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So I was having a wander around the fandom of Torchwood, not a place I frequent often, but hey, I thought I'd take a look. And it was good for a laugh!

I was quite happily looking through pictures and fan fic and random other posts. THEN I come across a post relating to the death of Ianto. Now I'd heard rumours that people weren't pleased that he died. But this is what... 4 months down the line? And you know, he was fictional. Yet there it was, a post with many many comments, discussing how to 'deal' with the death of Ianto / living in the land of denial.

I'm also spending quite alot of time wandering through the boyzone board atm, a fandom (does that word still work for a band??) that is actually mourning the death of an actual real life person. And the posts relating to the death of Stephen are scarily simular to the one mourning Ianto. With the one exception, people are trying to move on and remember him (remember, real life person, not some guys invention) and being supportive and nice, espcially about the people he was close to. (Having siad that I think mods are on high 'Only nice things about Stephen' alert, but still, not one argument yet!)

It just made me giggle. And realise that Boyzone fans, while lacking majorily in the coolness factor, are much nicer.

On another unrelated note I am also having an attempt at Twittering... maybe. With the aim of keeping up more with fandoms (and because I am haivng major 'return to boyzone' thing atm and that seems to be where the fans are...) So wish me luck


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