May. 25th, 2011

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 Funeral was yesterday. It was hard, but kind of nice in some ways too.

Grandma wanted us to bury her before the service, so we all drove down to the cemetery first to bury her with Grandad Charles. It's a beautiful church, up on top of a hill and if you look over the wall you actually can't see anything but green. I didn't even know that was possible in England. It was weird being back there, we used to take Grandma to visit Grandad Charles grave quite often when we were little but hadn't been there in about 10 years. And that was incredibly hard, but she was right about doing it that way round, it made it a lot easier when we then drove back to the church.

The service was lovely. The vicar knew her so it was very personal and she was very involved in the village. Very much a celebration of her life, and with the vicar calling out to people to add their little bits in. All the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren got up and we had to stand awkwardly at the front, which was weird, but quite nice to see us all together. Lots of jokes about the lack of television in their house growing up hence the large amounts of children (Grandma had one sister and Grandad Charles was an only child, but Dad is one of six).
Then the wake was outside on the church green. And it was really nice, just tea and cake and some sandwiches. But I think we only really ate the cake. All the little Great Grandchildren were being made to eat their sandwiches first, before eating the butterfly buns (we had to get our memories of Grandma together and I think every single one of us mentioned butterfly buns. And speaking to all my cousins I think the UK may be over run with them at the moment as we've all been making them over the past few weeks) except the younger of the Grandchildren (the ones without children of their own to set examples for) all ate our cakes first, which kind of put an end to that!
I had to leave early, which was a shame as I would have liked to be able to stay and talk with my cousins, but I had an exam this morning so had to get back. Was really odd leaving though, as all my family was staying, it felt strange walking round doing to goodbyes by myself. Normally I work out who to say goodbye to by following the parents, it's hard when you only see people once every couple of years to remember who you're supposed to know!

ETA - But arriving home to a package from [ profile] stolen_dreams complete with red lollipops was a definite boost :)
On the exam front I think they've gone OK but not great. One more to go then freedom!


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