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I should really be doing my Arthropod write up. I've been doing it for nearly 2 hours and have done half a page... as well as filled in my riding form, write a check for riding, worked out what time i have to get a train on saturday, downloaded from BBC iPlayer, taken my washing down, moved my washing from the washer to dryer and collected my washing... I think it may be a lsot cause tonight? Its just so tedious! Chliceratae have a chlicera (hence the name) 8 legs, pedipalps, cephalothorax, book lung or gills... see, thats just a little bit of one. There are 13(?) arthropod phyla. Thats lots and I'm bored now!

Had a v good night last night. The fireworks were good in a non-attacking way and the ship is really really big!! There was music and firethrowers and lots and lots of people. We went to the pub then where there was jazz music, which was quite cool. All good fun!!

Riding today was cool. We're jumping next week! Hopefully I will therefore have Muffin again coz he rocks and is well behavied. But I am getting sick of the ponies. Just once in a while I'd like a horse please, that stretches me a little bit... not that the ponies don't. It does take alot of work to get real work from a pony coz in general they're lazy and ridden by kids. But something with a bit of spark wouldn't go amiss (just not next week coz jumps and spark and kayla don't go together) Oh, but we got cantering circles!! That was good! A little strange though, we were ment to have a group of 7, which is quite a big ride... but only 3 of us acutally turned up. Don't really know why, tis rather odd. Suited us that did ride well coz 3 is better than 7, but still...

Tate miss bexy!!!!!!!!! 
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