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i went to the zoo! And I saw a giraffe and a zebra and lots of tigers and a porcupine and a sand cat and some owls and a chameleon and.... I actually did have to list what i saw so I could keep going... but maybe I won't! They don't have any lions or elephants though, but i did see a leopard! We had to record animal features and now have to create a diachomtus (sp?) key for 40 animals using evolutionary traits. Which sounds really boring but I'm quite excited by it. I like the zoo!

Also did my first practical write up. Was more than a little pissed off to get an e-mail from my lab partner this morning saying she hadn't been ableto get hold of the results and could I send her my tables, so I spent all afternoon thursday working all the values out and now she's using them .But hey, I could hardly sa no as the deadline is tomorrow. And hopefully this wil be the only time. Coz you know, if not she won't be getting them again anyway!

Had to fill in a PDP for tutorial. It was really stange. 'What is you lifelong ambition?' 'Who inspires you and why?' 'Which book inspires you and why?' Ugh i hate those things.

I made lasange last night. With real meat. I don';t think i've ever done it with real meat before, it didn't taste as good as with fake meat, but i think thats prob just because i'm used to fake meat. Tonight i think i will make stir fry. Yum. See, when i have to cook and shop for myself i get all over excited about meals. I am odd, I know!

I have a cold. Its no fun. Grrrrr. But never mind. I'm sure I'll survuve. Just sniffle for a while.

Oh, and I've been watching Merlin miss bexyfus. I found it on bbc iPlayer so have seen the last 2 eps. I'm not entirely sure about it but its wprth a little more time i think.



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