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 So I've been on a bit of a Buffy binge recently. I was kind of re-watching through exams, now I have nothing else to do and my days are filled with good old Sunnydale. Found this on Tumblr and thought why not. Not saying I'll get to the end of it but hey, we'll give it a go!

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LJ if you could work this time that would be great...
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Yesterday was conspiring to make me feel old:

 Me: So how old do you think is too old to go to University?
Student 1: Really old
Me: OK, can anyone take a guess at a number?
Student 2: 21
Me: ?!
Student: My Mum brought me all the Harry Potter books.
Me: That was nice of her, we had to wait for JK Rowling to finish writing in between reading them.
Student: That was AGES ago!
Me: ?!
Reading a journal online:
"So I thought I'd give watching Buffy a go, then all of a sudden Seeley Booth pops up on screen"
Me: Angel! Definitely Angel first!
I did then rectify the situation by watching 'The Eleventh Hour' and 'The Beast Below', followed by Castle. Speaking of, is it worth persisting with? The first ep was OK, but not brilliant, and opinions?

Grad Ball

Jun. 9th, 2011 02:43 pm
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We had our Grad ball last night. It was so much fun. Kind of like a cross between a ball, a concert and a fairground, with 3000 people. It was awesome and a little bit random.

We went out to dinner first, to a restaurant filled with other people off to the ball, so it was manically busy. There was a table of little old ladies in the corner too, who I felt quite sorry for! It was nice to sit and talk to everyone in the relative quiet before heading off to the ball, and where we knew we weren't going to lose anyone! 

The Ball itself was held in one of the cruise terminals, which was a little odd. There were signs everywhere for baggage reclaim and customs notices and things. But they had decorated it really nicely. Strangely enough with space invader neon inflatables in the main hall, which we weren't entirely sure the reasons behind, but they looked good. There was an outside bit with dodgems and ring tosses and things, which are all the more hilarious when done in black tie. But very very cold, sod pockets, I want a dress that's warm! There was a small room then (which was warm) with sofas and the Uni acts playing (The Jazz orchestra and the strings and things) as well as the magic show, although that was somewhat disappointing. It as a good place to go and chill for a while. Then the main hall, with the space invaders. It was practically outside, kind of like a storage hanger. But warm as long as you were dancing. We had Tinchy Stryder, who was awful, Chesney Hawkes, who was amusing and knew that all he was there for was to sing covers of cheesy songs, so did very well, and then Scott Mills, who was also good, lots of songs that everyone knows and can dance too. 
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 I watched last nights Doctor Who at the Union cinema. This was as epic and awesome as it sounds, and is the way all Who should be watched ever.

I loved the episode itself, although satisfaction wore off quickly as all the unanswered questions began to dawn on me. But here is picspammy review:
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Edited to fix formatting (I hope!)
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 My Uni cinema is showing Doctor Who this weekend for free! This is very exciting.

Assuming of course I get to go, as there is also a performing arts thing in town, but Who... hmmmm....

And, I had a phone interview for a summer school job this morning that went very well! They want to meet me and were initially going to fly me to leeds, but have since decided they are coming to Oxford, so I'll meet them there. But they seemed to like me (they wanted to fly me to Leeds!), so fingers crossed!
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 So exam season not only saw me re-reading Harry Potter, but also rewatching Buffy. Clearly this cannot be done in a single revision period. Hence I am only just at the end of season 3. This is the least watched of my DVD's (the book still creaks when I open it, rather than nearly falling apart)

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I'm guessing my relation to this season also comes somewhat from the fact that I have am about to Graduate, albeit from University. And I'm excited to get going on the next part of my life. I could not do another year of being a student. But it's the thing that the interactions I've had at Uni have changed and shaped me, and those soon will be gone too. To be replaced by others too I'm sure, but right now I'm in the bit between the end of exams and our Grad ball, (Graduation isn't actually until the end of July, but that's more about family, so Grad ball is kind of final as far as actual uni life) where everything is sort of in limbo and about to change, so it all seems like you want to keep hold of it, hence relating to this season.
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24 hours! On the bus from Cloncurry up to Darwin. I had my MP3 player and the scenery to keep me entertained, plus watching the people at the rest stops. And trying to sleep on those buses is a fair mission in itself!
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 OK this is more a reaction to reactions, rather than reaction to the episode itself. It is a bit of a rant, but a rant is no fun if no one argues against it, so please disagree (well, or agree) with me.

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May. 26th, 2011 03:31 pm
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 So, that's the degree done then!

It's weird... I'm not sure what I'm meant to do now. What did I do before I lived in the library trawling through papers? I'm sure I must have done something... 

Went for a drink with coursemates after we finished, but have spent the rest of the afternoon tidying my room. Building up the courage to go get the hoover and do the floor too, but I don't think that's been done in a while... Am off out for dinner with coursemates later too, yay!

Off to Tanzania in 4 months!
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 Funeral was yesterday. It was hard, but kind of nice in some ways too.

Grandma wanted us to bury her before the service, so we all drove down to the cemetery first to bury her with Grandad Charles. It's a beautiful church, up on top of a hill and if you look over the wall you actually can't see anything but green. I didn't even know that was possible in England. It was weird being back there, we used to take Grandma to visit Grandad Charles grave quite often when we were little but hadn't been there in about 10 years. And that was incredibly hard, but she was right about doing it that way round, it made it a lot easier when we then drove back to the church.

The service was lovely. The vicar knew her so it was very personal and she was very involved in the village. Very much a celebration of her life, and with the vicar calling out to people to add their little bits in. All the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren got up and we had to stand awkwardly at the front, which was weird, but quite nice to see us all together. Lots of jokes about the lack of television in their house growing up hence the large amounts of children (Grandma had one sister and Grandad Charles was an only child, but Dad is one of six).
Then the wake was outside on the church green. And it was really nice, just tea and cake and some sandwiches. But I think we only really ate the cake. All the little Great Grandchildren were being made to eat their sandwiches first, before eating the butterfly buns (we had to get our memories of Grandma together and I think every single one of us mentioned butterfly buns. And speaking to all my cousins I think the UK may be over run with them at the moment as we've all been making them over the past few weeks) except the younger of the Grandchildren (the ones without children of their own to set examples for) all ate our cakes first, which kind of put an end to that!
I had to leave early, which was a shame as I would have liked to be able to stay and talk with my cousins, but I had an exam this morning so had to get back. Was really odd leaving though, as all my family was staying, it felt strange walking round doing to goodbyes by myself. Normally I work out who to say goodbye to by following the parents, it's hard when you only see people once every couple of years to remember who you're supposed to know!

ETA - But arriving home to a package from [ profile] stolen_dreams complete with red lollipops was a definite boost :)
On the exam front I think they've gone OK but not great. One more to go then freedom!
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 Why is there no one home when I want to dance round over riding? Maybe because they get bored of me dancing round after riding...

Such a good lesson today, on the pony. Jumping grids and he was just a little superstar. They are 3 fences with 2 strides between them, starting at 2'6" and ending at 3" spread (very small spread, but enough to make him stretch), working up through the fences. And he just flew over them. Really, beautifully smooth and together, just flying. Only twice did I have to pull him up and circle round because he decided that sideways was more fun.

And even when he got it wrong and seemed to just forget about the second jump, try to stop then realise he had too much momentum I just tapped him with the stick and he jumped it anyway (admittedly I think I was going over the jump whatever happened, but I'm glad he came with me!). And when I got it wrong and mucked up the striding for the first jump so we were wonky by the time we got to the last he STILL jumped it, practically from a standstill!

The perfect jumps feel wonderful and leave me with a huge grin, but the fact that we managed to save two not-so-perfect jumps is more impressive. It's not so long ago that either I wouldn't be forward enough to push him on or he would be too stubborn to listen anyway, that we could get ourselves together and I had the guts to just push him on and trust that he would land me safely is a huge step forwards :)

I also went for a walk this afternoon through the park behind our house. It was so British you couldn't have written it better. There were two proper cricket games (with the uniforms and umpires and stuff) and multitudes of people playing with the little plastic set. Families were sat everywhere with picnics spread out, kites, rounders, dogs. Students laying around with books and picnics. Families out for bike rides. Ice cream vans and kids feeding the ducks. It made me happy. The planes from the airport broke the illusion slightly, but never mind!
And who in... 15 minutes :)
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For some reason LJ is only giving me the raw option for posting, not the nice button to do things for me. Not that they work very often, but this may end up being a long stream of text, for which I apologise.

So, this time next week I shall be done. Exciting and a little bit scary but right now exciting. It has also just occurred to me that I have quite a lot of experience working with children/teenagers, and therefore my summer job hunting would probably be helped by applying to summer schools. I have therefore applied to one in St Andrews, one in Cambridge and a couple on the South coast. It would be nice to go up to Scotland, as I've never been, but a bit of a pain to get down for graduation! But either way working for a summer school would be more fun that restaurant or shop work. (And mean I don't have to move home... which sounds mean, I love my parents, but I'm not sure it would work.

Revision has also meant I have just finished re-reading Harry Potter. I read the first 4 over January exams and the last 3 this time round. I find it really strange to think that children now can just go and buy them. There is nothing stopping you reading them all at once. I'm not sure I like that idea. I was 8 when I read the first one and 18 when I read the last one. And I was never one of the ones who was up at midnight to get the next book, but I don't think it is possible to grow up in our generation and not have read them and get excited. I'm also not sure you'd understand if you read them all at once, because they do grow up. The last book is depressing! (A little too depressing for my taste on re-read actually, the lack of any relief was tiring). The Philosophers Stone was written for 11 year olds, but I can't say the Deathly Hallows was.

Also doing a bit of a Buffy re-watch. Nice and comforting, I like very much. I can still quote many of the episodes and I know what's going to happen, but I love it all the same.

And Much Ado with [ profile] stolen_dreams next month! Shakespeare, Tate and Tennant all at once!
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I loved this ep. That seems a good way to start a review right? A review that will be full of pictures because that has got to be one of the most beautiful pieces of television in the world, ever. Right, here goes, I apologise for my unabashed love now... 

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My Grandma Evelyn died on Tuesday morning of a brain tumour

My Grandma )
I'm doing OK. Little bit wobbley, but over all coping. Calling Dad quite often, I worry about him. But we had a long talk about her this evening. He called me at 3am when she died and cried down the phone, which was hard to hear. I've only seen him cry once before and that was at his brothers funeral. He refused to leave her too, when she died, until the funeral directors took her away. Him and my two cousins sat with her for hours. This is after spending the previous 3 days by her bedside. The hardest thing for me is being in Southampton, not there with him.
Love you Grandma, miss you x
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 I know, I'm late to the party. But I was in Morocco. And although a restaurant we were eating in did randomly start playing Serenity (dubbed in Arabic) half way through dinner, the Doctor was nowhere to be found. However I think watching while eating breakfast the day I get back grants me some forgiveness, yes? Especially as I got distracted and ended up with cold eggs.

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 So ummmm....

I got the job in Tanzania!!!!!!

Little bit (very) over excited. 

Is 6 months placement in Tanzania, volunteer co-ordinating and working on research into the wildlife corridor between national parks. So mostly biodiversity surveying, as well as social interviews. Living in a bush camp (open plan camp beds...) next to the local village. No net or running water! Yay!

Conservation work is so hard to get into and although I tick all the boxes so do many other people. This is an awesome foot in the door. Will also be involved in the writing of the quaterly reports and the opportunity to do my own research, and co-author papers. Big push on writing popular science articles too. All very exciting and the next step on my CV to getting a job that actually pays. Plus they have a big thing on working your way up from within too, so another job might come of it.
*squees and dances round the room*


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