my geekiness quota for the day (That's a lie, I also watched the Shakespeare Code and a couple of Donna's episodes, I'm not sure I have a geekiness quota)

Favourite Friendship )
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 So I've been on a bit of a Buffy binge recently. I was kind of re-watching through exams, now I have nothing else to do and my days are filled with good old Sunnydale. Found this on Tumblr and thought why not. Not saying I'll get to the end of it but hey, we'll give it a go!

Favourite season )
LJ if you could work this time that would be great...
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Yesterday was conspiring to make me feel old:

 Me: So how old do you think is too old to go to University?
Student 1: Really old
Me: OK, can anyone take a guess at a number?
Student 2: 21
Me: ?!
Student: My Mum brought me all the Harry Potter books.
Me: That was nice of her, we had to wait for JK Rowling to finish writing in between reading them.
Student: That was AGES ago!
Me: ?!
Reading a journal online:
"So I thought I'd give watching Buffy a go, then all of a sudden Seeley Booth pops up on screen"
Me: Angel! Definitely Angel first!
I did then rectify the situation by watching 'The Eleventh Hour' and 'The Beast Below', followed by Castle. Speaking of, is it worth persisting with? The first ep was OK, but not brilliant, and opinions?
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 So exam season not only saw me re-reading Harry Potter, but also rewatching Buffy. Clearly this cannot be done in a single revision period. Hence I am only just at the end of season 3. This is the least watched of my DVD's (the book still creaks when I open it, rather than nearly falling apart)

Buffy Season Three )
I'm guessing my relation to this season also comes somewhat from the fact that I have am about to Graduate, albeit from University. And I'm excited to get going on the next part of my life. I could not do another year of being a student. But it's the thing that the interactions I've had at Uni have changed and shaped me, and those soon will be gone too. To be replaced by others too I'm sure, but right now I'm in the bit between the end of exams and our Grad ball, (Graduation isn't actually until the end of July, but that's more about family, so Grad ball is kind of final as far as actual uni life) where everything is sort of in limbo and about to change, so it all seems like you want to keep hold of it, hence relating to this season.
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For some reason LJ is only giving me the raw option for posting, not the nice button to do things for me. Not that they work very often, but this may end up being a long stream of text, for which I apologise.

So, this time next week I shall be done. Exciting and a little bit scary but right now exciting. It has also just occurred to me that I have quite a lot of experience working with children/teenagers, and therefore my summer job hunting would probably be helped by applying to summer schools. I have therefore applied to one in St Andrews, one in Cambridge and a couple on the South coast. It would be nice to go up to Scotland, as I've never been, but a bit of a pain to get down for graduation! But either way working for a summer school would be more fun that restaurant or shop work. (And mean I don't have to move home... which sounds mean, I love my parents, but I'm not sure it would work.

Revision has also meant I have just finished re-reading Harry Potter. I read the first 4 over January exams and the last 3 this time round. I find it really strange to think that children now can just go and buy them. There is nothing stopping you reading them all at once. I'm not sure I like that idea. I was 8 when I read the first one and 18 when I read the last one. And I was never one of the ones who was up at midnight to get the next book, but I don't think it is possible to grow up in our generation and not have read them and get excited. I'm also not sure you'd understand if you read them all at once, because they do grow up. The last book is depressing! (A little too depressing for my taste on re-read actually, the lack of any relief was tiring). The Philosophers Stone was written for 11 year olds, but I can't say the Deathly Hallows was.

Also doing a bit of a Buffy re-watch. Nice and comforting, I like very much. I can still quote many of the episodes and I know what's going to happen, but I love it all the same.

And Much Ado with [ profile] stolen_dreams next month! Shakespeare, Tate and Tennant all at once!


May. 27th, 2010 09:01 pm
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 Just sat watching Once More with Feeling for the first time in years. Housemates are out and I was bored of revision so it seemed like the thing to do!

Was watching it thinking about watching Buffy for the first time on TV, completely independent of fandom groups. I wasn't aloud (ETA: Oh dear... OK I never pick up other peoples grammar mistakes but aloud? *slaps own wrist* allowed, I'm sorry) to frequent the message boards and don't actually have a clue whether livejournal or equivalents were running, certainly they weren't on the scale they are now.

I was probably more obsessed with Buffy than I ever have been about any of my following fandoms. Buffy was the first show I ever really got into and even watching it now I can remember most of the lines before they are said, and can certainly recite the plot of any episode based on it's first few seconds (Me and my brother have the occasional competition when channel surfing if Buffy is on to see who gets the episode first). But the only contact I had with other Buffy fans was my brother (who never got into it as much), and IRL friend (but again, not quite the same obsession) and towards the end [ profile] _stolendreams_  (And it just took me three attempts to get your link right...), but then not purely for the purpose of Buffy discussion. And did that make the experience better or worse?

I don't know. Fandoms have so many good points. Constructive discussion (what could that mean, how might this change etc), some really good fan-fiction, picspams, speculation and the added information you get. But I think maybe that takes away from the enjoyment of the show. I liked never know what was coming next (actually having no clue as Buffy has no 'next week' bit) and working things out for myself.

Also, and this is what actually sparked this thought off, I can just imagine the amount of 'that just wasn't good enough' that would have come (did come?) after Once More with Feeling aired. It was cheesy and plot holey, but I just watched it. And didn't question it, put it all down to the God that is Joss Whedon. Would my enjoyment have been marred by reading about other peoples dislike and complaints? Probably.

Watching the new season of Doctor Who and I kind of get the feeling that fans have too much sense of entitlement. It should be done how I want it and it should be done now. And that doesn't go for everyone, obviously, but sometimes. I think sitting back and enjoying the ride was a better way of enjoying a show.


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