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Been in the new house for 2 weeks now. Feeling settled in, although I don't think it is going to feel like mine as I'm just staying 3 months. Still no internet, which is rather annoying as the small amount of work I do have relies on it (and, well, I like it!), but the guys I'm living with don't seem in much of a rush to sort it, and as I'm not around for long I don't feel like I can just do it. Just means I'm spending a lot of time in the library or various cafes in town. Which I do kind of like, but when you just need to check what time you're working in the morning it's a tad annoying. And with our council workers STILL on strike (or mostly on strike, I'm not entirely sure what's going on) the public libraries are not the most reliable places atm.

Newt work, the whole reason I'm hanging around for three months, is not really going anywhere. As is always the case with field work we are waiting on equipment. Which, when I'm in the middle of no where I can forgive, when I'm in Southampton and said equipment is sheets of wood, not so much. I'd go get them myself except their barely paying us as it is so really no room in budget for buying of wood as well. Have been doing research for the time being though, and we know where the refugia is going and such. Just need the actual refugia and we'll be off. Absolutely have to have them by next Monday though, otherwise we are going to run out of time to run the project before I leave for Tanzania.
Have been doing outreach work alongside the lack of newt work, which is good as it pays me. And not too boring either, but will dry up after this week, given that the schools break up.
Went riding on Saturday on a ridiculous pony. To start with she is tiny, no more than 12hh (120cm) so really tiny. Which is OK, so am I, but still. But we were jumping, so normally, nice collected canter would be good. Nope, this tiny little thing runs at them flat out, but she can jump. I have no clue how, we were doing 2'6", but I had her owner on the edge telling me just to let her do it. And she did, bless her. Also, and the real reason I was riding her, had a nice bronc session to start the lesson. She's been being ridden by the kids and had learnt a few bad habits when they ask her to work. But again, tiny, so I wasn't going anywhere, just providing entertainment for everyone watching. Ache so much now though, from clamping my legs round her sticking to the saddle. Might have found my project for the summer!
Graduating next week. Parents, Grandparents and brother all coming down, which will be good. Off out to dinner the night before, to the Olive Garden, which sounds good although I've never been (bit outside the student budget!). Bit worried about Grandad as he hasn't been well and I know he really won't speak up if he's not feeling well on my graduation. I'm the only Grandchild to attend (my cousin went to Uni but was disappointed with his grade so didn't go) and it's been paid for by my Grandparents (I know, I'm amazingly lucky), so it's a big deal for them. 
And quick note on Torchwood. I like the concept, wasn't overly blown away the show, but it was good enough, no real complaints more substantial than there being perhaps a few to many guns.
Oh, AND, just booked flights to Tanzania!
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This is very very exciting and rather unexpected! Knew it was possible thanks to viva but still did not expect! Think I might still be in shock... apparently just kind of stared at the wall with them on for a while until actually grinning, as I have been ever since.


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Yesterday was conspiring to make me feel old:

 Me: So how old do you think is too old to go to University?
Student 1: Really old
Me: OK, can anyone take a guess at a number?
Student 2: 21
Me: ?!
Student: My Mum brought me all the Harry Potter books.
Me: That was nice of her, we had to wait for JK Rowling to finish writing in between reading them.
Student: That was AGES ago!
Me: ?!
Reading a journal online:
"So I thought I'd give watching Buffy a go, then all of a sudden Seeley Booth pops up on screen"
Me: Angel! Definitely Angel first!
I did then rectify the situation by watching 'The Eleventh Hour' and 'The Beast Below', followed by Castle. Speaking of, is it worth persisting with? The first ep was OK, but not brilliant, and opinions?

Grad Ball

Jun. 9th, 2011 02:43 pm
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We had our Grad ball last night. It was so much fun. Kind of like a cross between a ball, a concert and a fairground, with 3000 people. It was awesome and a little bit random.

We went out to dinner first, to a restaurant filled with other people off to the ball, so it was manically busy. There was a table of little old ladies in the corner too, who I felt quite sorry for! It was nice to sit and talk to everyone in the relative quiet before heading off to the ball, and where we knew we weren't going to lose anyone! 

The Ball itself was held in one of the cruise terminals, which was a little odd. There were signs everywhere for baggage reclaim and customs notices and things. But they had decorated it really nicely. Strangely enough with space invader neon inflatables in the main hall, which we weren't entirely sure the reasons behind, but they looked good. There was an outside bit with dodgems and ring tosses and things, which are all the more hilarious when done in black tie. But very very cold, sod pockets, I want a dress that's warm! There was a small room then (which was warm) with sofas and the Uni acts playing (The Jazz orchestra and the strings and things) as well as the magic show, although that was somewhat disappointing. It as a good place to go and chill for a while. Then the main hall, with the space invaders. It was practically outside, kind of like a storage hanger. But warm as long as you were dancing. We had Tinchy Stryder, who was awful, Chesney Hawkes, who was amusing and knew that all he was there for was to sing covers of cheesy songs, so did very well, and then Scott Mills, who was also good, lots of songs that everyone knows and can dance too. 
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 So exam season not only saw me re-reading Harry Potter, but also rewatching Buffy. Clearly this cannot be done in a single revision period. Hence I am only just at the end of season 3. This is the least watched of my DVD's (the book still creaks when I open it, rather than nearly falling apart)

Buffy Season Three )
I'm guessing my relation to this season also comes somewhat from the fact that I have am about to Graduate, albeit from University. And I'm excited to get going on the next part of my life. I could not do another year of being a student. But it's the thing that the interactions I've had at Uni have changed and shaped me, and those soon will be gone too. To be replaced by others too I'm sure, but right now I'm in the bit between the end of exams and our Grad ball, (Graduation isn't actually until the end of July, but that's more about family, so Grad ball is kind of final as far as actual uni life) where everything is sort of in limbo and about to change, so it all seems like you want to keep hold of it, hence relating to this season.


May. 26th, 2011 03:31 pm
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 So, that's the degree done then!

It's weird... I'm not sure what I'm meant to do now. What did I do before I lived in the library trawling through papers? I'm sure I must have done something... 

Went for a drink with coursemates after we finished, but have spent the rest of the afternoon tidying my room. Building up the courage to go get the hoover and do the floor too, but I don't think that's been done in a while... Am off out for dinner with coursemates later too, yay!

Off to Tanzania in 4 months!
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For some reason LJ is only giving me the raw option for posting, not the nice button to do things for me. Not that they work very often, but this may end up being a long stream of text, for which I apologise.

So, this time next week I shall be done. Exciting and a little bit scary but right now exciting. It has also just occurred to me that I have quite a lot of experience working with children/teenagers, and therefore my summer job hunting would probably be helped by applying to summer schools. I have therefore applied to one in St Andrews, one in Cambridge and a couple on the South coast. It would be nice to go up to Scotland, as I've never been, but a bit of a pain to get down for graduation! But either way working for a summer school would be more fun that restaurant or shop work. (And mean I don't have to move home... which sounds mean, I love my parents, but I'm not sure it would work.

Revision has also meant I have just finished re-reading Harry Potter. I read the first 4 over January exams and the last 3 this time round. I find it really strange to think that children now can just go and buy them. There is nothing stopping you reading them all at once. I'm not sure I like that idea. I was 8 when I read the first one and 18 when I read the last one. And I was never one of the ones who was up at midnight to get the next book, but I don't think it is possible to grow up in our generation and not have read them and get excited. I'm also not sure you'd understand if you read them all at once, because they do grow up. The last book is depressing! (A little too depressing for my taste on re-read actually, the lack of any relief was tiring). The Philosophers Stone was written for 11 year olds, but I can't say the Deathly Hallows was.

Also doing a bit of a Buffy re-watch. Nice and comforting, I like very much. I can still quote many of the episodes and I know what's going to happen, but I love it all the same.

And Much Ado with [ profile] stolen_dreams next month! Shakespeare, Tate and Tennant all at once!
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Conservation Resi went off almost without hitch, barring the almost not having of a bus... But I am now so so tired. They are always tiring, turns out when you're in charge and do all the cooking they are a lot more tiring!
Spent Thursday and Friday running round slightly manically. Food shopping for lots of people on Thursday. Took bus to Asda in town and brought loads, then dropped that off and headed into high street for fruit and veg. Lady in the grocers looked at me really oddly buying lots of apples, bananas, onions, courgettes and peppers. Then Friday sorting the bus, which was complicated and required lots of forms that no-one seemed to know where they were kept, but got there eventually!

Did get slightly lost getting there as although map I looked at went to the destination, the instructions that went with it apparently only went half way... but we made it. And had scrummy fish and chips (well, veggie burger and chips in my case) for dinner. I love resi evenings with everyone sat round eating and drinking tea together, especially as Amy (housemate last year who is in Germany this year) came so so did all last years people, which was awesome. Bed at about 1ish, but as we sleep on the floor in the village hall sleep is kind of the aim rather than what actually happens. I then got up at 7 to make porridge for 15 people! That's loads of porridge, in case you were wondering. Porridge with Mars bars (well, Asda equivalents) is the best pre-conserving breakfast. Mass lunch making and out by 9 to the site to get working. Removal of saplings from regenerating heathland. So not much big sawing but lots and lots (and lots) of loppering. 
Got back to the hall around 5.30 and made fajitas for everyone. Such a good big group meal, so easy to do and everyone can pick what they want. There was also loads and loads of food too, which was good. (Still have a container full of courgettes in the fridge). Then we were all in bed by 11 and fast asleep. Which is good but you sleep to deeply to notice that you really need to move to stop seizing up, so it always takes a bit longer to get going. Sundays of a resi are always slower than saturdays as everyone is achey and sleepy, but we still got a fair bit done and am now home and cozy while Paul does dinner :)
Also pretty much my last time in charge. Which I will miss, I think it will be odd going next term and just turning up. I think the new pres will do fine, but am a little worried about the task manager and her boyfriend dictating what he does. They are both very nice people, and very environmentally minded, but can be very dictatory and overpowering if you don't know how to argue with them. And find it very hard to see that environmentalists are just as biased (or more so) than the general media. So get very wound up about things and I think might drag SUCV into environmentalist things that it doesn't need to be involved in. I don't think that conservationists need to be environmentalists, that's what Green Action is for, so I think that could put some people off. But hopefully not!
France next week to see Jessica :D. Can't wait to have a weekend actually off without being in charge. Plus, Jess :D
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Life post!

Still pretty much living at library. Have also somewhat accidentally got into the routine of getting up at 6.30 every morning (went to bed really early one night, so then got up early, was really tired etc....) so am getting to library for 8am every morning! Don't feel particularly stressed by it, although I did wake up this morning with skin that would look more at home on a 14 year old, so maybe I am and just haven't realised it... ah well...

Work is going well though. Am waiting for my supervisor to get back to me on my almost final draft of dissertation, he only gets an outline but it should be quite useful. Am behind on other reading, but not hugely so, and on top of other coursework, so it's good overall.

Have just had SUCV AGM so as of 3 weeks time I will no longer be president. Am quite glad tbh, not that I haven't enjoyed it, but it will be nice not to have to be the one to do all the organising, and I will not miss having to lug 6 litres of water up to uni every sunday, and then washing all the cups up afterwards. Got a mostly good committee. This year hasn't been as good as the last I don't feel, but that might be because all the people I started with haven't really bothered to turn up, hopefully next year will continue to be awesome, because that society really did give me my home at uni.
Off on the resi this weekend. Which is stressful to organise but should be fun, I hope. Going to spend tomorrow doing food shopping for it and sorting all the last bits.
Then off to see Jessica the weekend afterwards. Yay. Will be nice relaxing weekend where I have to think about nothing. And I'm arriving on the Thursday and she has lectures all day Friday so I plan on sleeping too. 
Then the weekend after that is riding trip to Wales! Yay again. Going with one of the girls from Belize and lots of people I don't know but very exciting and welsh cobs and lots and lots of riding. :D
Easter will be work filled but includes a trip to Morocco with the parents. Again with excitement. Go home for a little while to see brother, but not long. This is little brother who turned 20 yesterday... yikes!
Ronan album coming out on Monday! Have it all pre-ordered to be delivered I hope :). And getting very excited for new Dr Who. AND Much Ado, mostly thanks to the absolutely amazing photoshoot of David and Catherine. They both look stunning.
Job hunt is still going nowhere but hey ho. Just keep ploughing on...
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Met with my dissertation supervisor today. For the first time in... 3 months? Really long time anyway. My main reason was to check I was rolling along on the right track.

Turns out I most definitely am :D. He was very impressed, yay! Looked over my outline of my lit review and only picked niggly little holes, will hand him in a page very soon for him to pull apart (he's only allowed to see outlines and a single page of review, results, discussion and one figure) And yeah, he was just very pleased. He does however want me to get it bound by the beginning of Easter. Partly I think because he goes on the first year field trip for the first 2 weeks, which is a huge pain! But also, he claims, so that I don't sit and pick over it and forget to do my other coursework. Which is fair enough really. Does now mean however other coursework that can be left to do over Easter will be while I work on the dissertation. 

Very happy Kayla! 
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 I feel like I've done this before...

My week has been very climate change centred. Started with a talk by Danny, a UoS medical student who was part of the youth team that went to the Cancun climate talks and actually succeeded in getting their point across and policy changed. Not only did they get it changed, they got it changed more quickly than anything has EVER been changed in the UN and when everyone was telling them it was impossible. They rock, really. And make me feel very inadequate! 

One thing that was a little worrying was the lack of scientific backing that you have to have to get things through the UN. He was talking about evidence, but when we asked where this evidence was amassed from what he actually meant was collections of what people thought. Am I the only one that finds that scary? That these decisions are made up of what people (generally politicians) feel like at the time? (OK, I know it's a bit more complex than that, but if I say anything ever I have to have a paper to back it up, and I'm a lowly undergraduate, not the UN!)

Then watched 'An Inconvenient Truth' for our geography module. Nothing really new, although somehow even though I knew that Bush had beaten Gore to get into office, it never really occurred to me that that meant that Gore had been beaten by BUSH. Never have I wanted a parallel universe more to see just how different life would have been.

Then we had the discussion today. And I know there are people that don't believe in climate change, but in my head they are all uneducated and living under a rock somewhere. They are not university students. They are definitely not 3rd year geographers. But that was actually the feeling in the room today... that somehow this wasn't truth, that it was a political agenda, that this was somehow doubted.

What? How? What? Really? That pretty much summed up the Zoologists response to that. As far as I'm concerned we'd moved beyond that. Look at the evidence. It's there, in front of you. You can have Al Gores representation or the multitudes of research papers, either is fine. But look, please. Don't just believe what you are told, by all means look for alternatives, but don't not believe what you are told without checking out that its not the most viable option.

It scares me. That we are still working through 'is climate change human induced?' how? How are we ever going to get anywhere if we have to go through this every time?

And somehow every time this happens I'm surprised... 
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And that would be a quote from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Right, good one there, Cameron.

I've only heard this from the BBC news, not the whole speech. But this is what our national news is telling us so even if they're missing some of the context, it's all we're going to get. 

And how, exactly? Now I will admit, my friends are predominantly white, middle class and British, as are the majority of students at Southampton. But it certainly wasn't that way growing up. I grew up in Milton Keynes, which, I know, is not the most normal of places to grow up. But my friends through secondary school, although British born, contained just as many Muslims as white Britons. We went to Eid celebrations and they came to Christmas ones. Mum's school is completely multicultural, they learn about and celebrate all sorts of different religious and secular holidays and there is no visible divide between the children of British heritage and those from elsewhere. 

I really do not understand where the hell Cameron was coming from. This came in a speech about tackling terrorism in the UK, not just from outside it. OK, but why does that mean multiculturalism has failed? Are all of the people from other cultures terrorists waiting to strike? I hardly think so.

Multiculturalism IS Britain. Take tea, the most English of English things, yet it isn't, try growing tea here, not going to happen. Everything we are comes from other places. Our past is set in exploration and travel, OK, and conquest and invasion, but that means that we have taken on traits from all those places we went trampling over. When the UK opened its boarders to the Commonwealth no one expected people to turn up, but they did so in droves, to mould and shape the country that had ruled them. 

I don't get it. I really don't. And please, if someone else sees something I don't, tell me. Be it through living here or the impression that we send out overseas. Because clearly I am not living in the same country as David Cameron.
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Week off has been nice and most definitely needed. Sort of got everything I needed done. The lack of finding a plain hoody kinda halted the craft plan unfortunately, tried everywhere could think of and all charity shops but no luck... ah well, will have to get thinking on something else.

Usual long ramblings )
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 New theme to the journal... although I'm not sure if I like it. Mostly triggered by a change in default icon (have a definite Ten thing going atm, I'm blaming revision, DVD's, Shakespeare and baby/wedding news) and it kinda clashed with the old theme. 

Guess what... exams done! Yay. Have just had a very nice evening with the 2 other girls who also finished today (most of our other friends still have one wednesday as they did a different module). Pub for tea drinking for me, cider for them, then to ours for pizza and DVD. Cool runnings which I'd never seen before but is an awesome film! Was really nice to have a non-alcoholic end of exams, as they will go out to celebrate with the others next week, but means I got to do a bit of catching up and relaxing too. We also have a big poster on our living room wall entitled 'Questions every good zoologist should be able to answer' with all the questions my housemates have asked over the past two years, which caused much amusement!

My plans for the week that probably aren't that interesting )
Mostly I'm looking forward to a week that doesn't involve pouring over notes and memorising studies. That's not really learning and throughly boring. Even dissertation writing seems like a good break from it, as at least that has something to show at the end of it!
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I'm pretty crap at this thing atm hey. I still read a lot, just the actual posting that is eluding me.

So, my life...

Back at uni for the third and (sort of) final year. Far to scary for my liking, and its going far to quickly for my liking. Already half way through semester one. That's scary! Modules are Applied Ecology, Conservation and Biodiversity and Population and the Environment. In general all interesting, although I'm finding ecology harder to get into than the others, but that might have something to do with the last section being on micro-biological control, and anything that's too small to see tends to bore me. Conservation and Biodiversity I actually love and is very easy to get lost in for a very long time. It's exactly what I want to be doing and possibly what I will go on to do a masters in next year (hence the sort of last year). Population is a demographics module. Therefore a social science. Which is fine, if you're a social scientist. So it's very interesting, but occasionally we sit there going 'Ummm, what? You're classifying that as accurate?' But then that's because we get to do actual experiments, not rely on documents that are hundreds of years old. It makes life more difficult I feel. 

Other than that is the Dissertation, which I'm not bored of just yet! Still really enjoying it, had an actually amazing day this week getting the mapping software to work that put me in such a good mood (that's a bit sad isn't it...) and all my data is now in the country, just waiting to pick it up. Lit review is a bit of a pain, but just plugging away at it bit by bit and it's getting there. I want all except the discussion (and possibly some of the results depending on how quickly people get stuff done for me) done in rough by Christmas.

Conservation is fun, although stressful. But people are coming along still and barring someone stepping on a nail last week we haven't had any major issues. Only one is peoples inability to decide what they're doing by Friday evening. If I say you have to sign up by Friday so I can sort transport I do actually mean Friday. And if you are said transport it would be really useful if you could tell me any limitations by Friday, not after I've sent out the e-mail telling people what, when and where. People can be infuriating! 

House is still standing. Although very much missing an Amy. As much as I love the boys, they can be exhausting when they're together. I miss someone I can sit and chat too, and I know I'm withdrawing from them but I just don't have the energy. 

On the other hand Belize means lots of coursemates now which is awesome, and gives me some release during the day when I'm buried in work, which is definitely needed.

As for next year... masters or conservation work. I don't know. I kinda feel like I only want to do a Masters so I don't have to panic about the fact that what I want to do no-one will pay me for for another year. And if I don't do it now Uni funding is only going to get worse so prices are only going to become impossible. But at the same time going out into the world with no money would be scary, where as at the moment I can go with at least £9000 as a bit of a cushion without relying on my parents, which I hate. 

Going to see Jessica in a few weeks. Which has me so very excited. I haven't seen her since before Belize and I miss her so much. 

Riding is OK, although Sally is no longer teaching us which is a shame. Sarah's OK but not Sally. Have been getting actual horses though, including the new one today! Very unfit but once she is I think she'll be awesome. And she's a piebald so just looks so cute.
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 Blah blah blah haven't done a life post in ages and have exams so procrastinating!

Still working at a school in Southampton as teaching assistant. Or more often crowd control... Although I have had a few good days when working on the upper site, especially working with the year 11's on their coursework. Today however was hellish. Supply teacher so I guess you can work out how well behaved the kids were! It's so frustrating, they really don't care and just want to spend all there time doing anything but working!

Riding has been frustrating recently too. Lots of jumping but for some reason I seem to have got it into my head that I can't do it (unless I'm riding Toby). And I know the rest of my lesson want to do it and I'm holding them back, but I'm just not comfortable with it and its getting to the point that I think I can't ride. Am going to spend the day at the yard on Wednesday though, with free reign to ride the ponies (and possibly the horses too...) so see how it goes!

Preparations for Belize pretty much sorted. Just got to order malaria tablets this week and book hotel at the airport and we'll be good to go. Can't wait, exams always give the hugest itchy feet!

Conservation is finished for the year now, except for the resi after exams. Don't think I did too much wrong in my first term of in-charge-ness so hopefully all will run smoothly next year too. Having said that me and the treasurer did spend ages going through the budget form yesterday and getting nowhere, so we'll see!
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Long explanation of my life, probably quite boring, but never mind! Cut for length )
Wow, that kind of turned into an essay! Time at the moment is filled with uni work (or procrastinating), riding, conservation and far too much boyzone/ronan listening too. New boyzone album is amazing (and didn't make me cry!) and Ro's show this week was equally so (but did make me cry). Just looking forward to Easter, and having at least one week at home in which no work is too be done! 
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First week of Uni over and done with! That was a little to quick for my liking...

Courses are pretty much as I expected, although not liking the volume of maths we're being put through. Quantative Methods looks boring and hard, which is not fun. I have one of my fav lecturers for it atm and he can't make it interesting. As the rest of the course is being run by Mr 'Must-not-interact-with-students" I'm not holding out much hope. Having said that it is a MATHS module. Maths has acutal answers, not essay, subjective type answers, but actual difinative answers, therefore IF I can keep myself interested enough to learn the stuff, possibility for nice big marks with comparatively less effort. So must pay attention!!

Population ecology looks like its going to be dissapointing. The lecturer is the above mentioned non-interactor guy, so not much fun, and its very maths and stats heavy, plus he doesn't really explain himself very well... so I've been struggling with the first bit of maths all weekend and thats an east bit.

Animal behaviour is... animal behaviour. I think its going to live up to its expectations, any course with a practical call 'Kitten play behaviour' has got to be good right?!

Environmental pollution is going to be alot of work. But is so interesting. Not a huge amount of biology in it directly, as is an external module, but all has biological connections. The lecturer is really good and engaging. There aren't many envs students and unlike the zoologists they get some courses too themselves, so the envs lecturers know them and it makes interaction between the too alot easier. for some reason this course is an extra 5 credit points as well, which is a little bit random and has no real benefit other than 5 random points left at the end of the year... but oh well...

The house is so much fun. The kitchen, bathroom and hallway are all under 2 years old, so even though its a victorian terrace, its really nice and acutally works! Myroom is a nice size, the only issue being that it isn'y double glazed so i get condensation on the window in the mornings. Loving my housemates too, we've had many random converssations and are all cooking together which is really nice. As we have the same social group to it means we all go out together and generaly have a good time. Paul, of the the other SUCV people, has also been staying quite often as he graduated last year and doesn't have a house in Soton anymore, which just makes it a nice happy house with lots of nice happy people. :)

Conservation tomorrow, did some on wednesday but ended up coming home early due to rather alot of rain (first time a task has had to end due to rain!!)
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I'm home! And wishing I was still there of course... but never mind lets not mention that!

Amazing few months, everything had changed and nothing had all at once. And Daktari was a great project with great kids and animals and really great management! May possibly already be looking at next summers adventure (tracking elephants in Zambia anyone?)

My head is obivously still in Africa as i dreamt that there was a leopard in camp last night. Not that strange a dream, one came and ate one of the guinea fowl when I was there and i got an e-mail the day I got home to tell me that the baby duiker we had been raising was eaten the night I left... (which of course was just the welcome home i needed!) but still not a huge danger in Milton Keynes I feel...

Moving back down to southampton next sunday, ready to go off to Ireland on Tuesday, for more conservation related fun! Quite looking forward to getting back to Uni, although as ususal a little dubious as to how I'm going to manage living with friends, I do tend to like my own space... but the course next year looks good, only one course i'm not looking forward too in semester 1, although unfortunatly that course does have its lectures 9amon a monday and 5pm on a friday... which will not help matters I'm sure! Other than that my timetable is looking good, A couple of hours each morning, which will ge me out of bed and in working mind for the rest of the day, wednesdays off and most thursdays too, once I've done my labs. Fridays are 9 till 6 with an hour for lunch... but I can't complain too much hey!


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