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 Back home in Southampton after a week with the parents. Week was nice but it's always good to be home and back to independence. 

Spent this week training for my job with the City Council, surveying Great Crested Newts on Southampton Common. Unfortunately our training was done by a botanist who seemed to think his book was the most important thing in the world, and therefore at least 4 hours of the 2 days was spent IDing plants using his books. Which is fine, if that's what you need to do, but really not relevant and, umm, zoologist, so anything more complex than 'leaf' or 'stem' is going to mean nothing to me. Very dull 2 days.

Meeting with supervisor next Monday though, so hopefully we will then get going on Tuesday, at least setting out the refugia. As we still need GPS and the refugia however it might take a little longer. Actual surveying has to take place around dawn, so starting at 4.30am this time of year, so my sleep patterns are going to be all screwy for the rest of the summer.
In town today looking for another part time job to go along with newts, got to be the most depressing thing, especially as I don't actually want any of the jobs I'm applying for (and there's not that many jobs about anyway!). But grit my teeth and I'm sure I can cope for three months. Plus money would be good, as payment from newts only barely covers rent and food (I have savings so it's not vital, but would rather not be using them!).
No internet at home, so have been sat in a cafe for 3 hours, trying to remember everything I need to do online before I go home. Hoping I've remembered it all!
Tumblr has also made me all nostalgic for Harry Potter now. Damn all the books being at my parents. I haven't even seen most of the films, but suddenly I want to go and watch them all.

Off to London tomorrow to see Hamlet at the Globe with Mum. Can't wait, Mr Tennant has stuck me on a bit of a Shakespeare kick at the moment!
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Life post!

Still pretty much living at library. Have also somewhat accidentally got into the routine of getting up at 6.30 every morning (went to bed really early one night, so then got up early, was really tired etc....) so am getting to library for 8am every morning! Don't feel particularly stressed by it, although I did wake up this morning with skin that would look more at home on a 14 year old, so maybe I am and just haven't realised it... ah well...

Work is going well though. Am waiting for my supervisor to get back to me on my almost final draft of dissertation, he only gets an outline but it should be quite useful. Am behind on other reading, but not hugely so, and on top of other coursework, so it's good overall.

Have just had SUCV AGM so as of 3 weeks time I will no longer be president. Am quite glad tbh, not that I haven't enjoyed it, but it will be nice not to have to be the one to do all the organising, and I will not miss having to lug 6 litres of water up to uni every sunday, and then washing all the cups up afterwards. Got a mostly good committee. This year hasn't been as good as the last I don't feel, but that might be because all the people I started with haven't really bothered to turn up, hopefully next year will continue to be awesome, because that society really did give me my home at uni.
Off on the resi this weekend. Which is stressful to organise but should be fun, I hope. Going to spend tomorrow doing food shopping for it and sorting all the last bits.
Then off to see Jessica the weekend afterwards. Yay. Will be nice relaxing weekend where I have to think about nothing. And I'm arriving on the Thursday and she has lectures all day Friday so I plan on sleeping too. 
Then the weekend after that is riding trip to Wales! Yay again. Going with one of the girls from Belize and lots of people I don't know but very exciting and welsh cobs and lots and lots of riding. :D
Easter will be work filled but includes a trip to Morocco with the parents. Again with excitement. Go home for a little while to see brother, but not long. This is little brother who turned 20 yesterday... yikes!
Ronan album coming out on Monday! Have it all pre-ordered to be delivered I hope :). And getting very excited for new Dr Who. AND Much Ado, mostly thanks to the absolutely amazing photoshoot of David and Catherine. They both look stunning.
Job hunt is still going nowhere but hey ho. Just keep ploughing on...
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And that would be a quote from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Right, good one there, Cameron.

I've only heard this from the BBC news, not the whole speech. But this is what our national news is telling us so even if they're missing some of the context, it's all we're going to get. 

And how, exactly? Now I will admit, my friends are predominantly white, middle class and British, as are the majority of students at Southampton. But it certainly wasn't that way growing up. I grew up in Milton Keynes, which, I know, is not the most normal of places to grow up. But my friends through secondary school, although British born, contained just as many Muslims as white Britons. We went to Eid celebrations and they came to Christmas ones. Mum's school is completely multicultural, they learn about and celebrate all sorts of different religious and secular holidays and there is no visible divide between the children of British heritage and those from elsewhere. 

I really do not understand where the hell Cameron was coming from. This came in a speech about tackling terrorism in the UK, not just from outside it. OK, but why does that mean multiculturalism has failed? Are all of the people from other cultures terrorists waiting to strike? I hardly think so.

Multiculturalism IS Britain. Take tea, the most English of English things, yet it isn't, try growing tea here, not going to happen. Everything we are comes from other places. Our past is set in exploration and travel, OK, and conquest and invasion, but that means that we have taken on traits from all those places we went trampling over. When the UK opened its boarders to the Commonwealth no one expected people to turn up, but they did so in droves, to mould and shape the country that had ruled them. 

I don't get it. I really don't. And please, if someone else sees something I don't, tell me. Be it through living here or the impression that we send out overseas. Because clearly I am not living in the same country as David Cameron.
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Long explanation of my life, probably quite boring, but never mind! Cut for length )
Wow, that kind of turned into an essay! Time at the moment is filled with uni work (or procrastinating), riding, conservation and far too much boyzone/ronan listening too. New boyzone album is amazing (and didn't make me cry!) and Ro's show this week was equally so (but did make me cry). Just looking forward to Easter, and having at least one week at home in which no work is too be done! 
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Back in Soton again, yay!

Time at home was nice, but a little bit stressful. Parents moaning at brother for never being in, brother never being in coz whenever he is he gets moaned at. Mum having hell with children services, Dad having hell in stupid US managers. Kayla sat at home ready to make tea at any given moment!

But it was nice spending time with Mum, we went out for lunch and walking and other random things. Very nice.

Tea party here last night. With sandwiches and tea(obivously...) and brownie and biscuits and scones. Yum yum yum. Lots of brownie and biscuits etc left over now too, so that is what we will be eating for the next term! Was nice to see everyone, not that all that much has happened in the few days I wasn't here.

Off for coffee with Amy and Paul plus possibly random others this morning, then job hunting... what fun...
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I'm home! And wishing I was still there of course... but never mind lets not mention that!

Amazing few months, everything had changed and nothing had all at once. And Daktari was a great project with great kids and animals and really great management! May possibly already be looking at next summers adventure (tracking elephants in Zambia anyone?)

My head is obivously still in Africa as i dreamt that there was a leopard in camp last night. Not that strange a dream, one came and ate one of the guinea fowl when I was there and i got an e-mail the day I got home to tell me that the baby duiker we had been raising was eaten the night I left... (which of course was just the welcome home i needed!) but still not a huge danger in Milton Keynes I feel...

Moving back down to southampton next sunday, ready to go off to Ireland on Tuesday, for more conservation related fun! Quite looking forward to getting back to Uni, although as ususal a little dubious as to how I'm going to manage living with friends, I do tend to like my own space... but the course next year looks good, only one course i'm not looking forward too in semester 1, although unfortunatly that course does have its lectures 9amon a monday and 5pm on a friday... which will not help matters I'm sure! Other than that my timetable is looking good, A couple of hours each morning, which will ge me out of bed and in working mind for the rest of the day, wednesdays off and most thursdays too, once I've done my labs. Fridays are 9 till 6 with an hour for lunch... but I can't complain too much hey!
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Considering I've done nothing all week i seem to have done quite alot. Not entirely sure how that happened.

Spent Saturday girly shopping with mum. Well, she did girl shopping, I did mosquito repellent and long sleeved shirt shopping, but we had grily lunch, so that counts right? As usual it was great fun (shopping on mums credit card is always fun!!) but by the time we got home we were kinda bored of each others company!

Sunday I cooked an AMAZING meal for the family. It was kinda 'Happy birthday (x2) and happy fathers day' meal as I'm never home for any of them. I did french onion soup which family seemed to like but I found too sweet. The most amazing pie you've ever seen for Lewis and Dad, I was fully expecting it all to go wrong and end up with a pile of mush on a plate, esp as I've never actually cooked pie before, but by some miricale it all worked! Me and mum had baked avacardo and posh salad, which was just as tasty but much easier. Then we had the worlds most chocolate-ist pudding, which was meant to be for 4 people, but we are still eating now...

Boyzone on Monday!

They were very good in an entertaining kind of way. Lots of dancing and big showy-ness. Fireworks and flying and dancers whose legs were far too long. They did a Queen medly which was very good but made Mum giggle hysterically just at the idea. Lots of costume changes which... they didn't really need. They could have just kept singing, really, it would have been fine in the same clothes. Ronan did 'Time after time' which was really good. Also while playing the guitar, which is apparently a new skill and ummmm... is limited to very few chords atm... but he gets points for learning! We got Mikey on guitar and Keith on drums at differant points too. They did quite a mix of songs, mainly just the singles, Stephen did some random song whose title and artist are escaping me right now... Stephen did also at one point lose and manage to bend his ear piece as he was meant to be doing a link, which for some reason led to breaking down into embarassed giggles and therefore let the rest of the boys bully him for the rest of the show.

I did have one small bones to pick though. They did a whole, quite long, section with the dancer dressed in revealing military uniforms holding rifles. Which would have pissed me off, but is very forgivable, but then they decided that it would be a good idea to sing 'when the going gets tough' while dancing with dancers and dressed in military uniform. So now we have comic relief song, plus guns in a very 'guns are fun' way, rather than a 'guns are bad' way. Which would have been excusable if they were teenagers and didn't know any better and at the mercy of their producers, but they have all faught for 'causes' and are grown ups now... so they sure as hell should know better. Kinda dissappointed me.
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A TB test in Southampton hospital costs £154. In MK hospital it's £52. Am I the only one wondering what exactly Hampshire are spending that £100 on? Its a chest x-ray. Both are completly privite, they won't do mine on the NHS (Well, they might if i can convince my doctor...) how? How can they possibly justify charging 3 times as much?? Thankfully I can get mine done in MK, I have an address there, but what if I couldn't?

As a family we have privite health insurance (With an excess of £50 so no use here) because we figure that we can afford it, so why should we use up NHS resources. I have no problems with privite medicine. But this is a privite procedure in an NHS hospital, so surely there should be a national cost? I can't beleive that Hampshire have to pay 3 times as much as Buckinghamshire for an x-ray on the NHS, why should privite patients be any differant?

Southampton hosptial also have the most annoying phone system in the world. I had to press a hundred million differant buttons and wait for literally about 15 mins before i even go a person, not even the person I wanted, then they cut me off and I had to start all over again. MK I called and got straight to a person who put me through. Easy.
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Back at Uni again. Trying to get up the motivation to get in the shower and go get breakfast but its not quite working. Plus I only have porridge and don't really fancy that this morning...

Had a good few days at home, although it wasn't that long ago I was there! Didn't really do much. At all really. Just hang round at home, chatted to people when they were in. Dads got to make 5 people redundant this week so was stressing majorly. Stressing more I think coz they wanted to make people redundant that they couldn't lose or they were trying to do it without asking him or something... I'm not entirely sure. But it meant stress anyhow. I think he wants to leave, they're run by americans nw and he doesn't get on with them at all. But he won't leave now coz he doesn't have a degree and had enough trouble finding a job last time, despite the experience, he'd have no hope now.

Lewis broke up with his girlfriend. I think they actually broke up around christmas time but she was stringing him along, just in case she changed her mind. I think it prob upset him but he wasn't letting on. And it actually means he's being more open with us and seing more of his friends as she hasn't ot him wrapped round her little finger. He got into Northampton uni to do art foundation course too. Not entirely sure how, his portfolio was empty and he was rushing it together the night before but he always seems too. I;ve decided he can come take my exams at the end of the year!

Mum is still always panicing that I won't ever want to come home. She takes me shopping and I point out that I don't need anything but all she wants to do is buy things for me. To do whatever i want to. Which is nice, I know why shes doing it. But its kinda frustrationg. I'll come home becuase they're my family and I love them and miss them, believe it or not. Not because I know when I go home Mum will buy me things. She just constantly says yes to me, but thats not what  Iwant from her. I have friends, enough of them, only got one mother. Having said that though she is getting better. I think she's just scared one day I'm going to go of travelling and not come back.

No idea what I'm going to do with myself for the next week. Semester 2 doesn't start till Monday. My timetable next semester is really empty. I think there are 3 days in the entire sememster when I have to stay till 6. Other than that I'm finished by 2 at the latest. Which is differant from last semester, when my lectures were stuck at either ends of the day and  ispent the middles sat in the library working. Just hve to see where  iwork best when i don't have to be in.
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OK? Dyslexia not real? Ummmm? Where the hell did that come from? I can tell you pretty definatly that is does exist. It is not just lazy teaching (although making me sit in the corner with a book tracing the letters is prehaps not the best way to teach, espcially when everyone else got to read!) Letters don't make sence, they get confused and in the wrong order. I pretty much have it under control, but at the end of a shift I always used to get my numbers confused at work, £9.35 instead of £3.95 etc.

And dyslexics are not illetrate. I could read before i went to school. Although admittedly i skim the sentances as a whole rather than read everyword, but I can read! And I can write quite well too, construct a sentance. So 100% literacy rates = no dyslexia not quite right. 100% literacy rates = good managemtn and teaching, and a damn lot of hard work on the side of the dyslexics. Stupid ignorant MP people. Humph!

Exam this morning. Done on paper as the server is still down. Semester finals next week will also be done on paper! Meaning we are going to be waiting forever to get our results. But at least we will acutally be able to take them! Not entirely sure how it went today. I'm fairly sure I didn't fuck up completely but I had to guess alot more than I did on the last one. I'm averaging 81% atm though, and this was worth... 10% of 1 module so ... LOL, 1.25% of total grade for year. Hardly seems worth actually doing in that case... definatly not worth worrying about!

Booked train ticket home, leaving on thursdday, back on Monday (possibly via day with bexy in oxford) Which should be nice. Then house hunting (how scary!) when I get back. Now I feel like a real grown up! Tried again to book south afrcia and still can't get through. I've e-mailed checking the number and they've called me but I was in said exam, but I've called maybe 10 times now, left 10 messages and nothing. Grrr its a pain. Really like to book a place pretty please!

Been playing around trying to write fanfiction buts its not working. Well, it is in that its distracting me from work but the actual writing is not going well. Oh, and Bentoing! I may have acutally fallen in love with it. Its a Japanese thing aparently and involves packed lunch, but it has to be colourful and well organised and healthy. I think its meant to have 5 differant colours and 5 differant cooking techniques but I never manage that far. Some are  real works of art and def make lunch more fun. Yesturday I made a monster! (Shhh, grown up really!!) Am trying to resist the urge to by a cute bento box...

I also made the nicest soy sauce chicken for dinner tonight. Esp considering i don't have half of whats meant to go in it so ended up with soy, seasme oil, brown sugar, ground coriander and garlic. But it was good!
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Home! Have been for a week and its really really strange! I don't know, I think I'm kinda in that weird gap where I'm almost just visiting, but I still kinda live here. I don't really know. Lewis was a little bit sulky when i first got back but I think he's used to me now. Its just odd remembering to fit round other people. And having to justify my day to other people. Coz at uni, although people do ask how your day was, you can pretty much say however much you feel like shraing, where as it feels like the spainish inquistion here! Not that thats nessecarily a bad thing, just differnat. And they throw away so much food! Which I'm sure we must always have done, but I just notice it now. And i had to clean out the fridge coz it had gone moldy, which I'm sure isn't meant to happen.

Dad I think still treats me like his little girl. Which is nice sometimes. But I am actually a grown up! Mum likes to quiz me on everything, then latches on to the completely wrong thing. i think she's hoping I'll find a nice guy at uni, everytime I so much as mention a male name she wants where they live, where they're from, what they study, what they had for breakfast a week last thursday...

Had a really good riding lesson. Again, I always seem to when I'm home. I kinda wish my parents would come and watch me actually, as they haven't seen me ride in years and think I've improved a far bit! But then if they did I'd be so paniced everything would go wrong so maybe not hey!

Think i might book my summer trip. I don't have a clue if i can afford it ... actually I can pretty much garentee I can't... but thats so not the point! Well... I probably can. If i get a job. If i don't i should still be able to go away but maybe not for quite as long.

Oh oh oh Dr who! OK, is terraforming a real word? Coz I thought it was a Whedonism so did.. RTD? I don't even know what his name is but i think those are his initials... steal it or did joss steal it from someone in the first place or is it a word and if it is why? I may have now changed my mind on the merlin = pretty front coz the actor did look vv nice in Dr Who. David sounds funny with a scottish accent, but is very pretty also. I'm not such a big fan of Donna but she is now growing towards bearable, but liking Martha much better thank you. River Song = ooooo, interesting! Ummmmm, I feel like there was more but I've forgotten. Am I nearly done. Oh Rose! Don't tell me coz I only just saw 'look who's talking' but ooooooo, *gets a little bit excited* does that mean I'm actually nearly there? Just in time for the xmas ep? Coz then i shall be a little impressed! oh, AND I wrote an essay just after finishing watching dr who and wth my head still talking dr speak and my essay came out quite good, but a little bit strange...

(ETA, I did some wikipediaing and appeantly terraforming was 1st used by a science fiction writer whose name i forgot BUT is actually a real word and theoretically possible and there are lots of strange people who think this would be a good idea! *backs away slowly*)

Oh, Birthday. Yes... that was fun... there were prestns and dinner and all was good.

Nearly christmas!!


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