Oct. 10th, 2009

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First week of Uni over and done with! That was a little to quick for my liking...

Courses are pretty much as I expected, although not liking the volume of maths we're being put through. Quantative Methods looks boring and hard, which is not fun. I have one of my fav lecturers for it atm and he can't make it interesting. As the rest of the course is being run by Mr 'Must-not-interact-with-students" I'm not holding out much hope. Having said that it is a MATHS module. Maths has acutal answers, not essay, subjective type answers, but actual difinative answers, therefore IF I can keep myself interested enough to learn the stuff, possibility for nice big marks with comparatively less effort. So must pay attention!!

Population ecology looks like its going to be dissapointing. The lecturer is the above mentioned non-interactor guy, so not much fun, and its very maths and stats heavy, plus he doesn't really explain himself very well... so I've been struggling with the first bit of maths all weekend and thats an east bit.

Animal behaviour is... animal behaviour. I think its going to live up to its expectations, any course with a practical call 'Kitten play behaviour' has got to be good right?!

Environmental pollution is going to be alot of work. But is so interesting. Not a huge amount of biology in it directly, as is an external module, but all has biological connections. The lecturer is really good and engaging. There aren't many envs students and unlike the zoologists they get some courses too themselves, so the envs lecturers know them and it makes interaction between the too alot easier. for some reason this course is an extra 5 credit points as well, which is a little bit random and has no real benefit other than 5 random points left at the end of the year... but oh well...

The house is so much fun. The kitchen, bathroom and hallway are all under 2 years old, so even though its a victorian terrace, its really nice and acutally works! Myroom is a nice size, the only issue being that it isn'y double glazed so i get condensation on the window in the mornings. Loving my housemates too, we've had many random converssations and are all cooking together which is really nice. As we have the same social group to it means we all go out together and generaly have a good time. Paul, of the the other SUCV people, has also been staying quite often as he graduated last year and doesn't have a house in Soton anymore, which just makes it a nice happy house with lots of nice happy people. :)

Conservation tomorrow, did some on wednesday but ended up coming home early due to rather alot of rain (first time a task has had to end due to rain!!)


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