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Continuing in the Shakespeare theme of late I took Mum to see Hamlet on Saturday for her birthday. Her birthday was actually in May, but I wanted to take her to a show I know she knew, so we didn't go until now. Also given that my Grandma's funeral actually fell on Mum's birthday it was good to be able to celebrate again and properly.

Spent the day wandering round London on my own with my now fixed camera. Lots of fun and I felt very much the tourist. Visited Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and St James Park. Got some pretty good photos too that I will share should my laptop stop being stupid and actually let me download them from my camera.

Met Mum outside the Globe and went for a posh dinner at the Swan (the resuarant attached to the Globe) very tasty and dessert was by far the biggest portion, as I think it always should be!

Our seats weren't great, but I knew Mum wouldn't want to stand for the performance and my budget would only stretch to the cheap seats. We were to the left of the stage, slightly angled behind the actors. Not too much of a problem, but it did mean that they were often hidden behind the pillars in the middle of the stage.

The performance itself was very well done, particularly Hamlet and Ophelia. I've never seen Hamlet on stage, only the BBC production on a few Christmases ago. This was different first in that it was in period dress, and that it felt a lot more dramatic. Not over acted, but Hamlet was played much more, I almost want to say loudly? While Tennants speeches felt like he was talking to himself, this was proclaimed for the world to hear. Which works beautifully in the Globe, especially with the audience standing below. It was also surprisingly funny for a tradegy, which I hadn't really realised before.

The Globe always makes Shakespeare feel more accessible (in fact that's exactly what Mum said to me as we were leaving), this production did so more than Macbeth which I saw there last year. Which is particularly surprising as I didn't know the story of Hamlet, while I studied Macbeth and generally consider it to be my favourite of Shakespeares plays. It was big on the physicality of it all, so even if you're not understanding all of the words (which I never do!), you can still understand. In fact we shared a booth with an American family with children who must have been no older than 12, and they seemed to grasp it just fine.
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 Back home in Southampton after a week with the parents. Week was nice but it's always good to be home and back to independence. 

Spent this week training for my job with the City Council, surveying Great Crested Newts on Southampton Common. Unfortunately our training was done by a botanist who seemed to think his book was the most important thing in the world, and therefore at least 4 hours of the 2 days was spent IDing plants using his books. Which is fine, if that's what you need to do, but really not relevant and, umm, zoologist, so anything more complex than 'leaf' or 'stem' is going to mean nothing to me. Very dull 2 days.

Meeting with supervisor next Monday though, so hopefully we will then get going on Tuesday, at least setting out the refugia. As we still need GPS and the refugia however it might take a little longer. Actual surveying has to take place around dawn, so starting at 4.30am this time of year, so my sleep patterns are going to be all screwy for the rest of the summer.
In town today looking for another part time job to go along with newts, got to be the most depressing thing, especially as I don't actually want any of the jobs I'm applying for (and there's not that many jobs about anyway!). But grit my teeth and I'm sure I can cope for three months. Plus money would be good, as payment from newts only barely covers rent and food (I have savings so it's not vital, but would rather not be using them!).
No internet at home, so have been sat in a cafe for 3 hours, trying to remember everything I need to do online before I go home. Hoping I've remembered it all!
Tumblr has also made me all nostalgic for Harry Potter now. Damn all the books being at my parents. I haven't even seen most of the films, but suddenly I want to go and watch them all.

Off to London tomorrow to see Hamlet at the Globe with Mum. Can't wait, Mr Tennant has stuck me on a bit of a Shakespeare kick at the moment!
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Last night saw me and [ profile] _stolendreams_  heading off to London to see the wonderful Mr Tennant and Mrs Tate in Much Ado About Nothing. By some miracle we also managed to do this (and have dinner) without getting lost ([ profile] _stolendreams_ I'm assuming you didn't get lost on the way home?)

Short version... It was good. Long version under here. )


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