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 I feel like I've done this before...

My week has been very climate change centred. Started with a talk by Danny, a UoS medical student who was part of the youth team that went to the Cancun climate talks and actually succeeded in getting their point across and policy changed. Not only did they get it changed, they got it changed more quickly than anything has EVER been changed in the UN and when everyone was telling them it was impossible. They rock, really. And make me feel very inadequate! 

One thing that was a little worrying was the lack of scientific backing that you have to have to get things through the UN. He was talking about evidence, but when we asked where this evidence was amassed from what he actually meant was collections of what people thought. Am I the only one that finds that scary? That these decisions are made up of what people (generally politicians) feel like at the time? (OK, I know it's a bit more complex than that, but if I say anything ever I have to have a paper to back it up, and I'm a lowly undergraduate, not the UN!)

Then watched 'An Inconvenient Truth' for our geography module. Nothing really new, although somehow even though I knew that Bush had beaten Gore to get into office, it never really occurred to me that that meant that Gore had been beaten by BUSH. Never have I wanted a parallel universe more to see just how different life would have been.

Then we had the discussion today. And I know there are people that don't believe in climate change, but in my head they are all uneducated and living under a rock somewhere. They are not university students. They are definitely not 3rd year geographers. But that was actually the feeling in the room today... that somehow this wasn't truth, that it was a political agenda, that this was somehow doubted.

What? How? What? Really? That pretty much summed up the Zoologists response to that. As far as I'm concerned we'd moved beyond that. Look at the evidence. It's there, in front of you. You can have Al Gores representation or the multitudes of research papers, either is fine. But look, please. Don't just believe what you are told, by all means look for alternatives, but don't not believe what you are told without checking out that its not the most viable option.

It scares me. That we are still working through 'is climate change human induced?' how? How are we ever going to get anywhere if we have to go through this every time?

And somehow every time this happens I'm surprised... 
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And that would be a quote from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Right, good one there, Cameron.

I've only heard this from the BBC news, not the whole speech. But this is what our national news is telling us so even if they're missing some of the context, it's all we're going to get. 

And how, exactly? Now I will admit, my friends are predominantly white, middle class and British, as are the majority of students at Southampton. But it certainly wasn't that way growing up. I grew up in Milton Keynes, which, I know, is not the most normal of places to grow up. But my friends through secondary school, although British born, contained just as many Muslims as white Britons. We went to Eid celebrations and they came to Christmas ones. Mum's school is completely multicultural, they learn about and celebrate all sorts of different religious and secular holidays and there is no visible divide between the children of British heritage and those from elsewhere. 

I really do not understand where the hell Cameron was coming from. This came in a speech about tackling terrorism in the UK, not just from outside it. OK, but why does that mean multiculturalism has failed? Are all of the people from other cultures terrorists waiting to strike? I hardly think so.

Multiculturalism IS Britain. Take tea, the most English of English things, yet it isn't, try growing tea here, not going to happen. Everything we are comes from other places. Our past is set in exploration and travel, OK, and conquest and invasion, but that means that we have taken on traits from all those places we went trampling over. When the UK opened its boarders to the Commonwealth no one expected people to turn up, but they did so in droves, to mould and shape the country that had ruled them. 

I don't get it. I really don't. And please, if someone else sees something I don't, tell me. Be it through living here or the impression that we send out overseas. Because clearly I am not living in the same country as David Cameron.
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Dear all the people moaning that the BNP have seats in Europe and local elections:

Britian is a democracy. That means we go and vote for the people we want to represent us. Now, I don't agree at all with the BNP. But they got more votes. They didn't rig the elections, they didn't even employ particulary hard campaign tactics. They just stood, as is their right, and people voted for them, as is their right. If you don't like it, don't vote for them. Campaign for your own party, push your own parties policies, but do not attack others for their veiws and who they voted for. Work to change the country so that the BNP don't seem like a viable option to the masses.

We are lucky to live in a country where we can vote, safely, for whichever party we wish. By campaigning that the BNP should not have to seats they earnt, you are taking away that right. The rights to freedom and equality you feel are so threatened by their presence are being removed by you.

Act to change things, don't campaign for someone else to.
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OK? Dyslexia not real? Ummmm? Where the hell did that come from? I can tell you pretty definatly that is does exist. It is not just lazy teaching (although making me sit in the corner with a book tracing the letters is prehaps not the best way to teach, espcially when everyone else got to read!) Letters don't make sence, they get confused and in the wrong order. I pretty much have it under control, but at the end of a shift I always used to get my numbers confused at work, £9.35 instead of £3.95 etc.

And dyslexics are not illetrate. I could read before i went to school. Although admittedly i skim the sentances as a whole rather than read everyword, but I can read! And I can write quite well too, construct a sentance. So 100% literacy rates = no dyslexia not quite right. 100% literacy rates = good managemtn and teaching, and a damn lot of hard work on the side of the dyslexics. Stupid ignorant MP people. Humph!

Exam this morning. Done on paper as the server is still down. Semester finals next week will also be done on paper! Meaning we are going to be waiting forever to get our results. But at least we will acutally be able to take them! Not entirely sure how it went today. I'm fairly sure I didn't fuck up completely but I had to guess alot more than I did on the last one. I'm averaging 81% atm though, and this was worth... 10% of 1 module so ... LOL, 1.25% of total grade for year. Hardly seems worth actually doing in that case... definatly not worth worrying about!

Booked train ticket home, leaving on thursdday, back on Monday (possibly via day with bexy in oxford) Which should be nice. Then house hunting (how scary!) when I get back. Now I feel like a real grown up! Tried again to book south afrcia and still can't get through. I've e-mailed checking the number and they've called me but I was in said exam, but I've called maybe 10 times now, left 10 messages and nothing. Grrr its a pain. Really like to book a place pretty please!

Been playing around trying to write fanfiction buts its not working. Well, it is in that its distracting me from work but the actual writing is not going well. Oh, and Bentoing! I may have acutally fallen in love with it. Its a Japanese thing aparently and involves packed lunch, but it has to be colourful and well organised and healthy. I think its meant to have 5 differant colours and 5 differant cooking techniques but I never manage that far. Some are  real works of art and def make lunch more fun. Yesturday I made a monster! (Shhh, grown up really!!) Am trying to resist the urge to by a cute bento box...

I also made the nicest soy sauce chicken for dinner tonight. Esp considering i don't have half of whats meant to go in it so ended up with soy, seasme oil, brown sugar, ground coriander and garlic. But it was good!
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Due to me being completely un-organised in the mornings I have actually been following the US election somewhat, I have to buy the paper to keep me entertained over lunch. I probably know more about this election than I ever have about any british election, in all honesty i probably actually care about the outcome of this election more than i have for any britsh election. But then we haven't had a british election since i've been old enough to vote and actually have a logical opinion. Maybe its also becuase there are acutally 2 differant candidates for this electon, britain pretty much plods along, one party makes one mistake, but another would have made a simular one.

But I don't understand this belief that Obama will save the day. Yes, he is obivously a better candidate than McCain, please! But he's not this all powerful all healing superman guy. He's a politician, same as all the others. He may well be the best man for the job, I certainly know who I would be voting for if I were unfortunate enough to have been born in US. Its like everyone believes that we'll wake up tomorrow (or possibly next week depending on how messed up the vote counting gets!) and the world will be rosy. We'll all have money falling from the sky, the troops will come home, there will be no more terrorists and everyone will be happy. Its a ncie thought, but what will everyone think when it doesn't happen?? When economic decline continues as it evidently will, when we cannot just leave, end the wars and go home. When there is still alot to work out and when precious Obama makes mistakes. Because he will.

I support Obama, to be honest I don't think theres any sane competition, he at least wants to give it the best shot. But he's not perfect, heres hoping the world isn't expecting him to be.

Kayla (from a very Americanised Uni atm... we had Obama campaigners today...)


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