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Life post!

Still pretty much living at library. Have also somewhat accidentally got into the routine of getting up at 6.30 every morning (went to bed really early one night, so then got up early, was really tired etc....) so am getting to library for 8am every morning! Don't feel particularly stressed by it, although I did wake up this morning with skin that would look more at home on a 14 year old, so maybe I am and just haven't realised it... ah well...

Work is going well though. Am waiting for my supervisor to get back to me on my almost final draft of dissertation, he only gets an outline but it should be quite useful. Am behind on other reading, but not hugely so, and on top of other coursework, so it's good overall.

Have just had SUCV AGM so as of 3 weeks time I will no longer be president. Am quite glad tbh, not that I haven't enjoyed it, but it will be nice not to have to be the one to do all the organising, and I will not miss having to lug 6 litres of water up to uni every sunday, and then washing all the cups up afterwards. Got a mostly good committee. This year hasn't been as good as the last I don't feel, but that might be because all the people I started with haven't really bothered to turn up, hopefully next year will continue to be awesome, because that society really did give me my home at uni.
Off on the resi this weekend. Which is stressful to organise but should be fun, I hope. Going to spend tomorrow doing food shopping for it and sorting all the last bits.
Then off to see Jessica the weekend afterwards. Yay. Will be nice relaxing weekend where I have to think about nothing. And I'm arriving on the Thursday and she has lectures all day Friday so I plan on sleeping too. 
Then the weekend after that is riding trip to Wales! Yay again. Going with one of the girls from Belize and lots of people I don't know but very exciting and welsh cobs and lots and lots of riding. :D
Easter will be work filled but includes a trip to Morocco with the parents. Again with excitement. Go home for a little while to see brother, but not long. This is little brother who turned 20 yesterday... yikes!
Ronan album coming out on Monday! Have it all pre-ordered to be delivered I hope :). And getting very excited for new Dr Who. AND Much Ado, mostly thanks to the absolutely amazing photoshoot of David and Catherine. They both look stunning.
Job hunt is still going nowhere but hey ho. Just keep ploughing on...
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Brain mush...

6 days to go!
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Exam time!

But actually everything appears to be going pretty well. My exams are really nicely spread out, with one exam this friday then nothing till the 8th of june. This does mean that I am here for quite a while as people start to move off home, but hey, it gives me more revision time (most people finish this week, I've not even started)

Have been forcing routine on myself. And its working really well. Including setting my alarm for 8 am every morning for the past week and a half, which was creul to begin with (although I did used to get up at 7.15 every weekday morning, so I don't quite know what I'm complaining about!!) but actually quite nice to be up before everyone. And in bed by 10, laying down to sleep by 11, meaning 8am alarms are after 9 hours sleep, which is more than enough. Set myself revision timetable which helps me immencsely. I think becuase I can tick off when I've done the revision, so I can see what I've done, rather than just being time that doesn;t actually produce anything (other than good exam grades!) Am happy with the majority of my ecology stuff (the exam on friday) and have even managed to memorize some studies and examples, along with a few latin names!

It is a very lonely time to be at Uni though. Everything stops. No conservation tasks or socials, haven't even been out with firends as they are all busy studying. Which I am too, obivously, but as I am revising by 8.30 most days, I feel I can stop by about 7pm. If only everyone else worked on the same clock! Majority of flat have all there exams this week too, meaning its a stressful place to be, and for some reason prompting my neighbour to turn his music up louder than it has been all year, that I don't really understand, but hey. Do hwever have riding still! Yay! So thats some release at least.

Am considering doing friendly leagues next year too. I had a lesson with the beginners last week and was talking to one of the girls there. She has musculr dystrophy and previous to uni had ridden with the RDA. For about 10 years. And she has this thing that she can't do anything. She refuses to canter, even though she is perfectly cabable. We got her jumping last week and she didn't stop ravig about it on the way home, but spent the entire lesson saying it was never going to happen. And it kinda made me think I do the same thing. I can jump 2'6" I've done it before, and really ,worst case senerio, i fall off and feel like and idiot. They're the friendly leagues, nothing at stake, so why the hell not? Was also talking to the girl that now runs them (also called Michaela...) who had never jumped a horse before, and just gave it a go this year. At least I;ve done more than that!!

Lewis is filling in his application form for the fire service. Don't ask where that came from, we don't know either, but hey. Never can tell with lewis whether he'll get it or not. But he was having a bit of a mission filling in his form, as he doesn't do anything. I mean, marital arts for the past couple of years, but he never did Duke of Edinbrough, or volunteered, or mentored or any life experience thing. So he's stuck saying the same thing over and over, 'I was at school and...' 'I was doing martial arts and...' but if he gets to interveiw stage he'll prob go stright through it, he normally does!

Also spent today trying to get my TB test sorted. Its a mission, they don't seem to beleive me that I need one, keep telling me I;ve had my BCG so I don't have TB. I know I don't have TB, but I have to prove it! Grrrr.
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*squeaks slightly* Hmmmmm, sleepy. Manic weekend. Need sleep...

Am sorting out houses. Its stressful. Atm we have 2 houses we're considering. One is literally next door to campus. it has 4 big bedrooms but only a tiny lounge and no kitchen table. The shower room is damp but will be re-done. It is a very nice house, in a nice quiet place. BUT is £71.50/week, which is quite alot of money...

The other has everything the top one has, plus a bigger lounge and bathroom with bath. The kitchen was re-done last month, the hallway is being re-done now and it is in the contract that the bathroom will be re-done by september (and it is already v nice!) And this one is only £62/week. But its in kinda the wrong place, although not entirely. Its right by where I am now, so 20 min walk to uni, but its on the bus route to town and this is the one that I want. I think. Given as it works out over £500 saving over the year and is a nicer house, just in not such a nice area.

We have anoher 3 to look at this evening, then it wil be decsion time. I think John is leaning towards the 2nd one too, although Amy wants the 1st. Eric is too quiet and never says what he's thinking, but as far as i can work out he will go with the cheapest possible. But we'll see what tonight shows us!

In between making 100 million calls to landlords all day saturday, and house visiting, I also managed to get a riding lesson in. Very good again, we had Sally who normally teaches the advanced, as our instructor seems to have left, just no one told us! Lots of lateral work, and I had Monty again, the green 6 year old, so he doesn't entirely know what he's doing, and when it comes to lateral work neither do I. So I ache muchusly today, as I had to over exaggerate the aids so much to give him any chance of getting it. Which he did, we got a couple of strides, which is an acheivement for me and him!

Sally also siad I really should be riding with the advanced, which it seems would suit me at tanglewood, even though it didn't at pickmead. But they do usually ride on a sunday, which is conservation day that I am not going to give up. But atm they are on sat due to comps on sun, so yeah... maybe for a while. As long as they aren;t jumping!!

Having a little 'I've got too much work' panic also. Although tbh its not that I have too much work, just it seems concentrated on alternate weeks. This week for example I have 1 practical with 3 weeks to write it up. Last week I had 2 with lab reports due on friday and monday. So now I have nothing to do, having panicked all weekend. Its frustrating. And the projector broke last week so we have lectures to catch up on and half my tutorial group didn't bother to turn up so that will have to be re-done also which is a huge pain...


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Ugh. Living with people is tiring. I feel like I can't escape. I am perfectly happy to socialise outside, I've been very good in fact, doing lots of nice social things. And really enjoying myself and having fun and its not a chore becuase i really enjoy it. BUT then I come 'home' and I still live with people. So, if I go get a cup of tea I'm bound to run into someone and have the 'how was ure day?' conservation or 'what have you got today' etc. And they're the same conversations every day with the same people. And if I get into bed at 8.30 to watch a film and then decide i actually want a glass of water i have to walk out in my PJ's. Which oddly enough get s odd looks! And its never quiet because theres always people about. Which shouldbe fine. But I fell like I have to deal with people all day, then I come home and people aren't actually in my room, but they are still about.

I think I am actually having a little panic about finding a house next year, coz we have the first of the housing talks. And its not that I don't know people i could live with, but i don't know them well enough. How do you know after 6 weeks that you could spend a year living with these people? You don't! And I think if you;re living with people as firends, rather than by some random computor desicision, then surelty theres alot more pressure. Now for example there is nothing strange with me sitting in my room. No pressure to do anything as a flat bacause although we do all get on, we all have seperate activities and groups of friends etc. But if you were living with your friends then how can you ever have that break. I mean, i love Fred to bits and used to see her everyday, but after a month of sharing a tent we were getting on each others nerves. Surely if you don't know people as well as we did, and for longer and i know its not exactly the same but....

I'll be fine!!!!

Got my proper horse today! Yay. Rode Louis who was strangyl afriad of the bag next to the arean, which led to being scared of everything else as well!! Daft boy. But it did give me a chance to show my ability to ride a horse calmly and sit a buck and not panic, and she was quite imressed with me. Which was good coz I think she was about ready to murder the rest of the ride. Listen people! Keep trotting or join the novice class! DO NOT SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite my post i have actually had a good day. FDone no work thanks to my sudden random work spurt on Monday in which i got lots and lots done. Good lazy day!

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*breathes* Its ok, panic over. Its fininshed and sent and all is good. I brought chocolate.

Parents coming down this weekend. I'mquite looking forward to it. They're taking me out ot dinner and shopping i think, which sounds good to me. Mum promised to buy me a hot water bottle coz everytime she speaks to me I'm complaining I'm cold! (Which i am atm btw) But it does mean i need to tidy my desk and clean the bathroom this afternoon.

Should also really do some revision, as I have an exam on Tuesday! The concepts aren't hard but its characteristics of all the inveretbrate phyla so theirs lots of names to remeber that are all far to simular to each other and have no resemblene to any human words. Which does prove a little more diffucult.

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Its 1.30 am. Why the hell am i still up and working because some lazy arse can't be bothered. And guess what, they'll get as much of the credit. How the hell is that fair? The deadline is tomorrow. How fucking hard is it? 3 fucking weeks and i'm up doing it the night before. Ugh I hate people, I hate this, its going to take forever for me to sort myself out now because of some wanker who can't get there fucking arse in gear. AGH!


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