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 Guh. They were amazing. Lots of laughing, a little bit of crying and lots and lots of awesome vocals!

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Feb. 26th, 2011 10:56 am
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I'm going to see Boyzone this evening! *dances round the room* I think I must be quite excited... I was wide awake at 6.30 this morning... Oh I'm such a geek... (it's OK, I'm still in bed, just awake... watching lots of Boyzone on youtube...)

I'm also a little bit nervous... and quite expecting them to make me cry... but Boyzone :D
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Long explanation of my life, probably quite boring, but never mind! Cut for length )
Wow, that kind of turned into an essay! Time at the moment is filled with uni work (or procrastinating), riding, conservation and far too much boyzone/ronan listening too. New boyzone album is amazing (and didn't make me cry!) and Ro's show this week was equally so (but did make me cry). Just looking forward to Easter, and having at least one week at home in which no work is too be done! 
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These are just some icons advertising the release date for Boyzones new single, Gave it all away. The song is the last one to have Steven Gateleys voice on it, and as such we would obviously like it to go to number one in his memory. Feel free to take for your own use and to re-post if you like. Credit is lovely but if it gets forgotten I'm not going to be overly bothered! For use on any board you like also. And any requests along the same theme will be considered, although i can't promise anything.


Follow thw link to flickr for 45 more
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So I was having a wander around the fandom of Torchwood, not a place I frequent often, but hey, I thought I'd take a look. And it was good for a laugh!

I was quite happily looking through pictures and fan fic and random other posts. THEN I come across a post relating to the death of Ianto. Now I'd heard rumours that people weren't pleased that he died. But this is what... 4 months down the line? And you know, he was fictional. Yet there it was, a post with many many comments, discussing how to 'deal' with the death of Ianto / living in the land of denial.

I'm also spending quite alot of time wandering through the boyzone board atm, a fandom (does that word still work for a band??) that is actually mourning the death of an actual real life person. And the posts relating to the death of Stephen are scarily simular to the one mourning Ianto. With the one exception, people are trying to move on and remember him (remember, real life person, not some guys invention) and being supportive and nice, espcially about the people he was close to. (Having siad that I think mods are on high 'Only nice things about Stephen' alert, but still, not one argument yet!)

It just made me giggle. And realise that Boyzone fans, while lacking majorily in the coolness factor, are much nicer.

On another unrelated note I am also having an attempt at Twittering... maybe. With the aim of keeping up more with fandoms (and because I am haivng major 'return to boyzone' thing atm and that seems to be where the fans are...) So wish me luck
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RIP Stephen Gately.

He made up a large part of my childhood (I may have been slightly Boyzone obcessed, shhhh) it's wierd to think of them without him. And 33 is far too young... hmmmmmmm

I do wish everyone would stop second guessing why he died though... It doesn't nessecarily dictate how he lived, and the sun newspaper? Not known for being particularly reliable!!

Anyway, happier things:

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Considering I've done nothing all week i seem to have done quite alot. Not entirely sure how that happened.

Spent Saturday girly shopping with mum. Well, she did girl shopping, I did mosquito repellent and long sleeved shirt shopping, but we had grily lunch, so that counts right? As usual it was great fun (shopping on mums credit card is always fun!!) but by the time we got home we were kinda bored of each others company!

Sunday I cooked an AMAZING meal for the family. It was kinda 'Happy birthday (x2) and happy fathers day' meal as I'm never home for any of them. I did french onion soup which family seemed to like but I found too sweet. The most amazing pie you've ever seen for Lewis and Dad, I was fully expecting it all to go wrong and end up with a pile of mush on a plate, esp as I've never actually cooked pie before, but by some miricale it all worked! Me and mum had baked avacardo and posh salad, which was just as tasty but much easier. Then we had the worlds most chocolate-ist pudding, which was meant to be for 4 people, but we are still eating now...

Boyzone on Monday!

They were very good in an entertaining kind of way. Lots of dancing and big showy-ness. Fireworks and flying and dancers whose legs were far too long. They did a Queen medly which was very good but made Mum giggle hysterically just at the idea. Lots of costume changes which... they didn't really need. They could have just kept singing, really, it would have been fine in the same clothes. Ronan did 'Time after time' which was really good. Also while playing the guitar, which is apparently a new skill and ummmm... is limited to very few chords atm... but he gets points for learning! We got Mikey on guitar and Keith on drums at differant points too. They did quite a mix of songs, mainly just the singles, Stephen did some random song whose title and artist are escaping me right now... Stephen did also at one point lose and manage to bend his ear piece as he was meant to be doing a link, which for some reason led to breaking down into embarassed giggles and therefore let the rest of the boys bully him for the rest of the show.

I did have one small bones to pick though. They did a whole, quite long, section with the dancer dressed in revealing military uniforms holding rifles. Which would have pissed me off, but is very forgivable, but then they decided that it would be a good idea to sing 'when the going gets tough' while dancing with dancers and dressed in military uniform. So now we have comic relief song, plus guns in a very 'guns are fun' way, rather than a 'guns are bad' way. Which would have been excusable if they were teenagers and didn't know any better and at the mercy of their producers, but they have all faught for 'causes' and are grown ups now... so they sure as hell should know better. Kinda dissappointed me.
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DNA and protein are boring.

I'm a little concerned my weeks shopping only cost me £7 and I can't work out what I've forgotten... I think I'm going to get half way through the week and have no food left... hmmm.

Just watched Boyzone's new video. The song is pretty good, but middle of the road I feel. BUT I am muchly liking Stephen being paired with a guy rather than girl in the video. Actually makes far more sence and its not jump about shouty 'I'm gay, I'm gay, I'm gay' kinda way. Good work!

Obivously nothing interesting has actually happened since last night but I am procrastinating (which I'm sure doesn't have that many letters in it...) The flat has been strangely quiet today, Not only have I not seen anyone but I haven't heard anyone either. I thought 5 of us were in this weekend, but either everyone got up and went out in the hour in which i was shopping, everyone is still in bed, or theres actually no one in...

First chek for VMF book came. £53 paid as soon as i get the bank details through. Also sent e-mail asking how much it will cost for next summer, woot!!

OK, OK, I'm going...
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*dances round room* Guess who's going to see Boyzone in June? Bet you can't guess... well Ok maybe you can. I feel like I'm about 10. I'm sure I must be too grown up to get quite this excited... but mum's going to, and she's even more grown up right? right? I can be forgiven. Hehe, I'm so excited...

And mum is doing this wonderful amazing thing with the kids from her school. They're taking them to a farm for a week. Which might seem really simple and not all that exciting. But these kids never leave the estate. They will have never been to a real farm, except the once they're taken with school. They have a tough upbringing, and will just love it so much. They have very little, and most come from broken families. And they're going to take them to a farm for a week. And they get to do all the farm work, not just watch but muck out the horses and feed the lambs and collect the eggs and pick the veg and help with the cooking and preparing of real meals. Which its unlikely most of them will have ever really eaten. They're going to be so amazed and excited. I wanna go just to watch them!



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