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Resi this weekend rocked! We had lots and lots of fun and chopped trees and chatted and played lots of cards and built fires and it was fun! We even had beds, which was a nice surprise... no heating however so you can imagine how cold we were, esp as it was basically a shed, so there would have been no way to keep heat in! But it was really good to get away and not have to worry about work, just be outside mucking about. AND i felled a really big tree! It was exciting, iy made a satifying creak-crash! Sound.

I am however now paying for a weekend of fun outside in the cold. Not only do I have mountains of work to do coz i didn't do any all weekend, but also a monster cold to prevent any from getting done. Not good really. I'm just kinda snifffling and drinking tea. Plus I had a resps lecture today and the lecturer always picks up on people yawning and coughing and sneezing and i was doing all 3... I even braved the back of the theatre in the hopes he would leave me alone but he didn't, I became the expriment for the hour...

Think I'm off riding tomorrow but i haven't had an e-mail about it... Ack, although i haven't emptied my in box in a while... maybe thats why!!

Ugh, OK, bioinformatics!
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