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*yawns* sleepy. Although I did sleep in quite nicely this morning, but I'm still sleepy.

End of freshersweek! Yay. Real work starts tomorrow. Well, no practical, but lectures at least. We can have book lists etc so I can start working. Which I am stupidly excited about. I am a strange child, I know. Practical lessons start the week after. But I will have computor based practical to do beofre that, to prepare, which is quite cool. No idea how that works, but hopefully it means you don't gt hopelessly lost when ure doing ure practical. I went to birmingham uni with physics in yr 12, so i know how they're labs work, coz we joined in with the practical. I don't reallyknow if ours will work the same. I hope so, coz they had alot of freedom, which would be nice. I'm looking forward to it anyhow. Just hope all my bio/chem knowledge hasn't left me completely! If you here southampton uni has blown up i appologise. Although hey are knoking down our building anyway so it would just make life a little quicker!

Spoke to Mog last night. Who it appears isn't coping all that well. But shes pretty much at the sink or swim stage. But I can't see her lasting till Christmas. Which is a shame, but theres no point in her struggling through something for the sake of struggling through it. She has it in her head that no uni = failure. But she's got to do it on her own now.

Had the most awful food shopping trip yesturday. Went out at 1. Waited ges to get on the bus coz everyone was going to town. Eventually squished on but obivously standing. The trip to the supermarket should take half hour. But there were roadworks. It took me an hour and a half. Then i didn't have a coin for the trolly, so i had to take a basket. Which gets damn heavy with milk and juice and everything else in it. And it was maincally busy so I had to fight everyone to shop anyways. Then it was raining and i couldn't get my umberella out with my shopping bags. And then the bus was full again. And i was wet and it still took an hour to get back. Then I lugged my bags to my block only to find they'd changd the locks while i wa out! So i had to go back to reception to ask for the code and he looked at me strangely and told me that it hadn't been changed but eventaully told me. I eventally got all my stuff packed away by 5.30. four and a half hours! Grrrrrr!

Was going to do my washing today., but there are lots of people, it being a sunday, so i figure i'll do it tomorrow afernoon as i only have 9am lecture tomorrow. Well, i think. They said to keep checking timetables coz they may change up till sunday evening, but the whole southampton network is down, so who knows!


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