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This entry is basically me trying out whether I have dreamwidth crossposting to LJ. Which means I don't really have anything interesting to say, but I will anyway.

Went riding on Saturday. Was a little disappointed when I arrived as I had been promised a horse (we have some amazing horses, £30,000 competition horses. Amazingly talented but also very capable of just pinging you out of the saddle because they are so powerful, and their owners are normally scared we'll break them) but because of the other people riding (who are far better than me) I was riding one of the ponies instead. We were going to go out and bomb round the field, popping over a few of the cross country jumps with him, but took him into the small school first as he was trying to break out of his stable, which can mean he's in a foul mood. Except this time I think someone must have told him I was supposed to be riding one of the competition horses, he was amazing (and worse on the ground than normal, which is typical of the competition horses!). Didn't end up taking him into the field, he was just so responsive and off the leg and coming round. Really beautiful. And I could just hear my old instructor in my head going "a horse is only as good as it's rider" when people would turn up to comps with horses that were too good for them, and we'd beat them on our little riding school ponies. So not so disappointed after all.

Spent yesterday in bed with a cold that was actually trying to kill me. I knew it was coming, but being me rather than taking it easy so that it didn't get worse, just ignored it until it wouldn't let me any more. Watched a lot of Who and read the briefing for Tanzania. Feeling mostly better today, have come into town to do shopping for Tanzania and use the internet. And buy ginger beer, which I was craving yesterday. 
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Yesterday was conspiring to make me feel old:

 Me: So how old do you think is too old to go to University?
Student 1: Really old
Me: OK, can anyone take a guess at a number?
Student 2: 21
Me: ?!
Student: My Mum brought me all the Harry Potter books.
Me: That was nice of her, we had to wait for JK Rowling to finish writing in between reading them.
Student: That was AGES ago!
Me: ?!
Reading a journal online:
"So I thought I'd give watching Buffy a go, then all of a sudden Seeley Booth pops up on screen"
Me: Angel! Definitely Angel first!
I did then rectify the situation by watching 'The Eleventh Hour' and 'The Beast Below', followed by Castle. Speaking of, is it worth persisting with? The first ep was OK, but not brilliant, and opinions?
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 I watched last nights Doctor Who at the Union cinema. This was as epic and awesome as it sounds, and is the way all Who should be watched ever.

I loved the episode itself, although satisfaction wore off quickly as all the unanswered questions began to dawn on me. But here is picspammy review:
A Good Man Goes to War )
Edited to fix formatting (I hope!)
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 My Uni cinema is showing Doctor Who this weekend for free! This is very exciting.

Assuming of course I get to go, as there is also a performing arts thing in town, but Who... hmmmm....

And, I had a phone interview for a summer school job this morning that went very well! They want to meet me and were initially going to fly me to leeds, but have since decided they are coming to Oxford, so I'll meet them there. But they seemed to like me (they wanted to fly me to Leeds!), so fingers crossed!
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 OK this is more a reaction to reactions, rather than reaction to the episode itself. It is a bit of a rant, but a rant is no fun if no one argues against it, so please disagree (well, or agree) with me.

Amy )
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 Why is there no one home when I want to dance round over riding? Maybe because they get bored of me dancing round after riding...

Such a good lesson today, on the pony. Jumping grids and he was just a little superstar. They are 3 fences with 2 strides between them, starting at 2'6" and ending at 3" spread (very small spread, but enough to make him stretch), working up through the fences. And he just flew over them. Really, beautifully smooth and together, just flying. Only twice did I have to pull him up and circle round because he decided that sideways was more fun.

And even when he got it wrong and seemed to just forget about the second jump, try to stop then realise he had too much momentum I just tapped him with the stick and he jumped it anyway (admittedly I think I was going over the jump whatever happened, but I'm glad he came with me!). And when I got it wrong and mucked up the striding for the first jump so we were wonky by the time we got to the last he STILL jumped it, practically from a standstill!

The perfect jumps feel wonderful and leave me with a huge grin, but the fact that we managed to save two not-so-perfect jumps is more impressive. It's not so long ago that either I wouldn't be forward enough to push him on or he would be too stubborn to listen anyway, that we could get ourselves together and I had the guts to just push him on and trust that he would land me safely is a huge step forwards :)

I also went for a walk this afternoon through the park behind our house. It was so British you couldn't have written it better. There were two proper cricket games (with the uniforms and umpires and stuff) and multitudes of people playing with the little plastic set. Families were sat everywhere with picnics spread out, kites, rounders, dogs. Students laying around with books and picnics. Families out for bike rides. Ice cream vans and kids feeding the ducks. It made me happy. The planes from the airport broke the illusion slightly, but never mind!
And who in... 15 minutes :)
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I loved this ep. That seems a good way to start a review right? A review that will be full of pictures because that has got to be one of the most beautiful pieces of television in the world, ever. Right, here goes, I apologise for my unabashed love now... 

I think you call me... sexy )
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 I know, I'm late to the party. But I was in Morocco. And although a restaurant we were eating in did randomly start playing Serenity (dubbed in Arabic) half way through dinner, the Doctor was nowhere to be found. However I think watching while eating breakfast the day I get back grants me some forgiveness, yes? Especially as I got distracted and ended up with cold eggs.

Spoilers sweetie... )
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 Admittedly Easter holidays would be more exciting if the majority wasn't going to be spent working, but never mind!

Not that I can complain too much, France last weekend and Wales tomorrow :)

France was awesome. It had Jess, of course it was awesome. We did quite a bit this time, constantly talking at a million miles an hour too! Got up late on Friday, having stayed up talking when I arrived on Thursday, and went to meet up with one of her friends in Toulouse. Which I love as a city, so beautiful and old and... French. Which I really need to learn to speak. Jess has clearly got the language completely now, more than she had last time. Although she was fairly fluent last time she still recognised when something was in French and had to kind of, switch gears, to understand. Not so much this time, jumping between languages without noticing. Which is good for her, but does mean she doesn't notice when I'm looking at her blankly for translation when someone asks me something. Oh why did I never learn? Thankfully everyone is lovely and spoke English for me the whole weekend. 

Saw acrobatics on Friday night which was really good, and mostly visual so language wasn't an issue. Then to the pub for a while before back to her room to sit chatting again. Which led to late getting up on Saturday also. Did very little during the day, went for a wander along the canal, which is so beautiful, had a picnic lunch then wandered back to cook dinner. Watched Dr Who over dinner (The Unquiet Dead) and then went to watch The Black Swan with another of her friends. Which is an amazing film (although very triggery, should that be an issue... clearly labelling something as triggery is firmly stuck in my brain...) how it builds up with really very little in the way of story line or speech. And really scary too. Although the sub-titles did ruin it a bit. They were ummm, interesting? The word swan got replaced with pelican a few times and it definitely said the opposite to the screen more than once.
Up early on Sunday (despite the again late night) to go to the space museum with more of Jess's friends. Fairly interesting, also saw Hubble 3D and the planetarium. Which were interesting but lots of speech that didn't mean a lot to me! Dinner at a nice little vegetarian restaurant before catching my flight back home :(
Was so nice to get to see Jess, I do miss her quite a lot... or more than a lot. Its nice and safe and comforting. Although I did get home to find an e-mail apologising for not being up to talking about 'grown-up things', meaning the idea of me and her. Meaning clearly her head is still in confused space, as as far as I understood we were just continuing along. She knows where my head is, being that taking things further would be nice, but that I don't expect it, and don't at all feel like I have second best in having her as a friend. And that I'm not moping around waiting for her to decide what she wants. If it happens, it happens, if not, I still get a Jess, so all is good. It worries me more that she couldn't talk to me... but she knows where I am should she want to. Have also pointed out that most of our friends have worked something out, so she can talk to them all she likes too.
Off to Wales riding tomorrow, which is exciting. Then working until 16th when I go home and too Morocco :). Yay
And, assuming reports are right, congratulations to Mr Tennant. 
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Life post!

Still pretty much living at library. Have also somewhat accidentally got into the routine of getting up at 6.30 every morning (went to bed really early one night, so then got up early, was really tired etc....) so am getting to library for 8am every morning! Don't feel particularly stressed by it, although I did wake up this morning with skin that would look more at home on a 14 year old, so maybe I am and just haven't realised it... ah well...

Work is going well though. Am waiting for my supervisor to get back to me on my almost final draft of dissertation, he only gets an outline but it should be quite useful. Am behind on other reading, but not hugely so, and on top of other coursework, so it's good overall.

Have just had SUCV AGM so as of 3 weeks time I will no longer be president. Am quite glad tbh, not that I haven't enjoyed it, but it will be nice not to have to be the one to do all the organising, and I will not miss having to lug 6 litres of water up to uni every sunday, and then washing all the cups up afterwards. Got a mostly good committee. This year hasn't been as good as the last I don't feel, but that might be because all the people I started with haven't really bothered to turn up, hopefully next year will continue to be awesome, because that society really did give me my home at uni.
Off on the resi this weekend. Which is stressful to organise but should be fun, I hope. Going to spend tomorrow doing food shopping for it and sorting all the last bits.
Then off to see Jessica the weekend afterwards. Yay. Will be nice relaxing weekend where I have to think about nothing. And I'm arriving on the Thursday and she has lectures all day Friday so I plan on sleeping too. 
Then the weekend after that is riding trip to Wales! Yay again. Going with one of the girls from Belize and lots of people I don't know but very exciting and welsh cobs and lots and lots of riding. :D
Easter will be work filled but includes a trip to Morocco with the parents. Again with excitement. Go home for a little while to see brother, but not long. This is little brother who turned 20 yesterday... yikes!
Ronan album coming out on Monday! Have it all pre-ordered to be delivered I hope :). And getting very excited for new Dr Who. AND Much Ado, mostly thanks to the absolutely amazing photoshoot of David and Catherine. They both look stunning.
Job hunt is still going nowhere but hey ho. Just keep ploughing on...
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 New theme to the journal... although I'm not sure if I like it. Mostly triggered by a change in default icon (have a definite Ten thing going atm, I'm blaming revision, DVD's, Shakespeare and baby/wedding news) and it kinda clashed with the old theme. 

Guess what... exams done! Yay. Have just had a very nice evening with the 2 other girls who also finished today (most of our other friends still have one wednesday as they did a different module). Pub for tea drinking for me, cider for them, then to ours for pizza and DVD. Cool runnings which I'd never seen before but is an awesome film! Was really nice to have a non-alcoholic end of exams, as they will go out to celebrate with the others next week, but means I got to do a bit of catching up and relaxing too. We also have a big poster on our living room wall entitled 'Questions every good zoologist should be able to answer' with all the questions my housemates have asked over the past two years, which caused much amusement!

My plans for the week that probably aren't that interesting )
Mostly I'm looking forward to a week that doesn't involve pouring over notes and memorising studies. That's not really learning and throughly boring. Even dissertation writing seems like a good break from it, as at least that has something to show at the end of it!
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Day ten )

Also, Yahoo just gave me the headline 'Doctor to marry daughter' along with a rather nice pic of Mr Tennant. Took me a while but what they actually meant was he's marrying Georgia Moffett, who played his daughter... makes a lot more sense now! And congratulations too!
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Well this one is easy! The Sound of Drums and The last of the time lords.

Unfortunately the first ones I saw and ummmm, really? It all seemed very fake and childish (I know, kids show, but generally you don't notice)

And the Doctor coming back because everyone wished it so? No thanks!

Plus I don't really like the master! 


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