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So much revision. Not amazingly interesing but I am finding it is just going over things. All the major concepts I've got, its just the fiddley bits. Which definatly rocks. (Not that its stopping me worrying a little... but only a little!) Exam on wednesday, but its not an end of module exam, just a 'the system keeps crashing so we need to cancel the test again' exam. Which is good at least. Thinking of going home for a few days after my last exam, but I don't know. It would make most sence to go over the weekend, but thats when i actually have things I;d miss doing, riding and conservation, so i dunno.

Oh, speaking of, I went to the other riding stables this week. I think it was better than Pickmead, but that may just be because i liked the horse. Theres no riding at pickmead again this week so I'm going back. It could be a little more awarkward going on a saturday and if anyone ever gets round to employing me it won't work, but atm I think I'm going keep going. Plus hopefully they'll actually get some hacks going out this term so that could be fun!

Had a dream about Merlin the other night. (The horse, not the show) Don't know where it came from. They were making me decide to put him down. Which I think must have had something to do with Taz, coz i had no say in the decisiong to put Merlin down, he went blind. But it kinda shook me alot more than I would have expected. I was so upset when we had to do it, but I thought I;d got over it. I've talked about him with Jenny without it upsetting me. It was really bizzare.

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