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 I cannot learn languages. This is what I have decided.

I'm trying to learn Swahili before going to Tanzania. Just a little to give me a starting point. I can't. I can read the book and listen to the CD and do the exercises, but as soon as I put them away, they're gone. Except for the odd word, which gets stuck in my head and won't leave (ninatoka at the moment, meaning I am going to...). I'm trying, really. Lots of short bursts and writing and speaking and listening to it when ever I can, but no. Nothing. Hello, how was your morning, how was your journey and I am going to. That is the extent of my vocabulary. Grrrr it's frustrating. 

Spent this weekend visiting the parents. Built a log store with Dad on Saturday, as well as pulling up lots of beetroot and picking raspberries. (The raspberries all got eaten, but I managed to accidently steal some beetroot). Brother and his girlfriend joined us out to dinner, which means we spent the meal acting like 5 years olds. Me and my brother tend to get excitable when we see each other, I think his girlfriend must think I'm insane, I'm always giggling and talking complete rubbish. Shopping with parents on Sunday. Not that I needed anything but it seems to be the default activity. Although I do now have a pair of jeans without any holes in them (Mum did confiscate my old pair of jeans before I came back home, I definitely missed out on her fashion genes completely).

It was also apparently my birthday. I always thought I was born in December but Mum has decided that in order that she doesn't get sad this Christmas it was my birthday last weekend and will be Christmas when I return. I had cake and presents and everything (Biodegradable soap, hand sanitiser and a waterproof laptop case, they know me so well!). All a bit odd but who's going to say no to cake (chocolate and beetroot, yum) and presents?

No newts to report, as per usual. My normal partner has gone on holiday, so I'm being very nice to people still in Southampton and a surprising number are willing to get up at stupid hours to help me.

There is a spider trying to climb up my wall but he keeps falling off. I thought spiders were supposed to be good at climbing?

Sticking with the wildlife theme, we have a sparrowhawk in our garden. She's visited us a few times now, generally with a frog to eat, perching next to the compost bin. She is very beautiful, I keep trying to photograph her but I left my long lens at my parents so I haven't been able to get anything passable yet. But it does please me to see her out there every so often.

Sherlock is rapidly becoming another obsession. Which is daft, I've only seen them once and there's only three of them. But apparently my head likes it and isn't letting go. I've been reading fanfiction for the first time in about 4 years (I'd forgotten how sad it could be...) and brought my copy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles books back to Southampton with me. I may have to see if I can aquire a second hand copy of the DVD's at some point soon.
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Home! Have been for a week and its really really strange! I don't know, I think I'm kinda in that weird gap where I'm almost just visiting, but I still kinda live here. I don't really know. Lewis was a little bit sulky when i first got back but I think he's used to me now. Its just odd remembering to fit round other people. And having to justify my day to other people. Coz at uni, although people do ask how your day was, you can pretty much say however much you feel like shraing, where as it feels like the spainish inquistion here! Not that thats nessecarily a bad thing, just differnat. And they throw away so much food! Which I'm sure we must always have done, but I just notice it now. And i had to clean out the fridge coz it had gone moldy, which I'm sure isn't meant to happen.

Dad I think still treats me like his little girl. Which is nice sometimes. But I am actually a grown up! Mum likes to quiz me on everything, then latches on to the completely wrong thing. i think she's hoping I'll find a nice guy at uni, everytime I so much as mention a male name she wants where they live, where they're from, what they study, what they had for breakfast a week last thursday...

Had a really good riding lesson. Again, I always seem to when I'm home. I kinda wish my parents would come and watch me actually, as they haven't seen me ride in years and think I've improved a far bit! But then if they did I'd be so paniced everything would go wrong so maybe not hey!

Think i might book my summer trip. I don't have a clue if i can afford it ... actually I can pretty much garentee I can't... but thats so not the point! Well... I probably can. If i get a job. If i don't i should still be able to go away but maybe not for quite as long.

Oh oh oh Dr who! OK, is terraforming a real word? Coz I thought it was a Whedonism so did.. RTD? I don't even know what his name is but i think those are his initials... steal it or did joss steal it from someone in the first place or is it a word and if it is why? I may have now changed my mind on the merlin = pretty front coz the actor did look vv nice in Dr Who. David sounds funny with a scottish accent, but is very pretty also. I'm not such a big fan of Donna but she is now growing towards bearable, but liking Martha much better thank you. River Song = ooooo, interesting! Ummmmm, I feel like there was more but I've forgotten. Am I nearly done. Oh Rose! Don't tell me coz I only just saw 'look who's talking' but ooooooo, *gets a little bit excited* does that mean I'm actually nearly there? Just in time for the xmas ep? Coz then i shall be a little impressed! oh, AND I wrote an essay just after finishing watching dr who and wth my head still talking dr speak and my essay came out quite good, but a little bit strange...

(ETA, I did some wikipediaing and appeantly terraforming was 1st used by a science fiction writer whose name i forgot BUT is actually a real word and theoretically possible and there are lots of strange people who think this would be a good idea! *backs away slowly*)

Oh, Birthday. Yes... that was fun... there were prestns and dinner and all was good.

Nearly christmas!!
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Essays suck. So does LJ today... let me post!!!!

Ummm, OK, what have I been up to this week...

Oh, tate with miss bexyfus :) thank you muchly for a good day hun. Even if we did walk too far!!!

More tree cutting down on sunday. We actaully finished the task! Which rocked greatly. Possibley going away with them next weekend but I'm a bit confused coz haven't had an e-mail back saying if i have a psace or not so maybe not...

Did mega amounts of work on monday. It was one of those times when you just start working and suddenly realise its midnight and you've done more than you needed. Which os always good. St John on tuesday, sernarios which was quite good. Pretty good fun. Did no work on weds, thanks to mega work on monday! Which made for a good day, Watched Dr Who, went riding, slept, it was good!

Oh, riding. V good, I got, well, still a pony, but he's a grown ups jumping pony. Anywayshe was good fun and mucked about a bit so I could showoff what I could do! I may forget my diagnol once on a while but give me a diffucult horse and it will not win! (me, stubborn??) She was quite impressed I do think! Bit that may just have been coz everyone else was awful. Quite capable at riding, same level as me or better. But seriously, keep up wioth the ride, take a whip even if you don;t think you're going to need it, trot means trot! And do not, under any circumstances, ever scream!!!!!! The rest of the lesson do not like this instructor. I quite like her, definatly more than the other. She is sharp with you, but I guess no one could be as bad (good?) as Jenny, so I'm quite happy. Means you don't get away with bad habits hen, but I guess not eveyone likes being taught that way!

Thirsday was busy work day as always and today has been alright. Other than the evilness of essays!!!!!

Do you knows its nearly my b-day? Did you? It is you know! And then Christmas! (I may be a little excitbale!!!)



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