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This is very very exciting and rather unexpected! Knew it was possible thanks to viva but still did not expect! Think I might still be in shock... apparently just kind of stared at the wall with them on for a while until actually grinning, as I have been ever since.




May. 26th, 2011 03:31 pm
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 So, that's the degree done then!

It's weird... I'm not sure what I'm meant to do now. What did I do before I lived in the library trawling through papers? I'm sure I must have done something... 

Went for a drink with coursemates after we finished, but have spent the rest of the afternoon tidying my room. Building up the courage to go get the hoover and do the floor too, but I don't think that's been done in a while... Am off out for dinner with coursemates later too, yay!

Off to Tanzania in 4 months!
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 Funeral was yesterday. It was hard, but kind of nice in some ways too.

Grandma wanted us to bury her before the service, so we all drove down to the cemetery first to bury her with Grandad Charles. It's a beautiful church, up on top of a hill and if you look over the wall you actually can't see anything but green. I didn't even know that was possible in England. It was weird being back there, we used to take Grandma to visit Grandad Charles grave quite often when we were little but hadn't been there in about 10 years. And that was incredibly hard, but she was right about doing it that way round, it made it a lot easier when we then drove back to the church.

The service was lovely. The vicar knew her so it was very personal and she was very involved in the village. Very much a celebration of her life, and with the vicar calling out to people to add their little bits in. All the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren got up and we had to stand awkwardly at the front, which was weird, but quite nice to see us all together. Lots of jokes about the lack of television in their house growing up hence the large amounts of children (Grandma had one sister and Grandad Charles was an only child, but Dad is one of six).
Then the wake was outside on the church green. And it was really nice, just tea and cake and some sandwiches. But I think we only really ate the cake. All the little Great Grandchildren were being made to eat their sandwiches first, before eating the butterfly buns (we had to get our memories of Grandma together and I think every single one of us mentioned butterfly buns. And speaking to all my cousins I think the UK may be over run with them at the moment as we've all been making them over the past few weeks) except the younger of the Grandchildren (the ones without children of their own to set examples for) all ate our cakes first, which kind of put an end to that!
I had to leave early, which was a shame as I would have liked to be able to stay and talk with my cousins, but I had an exam this morning so had to get back. Was really odd leaving though, as all my family was staying, it felt strange walking round doing to goodbyes by myself. Normally I work out who to say goodbye to by following the parents, it's hard when you only see people once every couple of years to remember who you're supposed to know!

ETA - But arriving home to a package from [ profile] stolen_dreams complete with red lollipops was a definite boost :)
On the exam front I think they've gone OK but not great. One more to go then freedom!
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 New theme to the journal... although I'm not sure if I like it. Mostly triggered by a change in default icon (have a definite Ten thing going atm, I'm blaming revision, DVD's, Shakespeare and baby/wedding news) and it kinda clashed with the old theme. 

Guess what... exams done! Yay. Have just had a very nice evening with the 2 other girls who also finished today (most of our other friends still have one wednesday as they did a different module). Pub for tea drinking for me, cider for them, then to ours for pizza and DVD. Cool runnings which I'd never seen before but is an awesome film! Was really nice to have a non-alcoholic end of exams, as they will go out to celebrate with the others next week, but means I got to do a bit of catching up and relaxing too. We also have a big poster on our living room wall entitled 'Questions every good zoologist should be able to answer' with all the questions my housemates have asked over the past two years, which caused much amusement!

My plans for the week that probably aren't that interesting )
Mostly I'm looking forward to a week that doesn't involve pouring over notes and memorising studies. That's not really learning and throughly boring. Even dissertation writing seems like a good break from it, as at least that has something to show at the end of it!
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 Blah blah blah haven't done a life post in ages and have exams so procrastinating!

Still working at a school in Southampton as teaching assistant. Or more often crowd control... Although I have had a few good days when working on the upper site, especially working with the year 11's on their coursework. Today however was hellish. Supply teacher so I guess you can work out how well behaved the kids were! It's so frustrating, they really don't care and just want to spend all there time doing anything but working!

Riding has been frustrating recently too. Lots of jumping but for some reason I seem to have got it into my head that I can't do it (unless I'm riding Toby). And I know the rest of my lesson want to do it and I'm holding them back, but I'm just not comfortable with it and its getting to the point that I think I can't ride. Am going to spend the day at the yard on Wednesday though, with free reign to ride the ponies (and possibly the horses too...) so see how it goes!

Preparations for Belize pretty much sorted. Just got to order malaria tablets this week and book hotel at the airport and we'll be good to go. Can't wait, exams always give the hugest itchy feet!

Conservation is finished for the year now, except for the resi after exams. Don't think I did too much wrong in my first term of in-charge-ness so hopefully all will run smoothly next year too. Having said that me and the treasurer did spend ages going through the budget form yesterday and getting nowhere, so we'll see!
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OK, I did it again. Boredom set in and I typed Torchwood into the search bar... damn exam procrastination!

Seriously? Still not over this? May I introduce you to Mr Joss Whedon? He kills everyone. Espcially if you love them. He is awesome. Get over it! 

In other news... revision? Oh, riding too, which was all kinds of awesome. Mr Toby who is a napping will never work ever ever pony actually went round and tracked up for me! Cue Sally's jaw to drop and Kayla to smile muchusly.

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Brain mush...

6 days to go!
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Exam time!

But actually everything appears to be going pretty well. My exams are really nicely spread out, with one exam this friday then nothing till the 8th of june. This does mean that I am here for quite a while as people start to move off home, but hey, it gives me more revision time (most people finish this week, I've not even started)

Have been forcing routine on myself. And its working really well. Including setting my alarm for 8 am every morning for the past week and a half, which was creul to begin with (although I did used to get up at 7.15 every weekday morning, so I don't quite know what I'm complaining about!!) but actually quite nice to be up before everyone. And in bed by 10, laying down to sleep by 11, meaning 8am alarms are after 9 hours sleep, which is more than enough. Set myself revision timetable which helps me immencsely. I think becuase I can tick off when I've done the revision, so I can see what I've done, rather than just being time that doesn;t actually produce anything (other than good exam grades!) Am happy with the majority of my ecology stuff (the exam on friday) and have even managed to memorize some studies and examples, along with a few latin names!

It is a very lonely time to be at Uni though. Everything stops. No conservation tasks or socials, haven't even been out with firends as they are all busy studying. Which I am too, obivously, but as I am revising by 8.30 most days, I feel I can stop by about 7pm. If only everyone else worked on the same clock! Majority of flat have all there exams this week too, meaning its a stressful place to be, and for some reason prompting my neighbour to turn his music up louder than it has been all year, that I don't really understand, but hey. Do hwever have riding still! Yay! So thats some release at least.

Am considering doing friendly leagues next year too. I had a lesson with the beginners last week and was talking to one of the girls there. She has musculr dystrophy and previous to uni had ridden with the RDA. For about 10 years. And she has this thing that she can't do anything. She refuses to canter, even though she is perfectly cabable. We got her jumping last week and she didn't stop ravig about it on the way home, but spent the entire lesson saying it was never going to happen. And it kinda made me think I do the same thing. I can jump 2'6" I've done it before, and really ,worst case senerio, i fall off and feel like and idiot. They're the friendly leagues, nothing at stake, so why the hell not? Was also talking to the girl that now runs them (also called Michaela...) who had never jumped a horse before, and just gave it a go this year. At least I;ve done more than that!!

Lewis is filling in his application form for the fire service. Don't ask where that came from, we don't know either, but hey. Never can tell with lewis whether he'll get it or not. But he was having a bit of a mission filling in his form, as he doesn't do anything. I mean, marital arts for the past couple of years, but he never did Duke of Edinbrough, or volunteered, or mentored or any life experience thing. So he's stuck saying the same thing over and over, 'I was at school and...' 'I was doing martial arts and...' but if he gets to interveiw stage he'll prob go stright through it, he normally does!

Also spent today trying to get my TB test sorted. Its a mission, they don't seem to beleive me that I need one, keep telling me I;ve had my BCG so I don't have TB. I know I don't have TB, but I have to prove it! Grrrr.
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Dollhouse renewed, YAY!

Other than that... ummmm?

Drowning in revision. Ended up writing revision time table so i actually do some work. I'm fine once I get going, but its that initial sit down for the first hour that I struggle with. But I'm not doing too badly, and although some of it I'm like 'wow, I had no idea' the majority i know already, which is always good!

Unfortunatly with it being exam time everything else is being put on hold. No more conservation till the resi after exams, no more organised socials, although I'd imagine we'll be out at least once or twice before exams finish! Riding is carrying on, thankfully! But I do think I may go mad before I'm finished. Just sitting here working does not make for the most fun in the world.

Not too long now till South Africa again, which is exciting! I can't wait to get back there.

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Exam results today. 73.75%! Woot. (70% = first) And aren't you impressed how not nervous i was! I acutally wasn't until I stepped into my tutors office, not even when I was killing time before I could go get them!

Still not entirely sure what I'm feeling. Arthur was a great guy and a great personality, even if we differed greatly in opinion. I find it hard to imagine the foundation without him and his 'morning morning' and tie round his head. Trying to work out how to give the monekys the right treatment, while making sure he didn't go over board. Driving him round and round letstelie (wow I can't spell that anymore) to get parts for the car, construction parts and I think just so he could go visiting, while elaving me sat in the car, but always being given a cold can of coke or something on the way home, like I was a small child being given a treat for being good. And the spontaneous hug and confusion that I was leaving, not staying as a long termer, and being made to promise to return when I climbed out of the Kombi to say goodbye on my last day, already with tears streaming down my face.

Hmmm. I don't know. I'm not sad particually... or well, I am, obivously, but not so that its affecting me overly, its just kind of making me think alot...
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AGH!!! I'm going back! I'm going to stay in that beatiful hostel in Jo'burg, going to take that hellish bus journey across South Africa and I'm going back! I'm going to see those beautiful amazing monkeys again and meet all those wonderful people, and lots of new ones. I'm going to look forward to sniztel night and and I want to go now!!!!!!!!!!!! To sleep in leaky leaky tents and grumble about food and get covered in monkey poo and spend hours and hours driving back and forth collecting water and showering in under a minute and ohhhhh, I'm so excited!

*dances round room in a manic waving fashion nearly but not quite knocking things over*

OK... exam went ok this morning, more confident about yesturdays but I got the essay I wanted again! One more to go!
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First exam this morning went really well. The multiple choice wasn't impossible (They have a habit of being so incredibley specific that you just have to hope to luck out and get something you remember perfectly) and the essay question they asked was the one I wanted. Plus I had a really long time for the essay, as the multiple chioce didn't take as long as I thought, which was good as I could think and do it slowly.

Got the results from the percertion test last week too. 64%. 6% lower than I should be getting (70% is a first) but still well above the grade needed to pass, and its only worth 10% of one module, 1.25% of the year, so that 6% actually becomes... 0.06%? or 0.6%? Either way a tiny amount that will have no effect by the end of the year. (Its must be closer to 0.06% actually.... there we go, 0.075%. Tiny was what I was getting at!)

Paid the deposit for conservation school! Ack, makes me want to go now. Read over my travelling blog last night too, so I dreamt of VMF all night. It was very dissapointing to wake up to my alarm not telling me to go monitoring, but to go take an exam! Ah well, if all goes to plan I'll be back there in...22 weeks! (Although how I am going to manage to leave again I don't know... I've booked the school afterwards in the hope that I'll get excited over that instead!)
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Bored of revising. Humph.

BUT I went food shopping yesturday and there was a new shop selling nuts and dried friut and now I have honey roasted peanuts and raw almonds and dolly mixtures (which obivously aren't from the fruit and nut shop but are tasty and add nice colour to lunch!)

Yes, I am easily cheered up. Plus riding this afternoon too!
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OK? Dyslexia not real? Ummmm? Where the hell did that come from? I can tell you pretty definatly that is does exist. It is not just lazy teaching (although making me sit in the corner with a book tracing the letters is prehaps not the best way to teach, espcially when everyone else got to read!) Letters don't make sence, they get confused and in the wrong order. I pretty much have it under control, but at the end of a shift I always used to get my numbers confused at work, £9.35 instead of £3.95 etc.

And dyslexics are not illetrate. I could read before i went to school. Although admittedly i skim the sentances as a whole rather than read everyword, but I can read! And I can write quite well too, construct a sentance. So 100% literacy rates = no dyslexia not quite right. 100% literacy rates = good managemtn and teaching, and a damn lot of hard work on the side of the dyslexics. Stupid ignorant MP people. Humph!

Exam this morning. Done on paper as the server is still down. Semester finals next week will also be done on paper! Meaning we are going to be waiting forever to get our results. But at least we will acutally be able to take them! Not entirely sure how it went today. I'm fairly sure I didn't fuck up completely but I had to guess alot more than I did on the last one. I'm averaging 81% atm though, and this was worth... 10% of 1 module so ... LOL, 1.25% of total grade for year. Hardly seems worth actually doing in that case... definatly not worth worrying about!

Booked train ticket home, leaving on thursdday, back on Monday (possibly via day with bexy in oxford) Which should be nice. Then house hunting (how scary!) when I get back. Now I feel like a real grown up! Tried again to book south afrcia and still can't get through. I've e-mailed checking the number and they've called me but I was in said exam, but I've called maybe 10 times now, left 10 messages and nothing. Grrr its a pain. Really like to book a place pretty please!

Been playing around trying to write fanfiction buts its not working. Well, it is in that its distracting me from work but the actual writing is not going well. Oh, and Bentoing! I may have acutally fallen in love with it. Its a Japanese thing aparently and involves packed lunch, but it has to be colourful and well organised and healthy. I think its meant to have 5 differant colours and 5 differant cooking techniques but I never manage that far. Some are  real works of art and def make lunch more fun. Yesturday I made a monster! (Shhh, grown up really!!) Am trying to resist the urge to by a cute bento box...

I also made the nicest soy sauce chicken for dinner tonight. Esp considering i don't have half of whats meant to go in it so ended up with soy, seasme oil, brown sugar, ground coriander and garlic. But it was good!
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So much revision. Not amazingly interesing but I am finding it is just going over things. All the major concepts I've got, its just the fiddley bits. Which definatly rocks. (Not that its stopping me worrying a little... but only a little!) Exam on wednesday, but its not an end of module exam, just a 'the system keeps crashing so we need to cancel the test again' exam. Which is good at least. Thinking of going home for a few days after my last exam, but I don't know. It would make most sence to go over the weekend, but thats when i actually have things I;d miss doing, riding and conservation, so i dunno.

Oh, speaking of, I went to the other riding stables this week. I think it was better than Pickmead, but that may just be because i liked the horse. Theres no riding at pickmead again this week so I'm going back. It could be a little more awarkward going on a saturday and if anyone ever gets round to employing me it won't work, but atm I think I'm going keep going. Plus hopefully they'll actually get some hacks going out this term so that could be fun!

Had a dream about Merlin the other night. (The horse, not the show) Don't know where it came from. They were making me decide to put him down. Which I think must have had something to do with Taz, coz i had no say in the decisiong to put Merlin down, he went blind. But it kinda shook me alot more than I would have expected. I was so upset when we had to do it, but I thought I;d got over it. I've talked about him with Jenny without it upsetting me. It was really bizzare.

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Finished Torchwood series one yeaturday. Liked it as a whole, I think its a bit strange watching it on DVD coz you kinda lose the time scale (yes, I know I could just watch one a week, but whos that restrained??) I like Ianto muchly, he makes me smile. Esp 'Theres lots of things you can do with a stopwatch' *squees slightly* And the plane from 1940's ep rocked muchusly.

But what was with that last ep? Did they just suddenly realise it was the end of the season and they still had things to put in? Oh no, we forgot the plague, random people falling into cardiff, alien spaceships, big kinda badly done CGI monsters, mass deaths, we didn't piss Gwen off enough, oh, or maybe actually kill Jack, and no ones been fired or been visited by ghosts from their pasts. Ack, and The Doctor! We only have and hour? Quick, all at once!? That was odd...

Nearly booked my conservation bit of summer! Exciting! Going to the school, if i can get there from Tzaneen... which i should be able too... I hope!

Spent the entire of today revising. it is a little boring but hey... never mind.

Also acutally built up the corage to check with Amy that we are indeed sharing a house next year. Which is dumb, coz shes very nice so if not shes hardly going to yell at me, but it was still a little daunting!!

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*yawns* I shouldn't be tired yet! its right the begining of term.

Although, just got my timetable for exams... I have 2 weeks for all my exams. I have them all mon, tues, weds of the first week. I may go home again for the next week and a half, coz i will have nothing to do until the new semester starts! How frustrating!

Skiing was great fun. Although lewis spent the whole holiday sulking ocz he missed his girlfriend and only actually came out for 2 mornings. But me and mum had fun skiing! It snowed lots on new years eve and was then bright sunshine for the next 2 days will lovely fresh snow, which rocked. And I only fell over of my own accord once, and did it in the biggest pile of fresh snow so it was like falling on a big cushion. I also got taken out by another skier but someone how didn't get hurt, which is always good! 

Back in Southampton now. I do like being home but independance is nice too! And I have torchwood! Woot! Lectures start tomorrow, but I've only got one full week, then one kinda half week, before exams and more time off! 
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There are workmen people in my bathroom. I was still in bed... tad embarasing, I need a shower.

Am also a little concerned at 'I have a leak!' and 'What does this bit do?' Hmmmmm. Hopefully i will still have a bothroom when they've finished!!

Exam on tuesday. 72% which i am slowly convincing my perfectionist brain is fine as still like, twice above a pass! Still waiting on my results for marwell key, he sadi a week, 3 weeks later. Although we have been promised them for monday... maybe!

I'm sleepy! I was looking forward to my lie in. Think I'm gouing to have to go into town this afternoon, i need asda things that i don't think tesco express have... although they do have more than you would think so heres hoping! Presentation today too.

Yay, they're finished... shower time!!!!!

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Riding lesson today rocked! I know, I was all compliainy last week, but due ot mix up of bookings I ended up riding at the same place again, only in the intermediate lesson rather than the advanced. Which you really would have thought would have been worse. If all you do is trot circles in the advanced what could you do in a lower class? It was so much better. We did lots of really good working excercises. Circles and rein changes and transitions and she spoke to us and asked us questions and got us thinking too. She told us what we did wrong and when we did it right and I actually felt like I'd acheived something when i'd finished. We still only got canter round the outside of the school but she was giving instructiosn the whole time, adjusting it bit by bit, hands higher, heels down, half halt etc, which was really good. And we did a bit of lateral work, which i have never really got to do before and she explained canter as a gait and had us watching the legs while we were cantering. I was really impressed, its still a differant style of teaching but it is teaching. And then we had to watch the advanced lesson coz we had to give a couple of them a lift home, and there lesson was the same as last week. I don't understand particually but hopefully I can ontinue to ride in the intermediate but more complicated ride... if that makes sence, hopefully it will be the same next week basically.

Got 82% in my exam yesturday! Woot, go me. Strangely, although I have been given the results (they're computor genreated) the course head seems to think i haven;t taken the test. I personally think that getting 82% if i hadn't taken the test is quite impressive, but he e-mailed me to say i needed to organise a time to make it up, and when i e-mailed back saying i'd taken it and got 82% he got v confused coz as far as he could see I hadn't... hopefully it will sort itself out though!

Trying to do a 7 minute presentation on animal behaviour atm. Which i'm sure shouldn't be as complicated as i'm making out. So far I have 3.5 minutes. So I'm halfway there!!


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