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We had the blood donor people come to the church round the corner today, so I booked myself an appointments and went along to give my blood.

First I had to fill in a form they sent me via post, all was going well until we reached the traverl history bit

  • Have you been out of the country in the last 12 months? yes
  • Have you left the country since then? yes
  • Have you remained outside of the country for longer than 6 months at a time? yes
  • Have you left the country since then? yes
  • Have you spent a period of 4 weeks or longer in an area with high HIV levels? yes
  • Have you spent a period of 4 weeks or longer in South America? yes

Ok, so may have some issues... but its fine, I'll go along anyways. So i eat my lunch and find all my things and off I go, run into Harrison on my way out, who seems to think I'm very strange for going to give blood anyways, which i don't really understand...

So I get there and its full of people and I wait in line and give them my name and sit down to read the fun fun info they give you. Then the nice nurse asks me to come with her and we go sit down to talk about my form. 'So where have you been in the last 12 months?' Quick thinking on my part to work out where I was this time last year... OK, Oz, China, Mongolia, Russia and Europe... Wide eyes from nurse: 'Just give me a minute' and off she goes to find a more knowledgeable nurse... I assume.

New nurse: 'Where did you go in China?
Me: 'Shanghai and Beijing'
New Nurse: 'Staying in?'
Me: 'House, hotel and train'
Nurse: 'Train?'
Me: 'Trans-siberian railway'
Nurse: *wide eyes* 'OK, and where in Mongolia?'
Me: 'Ummm, few days in Ulaan Baatar, few days in the moutains somewhere, then travelling up to Russia'
Nurse: 'Where did you stay?'
Me: 'Hotel. Ger and train'
Nurse: 'Ger?'
Me: 'Like a tent'
Nurse: 'OK, I'll go check'

Back to the orginal nurse:

'Where have you stayed for 6mohts + outside the UK?'
Me: 'South Africa, plus the others'
Nurse: 'Where in South Africa?'
Me: 'Up by Kruger, Limpopo provence'
Nurse: 'Staying in?'
Me: 'Tent'
Nurse: 'OK, I'll just go let her know' *wanders off to find the other nurse*

Nurse: 'Where in South America did you go?'
Me: 'Venezuela'
Nurse: *more wide eyes*
Me; 'Tents, hiking, all over' Laughing by this point.
Nurse: 'OK, we'll just go find out...'

Leaving me sitting for AGES for them to work out where I'd been. But they still let me give blood, just look needed to do more tests of something... But I went and sat and waited to be called to give blood. Then I go and lie on the funny beds with my arm up and the blood donor man starts poking my arm... and poking my arm... and poking my arm....

Then he has to go get another nurse... and she wiggles the needle and pokes me some more. Looking kinda confused and getting a little bit of blood but not much...

Then she starts to explain about valves in veins and that they must have tripped one that now won't open... so they get rid of the needle, clean me up and tell me to some back in 4 months... having given maybe 5ml of blood... lol.

So I come home with a sore arm and no 'I did somthing good feeling' althouhg mildly amused and... my arm won't stop bleeding! I've had to replace the 3 plasters so far... why it couldn't bleed when i was attached to the bag I dont know!

So that was my adventures in blood donation, not entirely successful but hey, I'll just have to try again when i get back in autumn!


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