Mar. 22nd, 2011

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 OK, when I heard Ronan was churning out another cover album I did cringe a little. Not that I don't love having lots of new music from him, but it would be nice to get an album that is his and that he has taken some time over.

I take it back. Completely. He can cover whatever he likes if it all sounds like this.

To begin it's all recorded with a full orchestra, which makes the sound so different and real. And I'm only listening on my laptop as I don't have a CD player here and my Ipod speakers have died. And his voice... guh normally, but it is so strong in this record. 

Songs that really stick out are My little red book, which I can just see him dancing all over the stage too. This house is empty now has amazingly strong lyrics (well, they all do, but I like this one in particular). And walk on by, I think because it was played when I was little, although I have no clue which version...

Although... 'What do you get when you kiss a girl, you get enough germs to catch pneumonia, After you do she'll never phone ya' have possibly got to be the worst lyrics ever, brilliantness of the rest of the song notwithstanding. 

And on watching his BBC appearance this morning. Albert Hall, complete with orchestra? Yes please, thanks. Pretty please?

(ETA: Also 'Hello Mr Burt' is possibly the cutest thing ever. And 'Nothing but love, Wiv' in the cover book is also sweet. Although he is still an idiot for doing it in the first place... but I'm glad he is back on track...)

AND, in probably more exciting news, I have an interview for a job in Tanzania. Trying not to get too excited... but I am really!


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