Jun. 9th, 2011

Grad Ball

Jun. 9th, 2011 02:43 pm
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We had our Grad ball last night. It was so much fun. Kind of like a cross between a ball, a concert and a fairground, with 3000 people. It was awesome and a little bit random.

We went out to dinner first, to a restaurant filled with other people off to the ball, so it was manically busy. There was a table of little old ladies in the corner too, who I felt quite sorry for! It was nice to sit and talk to everyone in the relative quiet before heading off to the ball, and where we knew we weren't going to lose anyone! 

The Ball itself was held in one of the cruise terminals, which was a little odd. There were signs everywhere for baggage reclaim and customs notices and things. But they had decorated it really nicely. Strangely enough with space invader neon inflatables in the main hall, which we weren't entirely sure the reasons behind, but they looked good. There was an outside bit with dodgems and ring tosses and things, which are all the more hilarious when done in black tie. But very very cold, sod pockets, I want a dress that's warm! There was a small room then (which was warm) with sofas and the Uni acts playing (The Jazz orchestra and the strings and things) as well as the magic show, although that was somewhat disappointing. It as a good place to go and chill for a while. Then the main hall, with the space invaders. It was practically outside, kind of like a storage hanger. But warm as long as you were dancing. We had Tinchy Stryder, who was awful, Chesney Hawkes, who was amusing and knew that all he was there for was to sing covers of cheesy songs, so did very well, and then Scott Mills, who was also good, lots of songs that everyone knows and can dance too. 
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