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Conservation Resi went off almost without hitch, barring the almost not having of a bus... But I am now so so tired. They are always tiring, turns out when you're in charge and do all the cooking they are a lot more tiring!
Spent Thursday and Friday running round slightly manically. Food shopping for lots of people on Thursday. Took bus to Asda in town and brought loads, then dropped that off and headed into high street for fruit and veg. Lady in the grocers looked at me really oddly buying lots of apples, bananas, onions, courgettes and peppers. Then Friday sorting the bus, which was complicated and required lots of forms that no-one seemed to know where they were kept, but got there eventually!

Did get slightly lost getting there as although map I looked at went to the destination, the instructions that went with it apparently only went half way... but we made it. And had scrummy fish and chips (well, veggie burger and chips in my case) for dinner. I love resi evenings with everyone sat round eating and drinking tea together, especially as Amy (housemate last year who is in Germany this year) came so so did all last years people, which was awesome. Bed at about 1ish, but as we sleep on the floor in the village hall sleep is kind of the aim rather than what actually happens. I then got up at 7 to make porridge for 15 people! That's loads of porridge, in case you were wondering. Porridge with Mars bars (well, Asda equivalents) is the best pre-conserving breakfast. Mass lunch making and out by 9 to the site to get working. Removal of saplings from regenerating heathland. So not much big sawing but lots and lots (and lots) of loppering. 
Got back to the hall around 5.30 and made fajitas for everyone. Such a good big group meal, so easy to do and everyone can pick what they want. There was also loads and loads of food too, which was good. (Still have a container full of courgettes in the fridge). Then we were all in bed by 11 and fast asleep. Which is good but you sleep to deeply to notice that you really need to move to stop seizing up, so it always takes a bit longer to get going. Sundays of a resi are always slower than saturdays as everyone is achey and sleepy, but we still got a fair bit done and am now home and cozy while Paul does dinner :)
Also pretty much my last time in charge. Which I will miss, I think it will be odd going next term and just turning up. I think the new pres will do fine, but am a little worried about the task manager and her boyfriend dictating what he does. They are both very nice people, and very environmentally minded, but can be very dictatory and overpowering if you don't know how to argue with them. And find it very hard to see that environmentalists are just as biased (or more so) than the general media. So get very wound up about things and I think might drag SUCV into environmentalist things that it doesn't need to be involved in. I don't think that conservationists need to be environmentalists, that's what Green Action is for, so I think that could put some people off. But hopefully not!
France next week to see Jessica :D. Can't wait to have a weekend actually off without being in charge. Plus, Jess :D


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