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 Haven't done a general life post in ages!

Pretty much spending all of my time in Southampton now, parents are trying to sell the house in MK so pretty soon this will be my only home, although I'm sure they'll still have me to visit. Trip back over Easter will involve lots of throwing stuff out, and probably require a car to bring back the remainder of my stuff. As I never spend any time there anyway its really not a big deal, and the house parents are looking to move into is amazing and very beautiful (listed building!).

Brothers psyco ex-girlfriend had stopped calling, until valentines day came around... then she started calling again apparently. He is well a truly shot of her though, so hopefully she will get bored again shortly.

Uni is hard, obviously. Did OK in my exams, got 65%, so well into 2.1. But disappointed with my Pollution mark, as I thought that exam went well. Struggling at the moment with Paleobiology paper we have to write. 33% of the mark so a fair chunk but we have not yet had any lectures on it. And its not supposed to be a literature heavy piece, which is difficult when you are writing on a subject you don't know well. But then there is also very little literature specific to our area of study either. All means its different to write than our normal papers and causing a bit of a headache. Have over Easter to do it though, so hopefully a few full days solid work will sort it out!

Grandma Evelyn (Dad's side) isn't doing too well at the moment. She's been ill a while and our family being our family everyone's just arguing between themselves and not listening to what she has to say. She's always been very independent and, although always been old, never wanted or needed anyone to care for her. That's something I think she's struggling with the most. Dad is looking into the help she can get, including care homes if that's what she needs. To be honest I think that that might be the best option for her, as at least that way she will still be surrounded by people, which she has always loved!

Conservation is great fun, we even had sun last week. I take over as president after Easter, which is slightly scary but I am looking forward to it. Current president went through it all with me today, here's hoping it remains such a cool society (or rather not cool, but therefore cool...?)

Riding is amazing. We're so lucky to have such wonderful horses to ride. Have been doing a lot of work with Toby (a naughty little pony who needs to learn some manners) and he's come on such a long way. We have been in a rut for s few weeks though, but one of the other girls got on him and really enjoyed him too, so hopefully between us he will carry one improving. Sally let me ride one of her horses the other week too, which was amazing. 16hh show jumper, looks absolutely amazing. I could only ride her because she had been worked all week, so she wasn't too fresh, as otherwise she tend to stand vertical! Can't say I got the most out of her but it was so good to have such a good and responsive horse underneath me. So much power! Was also given another project last week, in the form of Poppy. She is a gorgeous bright chestnut with so much character. Has been out of work for a while so is out of shape, but tries so hard. Big change from Toby who naps all the time to have something that tries so hard. Am going to have to share her though, as she's around 14.2hh, so big enough for the others to ride. And there are much better riders in my lesson! But I don't think they liked riding her quite so much, so maybe!

Belize this summer! Actually cannot wait! Will be out there for 2 1/2 months collecting data on Jaguars and Pumas for our dissertations as well as to aid there full data collection. Going to be so much work but completely worth it I think! Going with 10 other people, which is going to make life interesting, there's a reason I travel alone! And not all of them have travelling experience, but it will hopefully be nice to have other people around me. And they are all very nice... just as long as I don't get bored of them...

Wow, that kind of turned into an essay! Time at the moment is filled with uni work (or procrastinating), riding, conservation and far too much boyzone/ronan listening too. New boyzone album is amazing (and didn't make me cry!) and Ro's show this week was equally so (but did make me cry). Just looking forward to Easter, and having at least one week at home in which no work is too be done! 


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